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PMG Chapter 617: Indestructible Golden Body

PMG Chapter 617: Indestructible Golden Body

“They came out!” The crowd was excited and looking at the person exiting the temple. 

Tang You You also came out. At that moment she looked calm and serene. She wasn’t releasing any Qi, she was only looking at Lin Feng’s back. 

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the three people in front of him, they were all of the seventh Xuan Qi layer. 

“Fifth Xuan Qi layer…” When the three people saw that Lin Feng had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer, they looked even greedier. Lin Feng had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer, nothing more. They felt very lucky. Surprisingly, Lin Feng already had eight starlight seeds, they looked forward to stealing them. 

“Huh?” At that moment, the three of them were confused. They noticed Tang You You, she wasn’t doing anything even though her cultivation level was much higher than Lin Feng’s. She had broken through to the very top of the seventh Xuan Qi layer. 

Why wasn’t Tang You You protecting him? Why was he the one protecting her? 

“Four seeds…” Lin Feng calmly glanced at them and counted the enemies’ stars out loud, which surprised them. Lin Feng was counting the seeds the opponents had. 

Could it be that Lin Feng wanted to steal their seeds? 

Lin Feng made a step and slowly started walking towards them. However, Tang You You remained at her initial position and didn’t move at all. Everybody smiled coldly when they saw that. Lin Feng was really conceited to think he could rely on a skill he had exchanged against seven seeds and defeat them. 

Besides, the enemies outnumbered them, he really wanted to die. 

“Those eight seeds are mine.” said one of them whose silhouette flickered, and in just a moment appeared in front of Lin Feng. His eyes were were twinkling. He then raised his fist and bombarded the space in Lin Feng’s direction. 

The two others were looking at him and smiling coldly. They glanced at each other and in a flash, they appeared on both his left and right. At the same time, they threw themselves at Lin Feng. Of course, the first one to kill Lin Feng would be happy to get his seeds. 


The first one was still attacking Lin Feng as his fists crashed onto Lin Feng’s body. But he was astonished, he cleared his head and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked calm and solemn, like a golden Shakyamuni. (Translator’s note: the Shakyamuni is a Buddha represented in the form of a golden statue.) 

The enemy didn’t have the feeling that he had hit a human being but instead an extremely solid statue. 

“That’s the skill from the temple?” That person was surprised as it was inconceivable. That person’s cultivation was higher than Lin Feng’s by two cultivation layers. However, when he punched Lin Feng with all his strength it seemed like it had done nothing to Lin Feng at all. It was as if his strength of the seventh Xuan Qi layer had been negligible, that opponent seemed like an ant trying to shake a tree. 

Lin Feng’s body was clearly as strong as that of a Buddha’s warrior attendant, it had the strength of the vajra (translator’s note: vajra means diamond in Sanskrit, and Vajryana is a branch of Buddhism, Diamond School of Buddhism). 

“Die!” That person looked hideous, he condensed a massive amount of pure Qi in his fist and punched Lin Feng again. In that fist he had concentrated all his pure Qi. It was twinkling all around him and Lin Feng, illuminating the atmosphere.

However, that pure Qi just slid off Lin Feng’s body and dispersed itself before vanishing. Lin Feng remained standing his ground. 

“What the hell! How’s that possible??”  

“Seeds!” said Lin Feng calmly and indifferently. He then slowly raised his hand which was surrounded by a golden light. 

The enemy’s face was alarmed, he raised his hand to block Lin Feng’s hand but he just heard a cracking sound. The bones in his arm were completely crushed. He hadn’t been able to withstand a single attack and instead emitted a horrible shriek.

Following the onslaught, Lin Feng slapped his head which exploded easily. It took only a breath for that person to die.

“How scary…” thought Tang You You who was still standing behind Lin Feng. She continued staring at him. What kind of skill had Lin Feng learnt to be that strong? He was surrounded by a golden aura and looked just like a Buddha.

The other two that remained were terrified, their hearts were pounding. They had the feeling they were suffocating from their own palpitations.

How terrifying. How come Lin Feng had become so strong in the temple? 

Opportunities… Those were the kind of opportunities which cultivators could seize during the competition… 

All the extremely strong cultivators had made a mistake. After getting a few seeds they had immediately exchanged them for skills and treasures. Then they continued to kill a few cultivators and again exchange for lower level skills.

Why hadn’t anyone done like Lin Feng? First gather seven seeds and then get into a temple to obtain their ultimate treasures.

“It’s your turn.” said Lin Feng turning to the other two cultivators. He made a step towards one of them and that person’s heart started pounding brutally. He didn’t look greedy anymore, only terrified. 

“Let’s go.” Those two people didn’t want to steal Lin Feng’s seeds anymore. They just wanted to escape alive.

“Where?” said Lin Feng indifferently. A hand emerged out of his mouth, it was a gigantic golden hand. That hand was emitting whistling sounds in the air as it enveloped one of their bodies. 

“Get lost!” said that person while releasing some pure Qi, he then raised his two hands towards Lin Feng’s hands. 

“Bzzzzzz…….” It seemed like an ancient bell had been hit. The moment that person’s hands collided with the gigantic golden hand, he sensed a strength invading his entire arms. His bones were crushed in the blink of an eye. He couldn’t stop that gigantic hand as it continued moving forwards.

“Booom!” That person had no time left to try anything, his body started shaking uncontrollably as blood splashed everywhere. Some more buzzing sounds spread in the air as his body was projected away. 

“What the hell is with that physical strength?” thought that person astonished. He was trying to fly away in the air. Lin Feng looked like a Buddha statue still. 

“The strength of the Buddha, Indestructible Golden Body.” said a calm voice which resonated in his ears. Then another hand came attacking and grabbed his entire body. He was being shaken violently and was terrified.

“Bzzzz…..” Some words in Sanskrit then spread in the air. That gigantic golden hand threw him away again. He crashed into the ground and sat there seemingly calm, he wasn’t breathing anymore. 

On Lin Feng’s head, more precisely between his two eyebrows, two more seeds appeared.

“Indestructible Golden Body.” whispered the other one. Lin Feng looked calm and serene from beginning to end. It seemed like he wasn’t worried at all, he had just managed to kill two cultivators of the seventh Xuan Qi layer. 

Only one was left! 

“Let me off, I beg you.” begged the remaining cultivator. “If you do I will be your slave!” 

“You wanted to steal my seeds, should I let you off?” asked Lin Feng looking as calm as before, but also a bit cold.

That person started moaning with grief, he understood that Lin Feng wouldn’t let him off. He was hopeless.

“I want to know, what skill did you get in the temple? Is it a Di level skill of high quality or a Tian level skill? How come you’ve become so strong?” 
“I didn’t get any skill inside, I just obtained some memories from the antiquity.” explained Lin Feng but his opponent couldn’t understand what he meant. Lin Feng jumped forwards and his Buddha hands riddled that person who died in the blink of an eye. Three cultivators of the seventh Xuan Qi layer had died! 

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    Isn’t he supposed to be sharing some of those seeds with Tang You You?

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      That’d be gentlemanly, wouldn’t it? Lol

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