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PMG Chapter 616: The Beginning of an Era

PMG Chapter 616: The Beginning of an Era

All around, evil and good were competing. The endless golden light of good was illuminating the evil darkness which was corroding the aura of the Buddha. 

They had been there for millions of years and the space around them was being destroyed through the struggle. Evil and good kept colliding, and yet, neither disappeared. Instead, a balance between good and evil started to appear. The black evil lights kept flowing in the air, the golden light couldn’t destroy it. In Lin Feng’s brain, the balance between good and evil had started to stabilize. 

“Heruka’s strength rotation skill!” Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. That was probably the skill he had thought about! 

He had already seen and learnt the skill, but this time, good and evil kept changing and evolving. In the end, good and evil merged together. Maybe that his skill came from the memories of an extremely strong cultivator from an ancient time. 

All skills had a strong cultivator at their origin, they were the ones creating them. Extremely strong cultivators could learn skills but also create skills for other people. They then could become Zun cultivators. 

Lin Feng was visualizing the skill which kept changing. He was sure that the Heruka’s strength skill came from an extremely strong cultivator. 

However, while good and evil were fighting, Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. He was realizing how monstrously strong some cultivators could be in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Those extremely strong cultivators, who had reached the clouds, had created skills combining good and evil and then transmitted them from generation to generation using this Buddha statue. If such a strong cultivator had still existed, they could annihilate anything.

There was good, evil and what else?

Was there really such a thing as good and evil?

Were those concepts related to a mysterious level of enlightenment?

Lin Feng was asking himself many questions. People in his previous life were atheists but he was realizing that people in the Continent of the Nine Clouds knew all under heaven. Good and evil were at the origin of life. Maybe that after reaching a specific cultivation level, cultivators could be exceptionally enlightened.

At that moment, Lin Feng was surrounded by a light. The strength of the Herukas was rotating around him, the good golden light and the evil black light were rotating together all around him. His muscles, bones and visceral organs were transforming and absorbing that strength. 

“What on earth is that skill…?” Tang You You was astonished watching Lin Feng. Those ancient evil and good Qi were terrifying and rotating at full speed around Lin Feng! 

What secrets was the Heruka statue hiding? 

“If Lin Feng doesn’t die, he will become monstrously strong… He will be a monster like Duan Wu Dao or Di Ling in the future…” thought Tang You You. She hadn’t known Lin Feng for a long time but each time she met him she was surprised. Last time, he had burnt monstrous quantities of liquor, then he had attracted sunlight and now he was practicing a Heruka skill… She was witnessing the rise of a real genius. 

The strength of the Heruka kept rotating around him. Lin Feng was visualizing the evolution and changes of the liquids. It seemed like he was witnessing the beginning of a new transnational era. 

Lin Feng had absolutely no perception of time anymore. In the evil area, some buzzing sounds were spreading everywhere and piercing through people’s eardrums, the entire area was vibrating! 

At the same time outside of the evil area, many people were watching the competition. It seemed like some marks and fissures were appearing throughout the evil area. 

People’s faces had quickly changed, they were astonished. What was going on down there??

Several people raised their heads and looked at Xue Wu Chang. By this time in the evil area, fifty or sixty people had already died. For a region like Xue Yu, that was a huge number already. Those fifty or sixty people were all incredible geniuses but they had died. They were chosen to participate at the Great Competition of Xue Yu and had become stepping stones for the first round…

They had died and their seeds had been taken by their murderers making them even stronger. 

Those who had only three seeds were being chased, their lives and seeds would be taken. 

Xue Wu Chang looked calm and serene. He was just staring at the evil area. He was looking forward to seeing the evil area turn upside down just as much as he was also looking forward to seeing the second round. 

As the evil area was getting destroyed he was wondering which genius was the one who was causing it. He was particularly surprised considering that all the cultivators only had the strength of the first Xuan Qi layer inside.

In order to destroy it like that, the cultivator necessarily had seven seeds and had been able to learn that specific skill…

“Boom boom boom!” Most of the participants stopped moving as the evil area kept trembling. What was happening?? 

The group of people on the dune were particularly shocked, they could sense the vibrations even more than the others. 

“Ka, kacha!!!” It seemed like something was about to explode. They raised their heads and saw a layer surrounding the atmosphere. There was a pallid light that seemed like it was going to burst out. 


“Boom boom!” Terrifying explosion sounds started emerging in the air. Suddenly, an incredibly powerful Qi started rolling in the atmosphere! 

The crowd looked around and realized that they couldn’t see stars anymore. They were wondering where they were.

“My cultivation is back!” 

“My cultivation is back to normal too!” said some people in the evil area realizing that their Qi was back to normal. They suddenly felt so happy and so comfortable.

“Yeah right, the strongest cultivators now have their cultivation back to normal too! Who can stop them now?” said some of the weakest cultivators. They were suddenly feeling hopeless and terrified. In the evil area, everybody’s cultivation level was oppressed so it was better for them. They didn’t have to make too many efforts to survive, but now the strongest cultivators would be able to slaughter them…

Just like they had guessed, the restrictions of the evil area had disappeared. Some people rose up in the air and flew slowly into the sky.

They had immediately started looking for people to chase and kill, they wanted more seeds. 

Unfortunately, they couldn’t see starlights anymore. Otherwise, it would have been very easy to slaughter the remaining cultivators.

Many of them were terrified when they saw the silhouettes rise up in the air. Some of them even started running away in order to find a place where to hide. Even some of the strong cultivators began to hide. They couldn’t let other people know how many seeds they had, otherwise they would be killed.

“You can kill those people, I’m no longer interested.” said someone waiting on that dune who was really weak. Then his silhouette flickered and he started leaving. 

“Where are you going?” shouted an ice-cold voice. An oppressive Qi surrounded that person and a fist bombarded his head, he died in a flash and his murderer took his seeds.

“Let’s go.” said someone else. The others were escaping as well, but the enemies looked at them and surprisingly didn’t chase them. 

Immediately after, they glanced at each other and smiled coldly. They understood what it meant.

Chasing them would have been worthless. They would have only obtained a few seeds. The people who were in the temple had twelve seeds, they were worth the wait.

“Boom!” A rumbling sound spread in the air, the door of the temple slowly opened itself and a young man appeared. He looked sick but clean. He was slowly walking out of the temple. 

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