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PMG Chapter 624: Sword Intent

PMG Chapter 624: Sword Intent

Those three froze there, they were surprised by Lin Feng.

“Your Excellency, we didn’t intend to provoke or disturb you, please forgive us.” said one of the undead to Lin Feng, but remained oppressed by the sword intent. Lin Feng’s strength was hard to determine, but even though the three of them had also broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer, they knew they couldn’t compete with him. 

“You didn’t mean to bother me?” Lin Feng smiled coldly. If he hadn’t maintained a curtain of sword Qi, they would have tried to kill him. 

When they sensed that Lin Feng was releasing cold Qi, their faces started looking cold.

“Your Excellency, some things can be forgiven and everyone will be fine.” said that undead again. He wanted everybody to forget about what had just happened. 

“I am now awake.” said Lin Feng. 

“Hmph, why do you need to try and convince him? All our comrades are everywhere in the mountains right now. If he dares touch us he will offend all of them, then they will kill him and eat his corpse.” said another one, coldly trying to scare Lin Feng away. 

“The Tian Sha Sect…!” As expected, those three didn’t look like human beings. Back then in Celestial River Lin Feng had already seen those people and their evil skills. After Mo Cang Lan had left, they hadn’t been a bit lost.

The Tian Sha Sect had some cultivators of the Tian Qi layer. Back then, Duan Wu Ya had actually sealed the soul of a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer… So the undead who had just talked was trying to scare Lin Feng by officially declaring the name of his sect.

“Indeed, the Tian Sha Sect.” repeated the third one as if Lin Feng hadn’t heard.

Lin Feng slowly stood up, his sword Qi whistled in the air and invaded the atmosphere.

“I have already met people from the Tian Sha Sect in the past and killed them!” said Lin Feng. In a flash, his sword Qi invaded the entire cave and obstructed the exit. It was dazzling. Those three undead were astonished as their faces dramatically changed.

The entire cave was filled with sword energy, it felt as if there had been millions of arrows inside. 

“How dare you!” said those three extremely loudly while they released some ice-cold Qi. 

“Crrrrr…. Crrr……” his sword energy was unstoppable, those three undead looked terrified and desperate.


They started breathing heavily, the sword light was moving towards them. The walls of the cave were filled with holes created by the sword energy. As the lights closed in, their bodies disappeared. 

Lin Feng stretched his hand and the sword Qi disappeared from the cave but his eyes were still filled with sword-lights.

“Sword determination…” Lin Feng smiled in a resplendent smile. In the vast and arid area of the sword memories, he hadn’t seen a monstrously powerful sword skill, he hadn’t even seen a monstrously powerful magical power either. Instead, he had been learning about the origin of swords. 

He had learnt about the source of sword strength and thus sword intent. Back then, without realizing, he had broken through to the first layer of sword intent. But now that he had visualized the area and that sword in the desert he had understood so much more. He had understood incredible, deep, profound and mysterious things. Now, he had already broken through to the third layer of sword intent. Within a second, he could release millions of dazzling light swords with the power of his thoughts. 

Of course, it wasn’t all due to the sword memories! In the preceding weeks, Lin Feng’s pure Qi had been constricted. He had then also understood many things, his cultivation level had increased. He had meditated with Xiao Ya in the mountains. It was then that he had visualized things and practiced meditation he had watched the sun rise and the sunset. Even though his cultivation had been limited at that time, he had progressed a lot because of it. 

Lin Feng stepped out of the cave. Although it was pitch-dark outside things were extremely calm. Lin Feng could sense that there was an evil Qi in the distance though. And that evil Qi was getting near him. 

He gazed into the distance and saw some pitch-black coffins radiating an evil Qi. 

“Tian Sha Sect…” 

Lin Feng was standing on a stone, looking calm. He watched as the coffins flew towards him. 

After a short moment, they arrived in front of him with their thick, evil Qi. 

“You dared kill the people of my Tian Sha Sect?” said a voice from the coffins. The coffins then opened themselves and several silhouettes crawled out of them. Their evil Qi was terrifying and they were looking deathly pale. They were extremely skinny, like skeletons. Interestingly, their cultivation was higher than that of others their age. On the path of cultivation, not everyone had the same advantages and disadvantages. These walking corpses that still referred to themselves as humans looked truly abominable though. 

“Your people wanted to kill me so I killed them. I don’t have time to play with you. If you want to kill me, don’t blame me for being aggressive.” Lin Feng challenged coldly. After that his silhouette flickered, he had turned around and started leaving. He didn’t want to fight. He just stepped on a sword light and surfed in the air on it.

Those people from the Tian Sha Sect were astonished. They went back into the coffins which started emitting whistling sounds in the air as they began chasing Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng was streaking through the sky like a meteor. Not long after he moved down and arrived in front of a cave.

Without hesitation, he entered that cave. 

The cave was extremely deep. Some small pieces of stones and specks of dust were falling onto his head. The tunnel in the cave was irregular, like it had just been dug by someone!

“Who??!!” shouted someone furiously. A silhouette was staring at Lin Feng coldly. That person wasn’t happy to hear Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng looked back at that person, his sick-looking face was expressionless. There was a huge ancient room in that cave where some small lights could be seen. The entrance to that ancient cave had been obstructed with time.

Lin Feng realized there wasn’t only one person in that cave, there were two others digging in the ground as if they had wanted to unearth something. 

“I’m the same as you guys.” said Lin Feng indifferently. That person coldly stared at him and said, “this cave is ours. You have nothing to do here so please leave.” 

“You just arrived. How could it be yours? Are you joking? If you found some vestiges, it would be a miracle.” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. How could a cave have an owner? They had just entered it and were still digging it. 

Lin Feng’s words silenced the people who were still digging. They gathered together and looked at Lin Feng with what only could be described as discontent.

That person suddenly wanted them to share their treasures with him or what? Was he crazy?

“It’s a nice place. That’s why he ran so fast.” said some voice from behind Lin Feng. Some evil Qi had just now penetrated into the cave, everything suddenly became colder.

Immediately after that voice spoke a group of cadaveric people entered the cave. They glanced around and released some monstrously thick evil Qi. 

That cave was surprisingly ancient. It seemed like it had a very rich history. The more ancient a cave was, the higher the chances of finding treasures. 

They had thought that Lin Feng wanted to escape, but instead he had left to find some treasures.

“You…” said the three diggers while glaring at Lin Feng. They hadn’t thought that he would bring such evil people along with him. Those people were from the Tian Sha Sect and were all extremely strong. The people in the cave couldn’t fight against them… If they tried, they would immediately die…

“Since you said it’s a nice place, make them leave immediately.” said Lin Feng moving aside. He crossed his arms against his chest and leaned on the wall of the tunnel, as if he had no problem at all.

“You bastards! The cave is yours!” said the three people while gnashing their teeth, and then leaving. Their pure Qi whistled as they started digging another hole in the cave and left. They were extremely good at digging holes! 
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