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PMG Chapter 620: Get Back Into The Temple!

PMG Chapter 620: Get Back Into The Temple!

Good and evil had been fighting and fluctuating unceasingly in those memories from the Heruka statue at the temple.

There were many things in the memories to understand for those with a great power of comprehension. There were monstrous advantages for those who rediscovered them! It wasn’t a specific skill or technique because skills and techniques had a maximum limit in terms of power. But those memories, the stronger a cultivator was the stronger that magical power was! 

Lin Feng had extremely high natural abilities and had an incredible power of understanding. His spirit aided him in understanding things even more.

The strength of the Heruka kept flowing through his entire body. Sometimes he looked like a Shakyamuni, while other times like a demon. At that moment, Lin Feng was half-good and half-evil. 

“Very good.” said Yu Mo looking excited. He then disappeared from his original position again looking particularly bestial. His eight trigrams eyes were spinning. 

Lin Feng then entered into a distorted part of the atmosphere again. 

“Break!” shouted a voice and then some rumbling sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng’s body turned into a Heruka that seemed it was as solid as a mountain. The distorted atmosphere couldn’t affect him anymore.

He chanted some mantras quietly in Sanskrit. Immediately after, a thousand Buddha hands appeared and moved towards Yu Mo. 

“Gigantic and simple, eight trigrams blood formation!” shouted Yu Mo coldly. The Qi of his spirit started invading the atmosphere and in his back appeared a gigantic ashen-white eight trigrams spirit. It looked just like his eyes.

“Die!” shouted Yu Mo. He then stretched out and his eye spirits floated into the air. In just a breath it had enveloped Lin Feng’s body. Even though he had a Heruka body, he couldn’t move.

The eight trigrams kept spinning around Lin Feng’s body. The golden and black lights around his body were weakening. 

“How scary…” Lin Feng was speechless. That eight trigrams blood formation was terrifying. Even though there was no blood yet, Lin Feng could understand why it was called that! 

Lin Feng had a Heruka body and still couldn’t move. If he had an ordinary body he would have already died! His bones and flesh would have been wrecked in the eight trigrams.

Lin Feng moved his hands and several Heruka fists attacked the eight trigrams blood formation. The formation shook but it wasn’t enough to break it. It continued to imprison him. 

Tang You You’s facial expression went rigid when she saw Lin Feng in danger. She jumped and started pummeling towards Yu Mo with her fists filled with deadly energy, but Yu Mo was stronger than her by one cultivation layer. He wasn’t scared of her at all. 

His ashy-white eight trigrams eyes kept revolving, and then Tang You You was imprisoned. 

Tang You You suddenly looked solemn, as if she had no other choice… Some spirit Qi appeared around her and from her back appeared a myriad of illusions.

“One thousand shadows!” she said with a melodious voice. In a flash, a myriad of clones appeared. They weren’t fake though, these were all her real body. The sky was covered by her. Those clones were all filled with incredible physical strength. Her original body was in the middle of the developing chaos.

“Destroy!” said Tang You You and immediately a thousand fists moved towards Yu Mo at full speed. It seemed like she wanted to bury him under all those hands. 

If those hands bombarded his body, no matter how strong he was, Yu Mo would die.  

Yu Mo’s expression changed dramatically. Tang You You was also extremely strong… All those hands were real and filled with deadly energy, there were no illusions.

“Eight trigrams!” shouted Yu Mo furiously. In a flash, eight trigrams appeared on his body, his spirit seemed like it was going to explode. His body transformed into a vortex filled with eight trigrams. Suddenly, Tang You You’s original body disappeared in the vortex. 

The other clones weren’t influenced by Tang You You when she disappeared. They were still encircling Yu Mo. It was at this time that Lin Feng shouted, “Let’s go!” 

It’s important to remember that those clones were all real, none were fake.

Without hesitation, Lin Feng took this opportunity to bombard the eight trigrams vortex with physical strength. And this time he managed to break the formation! Lin Feng moved like the wind off into the distance at the speed of sound.

He had managed to maintain the body of the Heruka through that endeavor.

“Annihilate!” shouted Yu Mo furiously when he heard that Lin Feng wanted to escape. He was furious. His eight trigrams vortex started spinning again and kept swallowing Tang You You’s clones, but those clones didn’t give up and kept encircling him. They didn’t let him have a moment to chase down Lin Feng. 

“Tang You You, it’s alright. Protect yourself now!” shouted Lin Feng who disappeared into the distance. Then, one of Tang You You’s bodies started moving at full speed away from Yu Mo. She already possessed ten seeds so she could get some amazing rewards from a temple. 

A hurricane was emitting whistling sounds from behind. Lin Feng felt frustrated. His cultivation level was too low! When would he be as strong as the cultivator to whom the memories of the Heruka belonged! When would he be able to turn into an authentic annihilating machine, or into an authentic Heruka? If that ever happened he would crush people like Yu Mo as if he were an insect. With the body of the Shakyamuni or of the Heruka, he would actually become indestructible. Nobody in the world would stop him.

“Fifteen seeds…” On the path, someone saw Lin Feng’s seeds and rose up in the air. Lin Feng had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer, he would be extremely easy to defeat. (editor’s note: They’re all Sheeples, I swear). 

Lin Feng was furious when he saw that someone was attacking him again. 

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng while raising both his hands. One was golden like the hands of the Shakyamuni and the other was black like that of the Heruka.

Good and evil were bombarding the atmosphere together, some rumbling sounds spread in the air. That person was not prepared for Lin Feng’s attack. 

“Boom!” Immediately after a buzzing sound spread in the air, as if it had been a death bell. The enemy was punched by those fists and a new seed appeared between Lin Feng’s eyebrows.

Those who were watching from the distance were astonished when they saw Lin Feng. They decided not to get any closer to him and challenge him again. They were all stunned by fear. 

Lin Feng had attacked with his two fists and had exterminated a cultivator of the seventh Xuan Qi layer. Almost unphased, he was still moving at full speed and emitting whistling sounds. It was a short time after when he finally found the sword temple.

“There’s nobody inside, great.” thought Lin Feng, as he rushed over to the temple. The worst scenario would have been like the first time when he wanted to get in but the door had been closed. Lin Feng would have come for nothing. If he were to remain outside waiting for the temple, others might challenge him and manage to defeat him.

Sixty or seventy people had already died so far during the first round. 

The first round would end any time now. He had to hurry if he wanted to reap his rewards!

Silhouettes were approaching not far from the temple. They were glancing left and right for someone. 

“Stop!” shouted a voice furiously, which made them shiver. Immediately after, Lin Feng entered the temple and disappeared from their field of vision. 

“Bzzz……” buzzing sounds spread in the air as the doors closed themselves. The small group was astonished, they had been tricked to stop. 

One shout had been enough to make them stop… And now they had to find another temple! 
They gnashed their teeth and left, leaving Lin Feng to the temple.

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