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PMG Chapter 623: The Sword Qi in the Cave

PMG Chapter 623: The Sword Qi in the Cave

Everyone was leaving the mountain chain to another place in Mi Cheng, called the Flood Dragon Cave. 

However, some cultivators stayed to practice their cultivation. 

Lin Feng was one of those staying behind. After having spent some time with Han Man and Po Jun, he had then handed Xiao Ya over to them. They could take care of her. Lin Feng didn’t want other people to see him spend too much time with Xiao Ya. During the Great Competition of Xue Yu he was going to kill even more cultivators and that would offend their friends and families, who would then want to take their revenge. That would endanger Xiao Ya, just like before with Yu Liu Shui. 

If they weren’t strong enough to challenge Lin Feng they would go to Xiao Ya to exact their revenge.

In the middle of the night, an eerie silence invaded the mountain chain. In a cave, Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged with his eyes tightly closed. There was pallid light all around him, it was a sharp sword energy. 

Lin Feng was visualizing a vast area where the ground was made of loess and there was that sword. There was that sword and only that sword in the world.

It looked like a simple, pure and unadulterated sword. 

Lin Feng didn’t look at anything else but that sword. He then penetrated into it, his body completely fused with that sword.

It was nothing like the battle between good and evil when he was visualizing the Heruka statue in the temple! There were no incredible magical powers and incantations, there was only a very simple arid area and a sword. This memory was completely different from those of the Heruka. 

The Heruka’s memories were constantly changing and were closely related to the impermanence of life. So Lin Feng challenged himself to understand the impermanence of life, the constant evolution of life… Without that mindset it would be difficult for him to understand the essence and nature of the Heruka. 

But that sword looked calm and serene, absolutely immobile. Lin Feng understood that the sword was selfish and egocentric, it didn’t want anything else in its world so that its user could only pay attention to it. That sword embodied and personified the origin of the universe.

Lin Feng was still sitting cross-legged in the cave as sword energy penetrated and threatened his body. That thread of sword energy followed the sword Lin Feng was visualizing. That sword then slowly became stronger. It didn’t release any monstrous Qi that dashed to the skies. Small threads of Qi were just moving step by step to it and making it stronger. 

After what seemed to be a long time, Lin Feng’s sword energy started swallowing some lights which illuminated the cave all around. It seemed like there was a myriad of dazzling swords all around him.

“Crrrr… Crrrr…” Lin Feng’s sword energy kept emitting whistling sounds that pierced into his ears. His sword was becoming stronger and stronger, the lights were extending all the way to the walls of the cave. It was extremely dazzling to behold. Some fissures were appearing on the walls of the cave where many small holes were being created. The sword Qi was creating those fissures… Many more holes were appearing.

Even the dust began to rise and float in the air.

At the same time, outside of the cave on the eight mountains. Someone had jumped from the eight mountains into the evil area.

That person’s skin was red so they looked particularly evil in the middle of the night. 

That person stood there with an evil grin. They opened their mouth and took a gigantic mouthful of air. The corpses that were littered across ground flew into that person’s mouth, he swallowed all the cadavers.

He looked intoxicated, as if he had too much to drink. As expected, the taste of the geniuses’ corpses of the Great Competition of Xue Yu was exquisite! 

Eating corpses enabled that person to increase his cultivation level. 

There was someone else standing at the top of one of the eight mountains, he was observing the scene rather calmly, expressionless. He wasn’t surprised by the human consumption. 

“The technique which enables the Tian Sha Sect to use dead Qi, isomerize it, and then turn it into pure Qi is really incredible. That sorcery is incredible, but you aren’t relying on your own Qi though.” said the one at the top of the mountain, he was smiling evilly. He had a commanding presence from the top. The other one was laughing coldly.

He swallowed every single cadaver calmly.

“It can’t turn into Qi?” asked that person. He looked at Di Ling evilly. 

“Di Ling, wait until the final battle at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. I will also swallow your body then you won’t say such things anymore.” threatened Xue Sha arrogantly.

Di Long groaned coldly, turned around, and left.

“I will wait for you!” said a voice in the distance and then Di Ling disappeared into the darkness of the night. Xue Sha stayed there though and jumped back onto a mountain. 

In the darkness of the mountain chain there were many dark coffins flying unceasingly. In another place of the mountain chain, someone was sitting cross-legged and in a special state of mind. A pitch-black coffin that didn’t emit any Qi at all was on his side. Then the coffin slowly opened itself and a skeleton came out. The skeleton immediately grabbed the cultivator and pulled him into his coffin. 

In the middle of the night a horrible shriek could be heard. But then the atmosphere became silent again. 

This wasn’t the only one place, many other shrieks could be heard followed by an eerie silence.

Xue Sha was calmly observing everything that was happening, he was smiling in a particularly evil way. His face was extremely white.

The people of the Tian Sha Sect were happy to be in Mi Cheng. They were eating all those cultivators practicing in the mountain chain. These cultivators were all delicious and full of nutrients.

The coffins were slowly opening themselves to reveal skeletons that surprised and devoured unsuspecting cultivators. 

“Ahhhhhh…..!” Blood splashed, a horrible shriek spread in the air which broke the silence of a cave. A skeleton had just stretched his hand out to grab a person who was practicing cultivation, but instead he had the feeling that he had grabbed the blade of a sword. His hand been cut. That sword energy was absolutely real. 

How was that possible? How could someone release such a terrifying sword energy?

The coffin then moved back. He wanted to leave the cave but suddenly a terrifying sword energy invaded the entire cave. Cutting sounds could be heard spreading in the air as the coffin was completely cut into pieces. A horrible shriek emerged again and the skeleton that was in the coffin was lacerated! 

The young man sitting cross-legged slowly opened his eyes, he looked expressionless. Then he closed his eyes again, looking absolutely unperturbed.

The cave had become absolutely silent again. 

Outside of the cave, a coffin was precisely flying nearby and heard those shrieks. He was surprised, he signalled for two more coffins. They immediately turned around towards the place whence the horrible shriek had come. 

After a short time, they arrived next to the cave.

Those three coffins didn’t immediately enter the cave, they had decided to act slowly. 

The coffins slowly opened themselves and three silhouettes crawled out of them. They were extremely pale, livid and skinny. They gave the saying ‘skin and bones’ another meaning. Their Qi was absolutely evil. 

Those three monsters glanced at each others and entered the cave altogether. 

They saw a young man practicing cultivation. He was sitting cross-legged. 

At his side there was some sword Qi, but it looked intangible. But then it transformed into a curtain and enveloped the young man so nobody could get near. 

One of the three undead walked forwards and bobbed his head as he spat out a monstrous evil Qi which moved towards the young man. 

“Crrrr crrrr….” The evil Qi penetrated into the curtain of sword Qi and was minced. It immediately turned into smoke and then disappeared without leaving a trace. The three undead were astonished. That curtain made of sword Qi was terrifying. 

The three people immediately moved back to leave the cave. Even though that cultivator had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer, his battling abilities were monstrous. They couldn’t compete with him and risk provoking him. 

“Since you came, no need to leave.” said Lin Feng. Immediately after he opened his eyes and a dazzling sharp sword twinkled in the atmosphere. What looked like a real sword then emerged out of his eyes and dazzled those three undead’s eyes! 
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