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PMG Chapter 622: Regrets!

PMG Chapter 622: Regrets!

Di Long was like a spear trying to impale Lin Feng, his pure Qi was whistling all around as shot forward.

“Oh no, it doesn’t look good!” Han Man, Po Jun and Xiao Ya all thought when they saw that Di Long was attacking him by surprise. What a bastard! 

Xue Wu Chang frowned, he had already told everybody that he wouldn’t tolerate such things anymore. Yet, Di Long still dared attack in such a sly way, how audacious! 

“STOP!!!!!!!” shouted Xue Wu Chang furiously as a terribly oppressive energy spread in the air, but he was too far away from Di Long. The energy which flowed out of his mouth didn’t reach Di Long.

Di Long looked hideous as he attacked, but he didn’t care because he was going to kill Lin Feng. 

Yu Mo looked amused and smiled when he saw that. Di Long was a funny guy and quite audacious, he surprisingly dared attack Lin Feng. 

Many people were watching the scene. 

“Boom!!” His fist suddenly crashed onto Lin Feng’s body, strong winds spread all around as Lin Feng’s clothes were ripped apart. Lin Feng groaned and slightly shook. 

“Huh?” Di Long frowned, what was going on? He had just punched Lin Feng but he had the feeling he had just punched an iron statue, a metallic sound was resonating. His fist had done nothing to Lin Feng.

Everybody was astonished. Di Long’s punch had been incredibly violent but it seemed like Lin Feng had felt nothing. He didn’t appear to be hurt at all. 

Lin Feng, sitting cross-legged, abruptly opened his eyes. Sword energy was twinkling in his fists and sharp lights were flashing in his eyes. He abruptly turned around and stared down Di Long. Lin Feng’s sword energy suddenly oppressed Di Long, he had the feeling his body was going to be cut apart. Di Long’s face then changed drastically.

What was going? How come Lin Feng had such a monstrous sword energy?

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously and a monstrous sword energy rolled in the air towards Di Long. He looked terrified as Lin Feng released some monstrous pure Qi which formed into an extremely sharp sword. 

“Crrrr…. Crrrr…..” His sword energy penetrated into Di Long’s body making him shake violently. His muscles, including his facial muscles, were unceasingly twitching. 

How come Lin Feng had become so strong?

“Boom!” All of Lin Feng’s sword energy penetrated into Di Long’s body. Di Long’s body was entirely lacerated.

The crowd was astonished. How was that possible? Di Long had attacked Lin Feng by surprise who was only of the fifth Xuan Qi layer. But instead of perishing, Lin Feng had ended his life! 

“It’s because of the temple. It has to be.” Many people were astonished. Lin Feng had become so strong in the temple.

“Po Jun, Lin Feng has become so strong.” said Han Man. He looked delighted and glanced at Po Jun. Po Jun nodded, indeed Lin Feng had become so much stronger than before and only in such a short time!  

But in the distance, Yu Liu Shui lost his excitement. He had seen Lin Feng kill his two sons and hoped that Lin Feng would die there. Seeing how strong Lin Feng had become instead made him furious. 

“Sixty-eight people…” Di Long had just died so there were sixty-eight people left.

“Alright. The first round of the Great Competition of Xue Yu is over. The second round will consist of several battles. Those who are ranked amongst the first ones will fight against the last ones and vice-versa. You have to think carefully about your strategy…. I’m also giving you one day to rest. See you tomorrow at the Flood Dragon Cave!” said Xue Wu Chang to the crowd, and then immediately left.

“Boom!” a silhouette rose up in the air whose Qi was monstrously strong. It was Di Long the possessor of the Firmament Blood. He landed atop of a mountain as if nobody else had existed around him. 

Yu Mo looked at Lin Feng coldly and said, “You better hope not to run into me during the second round.”

He then rose up in the air and released a terrifying, deadly energy. 

Lin Feng looked at him in an ice-cold way… Yu Mo was, indeed, a terrifying opponent and was a real threat for Lin Feng. 

It seemed like he had no time to lose during the day before the second round. He had to understand the Heruka memories as well as the sword memories even more.

Two silhouettes moved towards Lin Feng. Tang You You looked as cold and elegant as before but something rare happened, she smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Did you get it?” 

“I did!” said Lin Feng while nodding. He then looked at her and asked, “What about you?”

“Same.” said Tang You You while smiling resplendently. They had both obtained memories from the temples.

“It seems like you two obtained some amazing treasures…” said Jun Mo Xi with a magnificent smile beaming at them. Tang You You and Lin Feng seemed like they had gotten real close to each other during that first round. 

Lin Feng and Tang You You smiled. Then Lin Feng asked Jun Mo Xi, “What about you? Did you get anything?” 

“Well I obtained eight seeds but unfortunately I didn’t use them all… So I obtained various, relatively good things.” said Jun Mo Xi while shaking his head. It seemed like he regretted that he hadn’t obtained anything great but that was expected. Almost everybody was the same as him. Lin Feng had taken huge risks to obtain seven seeds and receive great treasures. If Tang You You hadn’t helped him, he would have surely died.

“Alright. It seems like people from Dragon Mountain will be lucky this time!” said Jun Mo Xi smiling. Immediately after, he rose up in the air and disappeared.

“See you tomorrow!!!” said Lin Feng and Tang You You. They then both rose up in the air as well and moved away into the distance.

Lin Feng landed on a mountain. 

In the distance, he could see Xiao Ya and two silhouettes. He was surprised but smiled, he was so happy! 

Those people wearing bronze masks looked strong with their robust Qi. Lin Feng recognized his friends.

“How come you’re here?” asked Lin Feng. They both looked delighted. As expected, it really was Lin Feng! 

“We knew that you were going to participate at the Great Competition of Xue Yu so we rushed over here to see you!” explained Han Man, jumping towards Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng stretched his fist and punched Han Man on the chest, “You’ve broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer, not bad!”

“Haha!” Han Man smiled and said, “I’m still much weaker than you!” 

Lin Feng shook his head and looked at Yu Liu Shui who was watching  him coldly.

Lin Feng didn’t feel at ease with Yu Liu Shui on the mountain next to him, releasing some evil Qi.

“Lin Feng, that bastard wanted to attack Xiao Ya and us when you were down there.” said Han Man, staring at Yu Liu Shui. 

“Did you see what happened inside?” asked Lin Feng.

Han Man nodded and said, “At the beginning we could but something strange happened and then we couldn’t.”

Lin Feng just realized that he had been careless when he heard what Han Man said. He had killed Yu Qin and Yu Jian and had left Xiao Ya outside alone. So, it was no surprise that Yu Liu Shui had wanted to kill him. 

“Are you looking for trouble??” asked Yu Liu Shui, jumping forwards. He was glaring at Han Man and the others. He had clearly heard Han Man call him a bastard! 

“Asshole, remember me? I will kill you with my own hands!” said Lin Feng looking evil. Lin Feng was calling him an asshole?! 

“Just wait and see.” said Lin Feng not caring about Yu Liu Shui’s surprised look. The head of the Yu Clan was an ordinary cultivator of the eighth Xuan Qi layer, nothing more. Lin Feng just needed to understand the memories a little bit more and he might break through to the next Xuan Qi layer. Then he would be able to crush him without any difficulty. 

Lin Feng might have to wait until the end of the Great Competition of Xue Yu to kill Yu Liu Shui. Then he would go back to Xue Yue and exterminate the Yu Clan and the Wan Shou Sect!

Lin Feng then remembered those people from Tian Feng. He wouldn’t forgotten about them! 
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