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PMG Chapter 621: The End of the First Round

PMG Chapter 621: The End of the First Round

Lin Feng didn’t stop when he entered the temple. He immediately went to the seventh sword and bridges appeared between seven of his seeds and the seven seeds of the sword. With a flash, the mysteries of that sword started leaking into his head.

“Bzzz bzzzzz….” that sword was emitting buzzing sounds, an incredible Qi was moving in a swift and fierce way all around. Lin Feng’s clothes and hair were fluttering violently like a flag in a strong wind. 

“Boom boom!” Lin Feng felt assaulted, he had the feeling that his brain was shaking violently. In his head appeared a vast and wild place that was seemingly endless. 

But then a sword descended from the highest of heavens. That sword contained a monstrous sword Qi which was extremely oppressive.

Lin Feng fixated on the sword and had the feeling that his entire body was trembling. 

“Boom!” Lin Feng’s brain started shaking again. That sword landed on the ground and slightly penetrated into it. A vortex of sword Qi appeared and it seemed like everything else started dwindling in the foreground.

The universe, the earth, and the ground seemed like they had disappeared. There was only one thing in the world, that sword.

Just like in the Heruka temple, Lin Feng wasn’t obtaining a skill or a technique. He was obtaining a memory and in that memory there was only a vast and wild area.

At the same moment outside the temple, the evil area started shaking again. 

Xue Wu Chang remained in the air as the crowd was still standing in the same place. They were all watching as the scene changed again.

Finally, it was shaking again. Was this the end?

Last time that evil area had shaken there had been a great deal of changes. And then they were cut off from seeing what was happening. 

This time, everybody wanted to know what the results were. It was assumed that many people had died already and just as many had seized great opportunities.

They were all extremely curious but they had no choice but to wait. Perhaps, even Xue Wu Chang didn’t know what was happening. 

Sharp lights were twinkling in Xue Wu Chang’s eyes. He was fixated on the events in the evil area while talking to himself.

“The third temple opened… So the first round is finally over… I wonder who opened them…” thought Xue Wu Chang. Actually, going into the temples didn’t count in itself. They couldn’t be considered as opened when people had just taken the first skills. They were considered as opened only after seven seeds had been exchanged for the greatest prize. Each time seven were used the area would shake. 

“Bzzzzz…..” A gigantic amount of Qi started flowing in the atmosphere. The crowd only saw an enormous cloud of dust, it looked like the judgement day on the planet. Everybody was astonished, their eyes were wide open. They could only watch what was happening. 

The hurricane then dispersed and to everyone’s disbelief, a flat area appeared. Some of the people were battling, others were practicing cultivation, but the ground was littered with corpses. The mysterious and mystical evil area had disappeared with the hurricane! Nothing was left.

“How intriguing and enigmatic!” thought the crowd while shivering. They calmed down again and looked at those who were still alive.

So many people had died during the first round and they were lying on the yellow ground… Now, there were maybe sixty or seventy people who were still alive. So about half of the initial candidates had died. 

How terrifying! So many incredible geniuses had been killed! All those geniuses that had died had, in the past, been dazzling cultivators respected by everybody. They had come excited, impatient, happy. They had hoped to become dazzling cultivators in the region or even the continent. But in the end, they had died and their bodies were already being devoured by worms. They had died away from home and hadn’t said any farewells to their relatives. 

“Alright, the first round of the Great Competition of Xue Yu is over! Everybody can stop fighting.” said Xue Wu Chang. His voice rolled everywhere in the air so that everybody could hear him. 

Fighters immediately moved away from each other and stopped fighting. Back in the evil area, the temples had disappeared. The seeds cultivators had between their eyebrows also vanished. Fighting was now meaningless. 

Everyone looked left and right and saw that a certain number of participants were still alive. People at the top of the mountains were being particularly attentive. They were looking for the favorites they had come to see. Notably, those people who were members of wealthy and noble families and sects… 

Many of their faces became rigid as they couldn’t find their disciples… They must have died. 

They were feeling like Yu Liu Shui who had had seen everything when his disciples died. They were also his real sons Yu Jian and Yu Qin, both killed by Lin Feng. Yu Liu Shui was looking for Lin Feng at this time to see if he was still alive. 

Quickly, he found Lin Feng sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. He looked calm and serene as he was cultivating.

Yu Liu Shui was staring at Lin Feng coldly. 

But Han Man, Xiao Ya and Po Jun were smiling in a magnificent way. Lin Feng was safe! 

“Yu Liu Shui, since you lost your two disciples, you have nothing to do here anymore. You should back to Xue Yue. Hahaha!” laughed Yue Qing Shan mockingly. Yue Tian Ming was safe and sound. 

Yue Tian Ming was still alive, just like Wu Qing. The people of the Wan Shou Sect were laughing too. Finally, the dangers of the first round were over.

“Wu Qing is extremely strong, he will definitely finish amongst the best ones in the final rankings.” said someone next to Teng Wu Yao, which made him even more proud. 

“Wu Qing deserved to be called the most dazzling disciple of our Sect, I feel honored.”

For the Wan shou Sect, seeing Wu Qing down there was an incredible honor. Even though the Wan Shou Sect had the reputation to be extremely strong in Xue Yue, they were absolutely unknown abroad. They were not that strong compared with others from different countries.

“Indeed. Back then Lin Feng resisted us and now he must be dead somewhere. What a pity! Wu Qing could have killed him himself!”

Yu Qing Shan looked strange when he heard Lin Feng’s name. His grandson… Such a genius… Was he really dead?

This time, from the hundred and forty-four initial participants, only sixty-nine were left. Seventy-five had died. More than half had died…

From all of the four empires of Xue Yu, there wasn’t one who had lost more participants than the others. They had all lost about a dozen to twenty disciples. 

The strongest geniuses, including the eight most dazzling cultivators of Xue Yu, were safe and sound. 

Yu Mo looked cold. He was glancing around and very quickly found Lin Feng. He was just sitting cross-legged and meditating. He looked so calm and serene. 

Yu Mo was even more upset because he felt Lin Feng had obtained another treasure and was practicing it at this moment.

However, Yu Mo, one of the eight most dazzling geniuses of the competition hadn’t obtained that much. 

“I hope that I find you during the second round…” thought Yu Mo, glaring at Lin Feng. If Lin Feng fought against him during the second round, he would have no hope. Same goes for Tang You You. That girl had surprisingly dared attack him! Even though she was beautiful, he really wanted to kill her! 

At that moment, a silhouette was slowly walking towards Lin Feng. 

That person was staring at Lin Feng darkly, his face was filled with murder. That person was from Dragon Mountain and had lots of influence, Di Long. 

Back in the evil area he had really wanted to kill Lin Feng, but when he saw that Lin Feng had become too strong he had to give up. Give up then and wait for his opportunity later.

When Di Long thought about it, he suddenly moved and threw himself at Lin Feng. His body was surrounded by deadly energy, he wanted to take advantage of the situation and kill Lin Feng! 

And then Lin Feng died.. The end.. Yay!     Fine fine, maybe he comes back in the next chapter… but only if you leave me nice comments! *MOEW
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