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PMG Chapter 618: Killing Down The Hill

PMG Chapter 618: Killing Down The Hill

What Lin Feng had obtained in the temple actually was a set of memories, good and evil ones from an ancient time! 

If Lin Feng hadn’t learned how to use the strength of the Heruka in the past, even with his power of understanding, he would have needed much longer to understand these memories! However, he had been able to learn from them swiftly and had even destroyed the restrictions of the evil area. People had retrieved their original cultivation levels. After observing the memories he had made the strength of the Heruka rotate in his body and could now have it rotate six thousand times. This meant that his corporeal body had the strength of the sixth Xuan Qi layer.

It also meant that Lin Feng could just stand there without doing anything to protect himself. If an ordinary cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer hit him, then nothing would happen to Lin Feng. He wouldn’t even budge more than a single millimeter. 

The strength of the Heruka coupled with the memories he had acquired in the temple, Lin Feng’s entire body had transformed into a Buddha. With his indestructible golden body, he could easily defeat opponents of the seventh Xuan Qi layer.

Studying those memories had given Lin Feng an enormous advantage.

Lin Feng already had twelve seeds between his eyebrows and could already use four of them to learn a new skill.

“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng to Tang You You. Lin Feng jumped up into the air and started flying at full speed without trying to hide. 

He had already realized that the exterior had changed, everyone’s cultivation levels had gone back to normal. Because no one could be found by their stars anymore, hunting other participants was very difficult.

Lin Feng needed more seeds to go back to the first temple where he had been craving the ultimate sword skill. 

The sword temple had some incredible sword skills. Lin Feng had guessed that all the temples contained different skills.

Tang You You was closely following him at full speed. Several people noticed Lin Feng’s many seeds, they wanted to steal them from him!

When the crowd saw those seeds between Lin Feng’s eyebrows and that he had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer, they were in disbelief… If they managed to kill him they would obtain twelve seeds, how wonderful would that be! Twelve seeds would enable them to obtain the very best skill in one temple and a very decent skill in a second temple.

Lin Feng was already going to the second temple. 

“Where are you going?” said a cold voice as Lin Feng was passing. A sword light twinkled and then suddenly moved towards Lin Feng. 

“Get lost!!” 

Lin Feng opened his mouth and a terrifying energy emerged out of it. Some golden words in Sanskrit started flowing out of his mouth. 

“Boom!” When the Sanskrit words collided with the sword, the sword was surrounded by a golden light. Then Lin Feng jumped forwards and raised his fist. Another seed soon after appeared between his eyebrows. Lin Feng still needed two more seeds, he wanted to spend seven seeds in the sword temple to get the best skill.

“I need two more.” Lin Feng jumped and rose up into the air again. His body was surrounded by a golden aura which drew many people’s attention. 

Thirteen seeds! The crowd was astonished, what a huge number! 

Some of them decided that they definitely had to kill Lin Feng. 

At the same time, Lin Feng glanced at the crowd too. He was looking down at them. He had to get more seeds from them..

“How audacious.” 

“Who’s that? How arrogant?” thought the crowd while looking at Lin Feng. He was just running in the sky and not even trying to hide. Everybody could see him and he was looking back at them, how arrogant! Only the eight most outstanding geniuses could do such things! 

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd and finally saw someone. That person was from Tian Feng, he could get his revenge.

“Two seeds, perfect, that’s exactly what I need.” Lin Feng jumped towards that person without hesitation. He was acting without wasting time.

That person from Tian Feng watched as Lin Feng landed in front of him and narrowed his eyes. Lin Feng’s cultivation level wasn’t that high, so how come he had managed to obtain so many seeds?? Between his eyebrows, there were so many dazzling starlight seeds. 

“You won’t go to the Nirvana, instead you will go to Hell And then…………” said that person slowly and mockingly. Lin Feng’s seeds had to end up between his eyebrows! 

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng. That person wasn’t even done talking when Lin Feng interrupted him. In a flash, a gigantic golden hand appeared and flew in his direction. The atmosphere became extremely oppressive.

“What a terrifying magical power.” thought that person whose face turned deathly pale. How could Lin Feng be so strong…? It was just a moment but he was already attacking at full speed.

He raised his hand and condensed some pure Qi. However, the golden hand that appeared in front of it was overwhelming, comparing the two’s strengths seemed particularly ridiculous. 

“Boom boom boom….!!!!” The hand crashed onto the enemy’s body and his bones broke into pieces. He immediately issued a horrible shriek and blood started gushing all around. 

“Die,” said Lin Feng again. In a flash, he hit him again and that person had died. He now had fifteen starlight seeds which meant he finally had seven seeds to get the skill he wanted. 

“Lin Feng, we can’t stay here too long. We must hurry,” said Tang You You whose face was changing drastically. Lin Feng had been too aggressive, wild and careless a moment before. He had flown through the air and everybody had seen him. Now, people were trying to encircle him all around, they were trying to find where he went. He had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer, he was so weak in comparison with them! 

“I see that you’ve been well since we parted!” said a cold voice at that moment. A silhouette ran towards them from the horizon. Yu Mo laughed mockingly when he saw Lin Feng. 

“Boom!” That person was precisely Yu Mo. His fist was aiming at Lin Feng and he was flying at full speed. How aggressive. Lin Feng’s pupils looked colder and colder.

Yu Mo had retrieved his cultivation level so he feared nobody.
Lin Feng and Tang You You were definitely going to die if they tried to fight against him, especially Lin Feng! Lin Feng had put his sword against his throat before, what a bastard! Now, he had to die in this evil area!

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