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PMG Chapter 625: Bloodthirsty Sword

PMG Chapter 625: Bloodthirsty Sword

Lin Feng was happy to see those three leave.

He turned back around and coldly faced those people from the Tian Sha Sect.

“Since you like to stay with me, I will help you.” said Lin Feng, releasing some terrifying sword energy which whistled all around the air. With his mind he could release sword light and energy that was dazzling to behold.

“Huh?” Those people were astonished confronting Lin Feng. What a terrifying sword energy. Lin Feng had probably left the strange dimension of the human earth fusion already and had penetrated into the dimension of sword intent… With his thoughts and heart he could release some monstrous whistling sword energy. And what a terrifying curtain of sword energy it was! 

“Break!” Lin Feng shook his arms and his sword energy started lacerating the space around him. It seemed like the cave was going to collapse as huge pieces of stone and rock were falling down. 

“What are you doing???” asked someone furiously. The massive amount of sword energy was destroying the cave. The people from the Tian Sha Sect all released some pure Qi in order to prevent the massive stones from crushing their bodies.

“I want to bury you!” said Lin Feng darkly. He then joined his hands together and whistling sword energy continued to spread in the air, it was painfully piercing those undead’s eardrums. The sword energy then turned into sword light and targeted the Tian Sha Sect disciples. 

The entire atmosphere was filled with sword light, all the exits were obstructed. It seemed like there were a million swords there. They had no chance of dodging them so they could only block. 

“Let’s make a wall of corpse Qi!” they shouted when they saw the sword energy moving towards them. They were at a loss, they had to defend against the sword energy and the falling rocks. They released some evil corpse energy and made it turn into a wall to block the swords.

“Fall!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Rumbling sounds spread in the air and the cave was trembling more and more violently. The people from the Tian Sha Sect didn’t try to dodge the stones anymore as massive stones were falling onto their heads. They had the feeling they were being buried alive with the entire cave collapsing on top of them.

Lin Feng moved his fingers and some more rumblings sounds spread in the air. Under his feet, specks of dust rose up as he moved back. Even more stones were falling now. He locked himself in the room where the three others had looked for treasure a moment before.

Lin Feng absorbed some sword light and turned into a sharp sword. He moved towards the wall of the cave like an arrow and pierced straight through it.

“Crrrr… Crrrr…..” He was moving quite slowly through the stones and rocks because he had the feeling there was an incredible pressure on his body. 

Soon, he felt like he could relax when he arrived in a new cave. As he entered this new cave he found that there was a very thick sword energy emitting somewhere nearby!

“I arrived.” thought Lin Feng, taking a deep breathe. Surprisingly, in that cave there was a large skeleton. On that skeleton there was a blood-red sword! 

“Rumors said that after understanding sword intent you can use it on an extremely sharp sword to create a separate life inside that sword. That blood-red sword must be a monstrous weapon because it contains sword intent, maybe that sword is reacting to my sword intent.” thought Lin Feng, observing the sword. He had just used his intent to escape from those people, and to make the cave collapse. Then he used it to dig a tunnel and arrived in that room to find the sword… Was it a coincidence?

Everything seemed to come from his thoughts and heart.

Mi Cheng was an ancient and mysterious city. Vestiges could be found if you knew where to look. The evil area had existed for such a long time… it was normal to find miracles. Therefore, Lin Feng didn’t dare waste time anymore. He had to become stronger with haste.

He made a step forwards and saw that the cadaver was clinging onto the blood-red sword. He took the sword and stabbed his own heart with it as if he wanted kill himself! 

Those who could use that sword had to be extremely strong.

“The evil swords are extremely powerful and seem to be their own masters with their own lives. Their goal is to swallow me and use my body. Because I can’t control them I need a good sword that will follow me.” 

Lin Feng slowly held the sword even more tightly, as the red color of the sword became even more intense. It was becoming shiny and seemed to be coming to life.

“Crrrr….” The red light illuminated the skull. The rotten body that was holding the sword then turned into ashes and disappeared.

At the same time, a red light appeared and followed up the sword and into Lin Feng’s hand. A red-blood color appeared in Lin Feng’s veins and merged with his blood.

“The sword recognizes me as its owner…?” thought Lin Feng surprised. It was a weapon with its own life. That blood sword had its own intent too and could even use telepathy!! That sword was traveling in Lin Feng’s body and telling him that it accepted him as a master. 

“It really accepts me as a host…” thought Lin Feng. Its red light invaded the entire atmosphere and all around Lin Feng there was only bloodthirsty killer, sword Qi. The sword was shaking intensely as if stretching after sleeping for so long. 

“Bloodthirsty sword!” 

A memory appeared in Lin Feng’s brain. A sword technique had appeared in his head: thirteen bloodthirsty swords. 

A killer sword technique! 

Lin Feng’s pupils shrank. That thirteen bloodthirsty killer sword technique required killer energy! 

Had he come across this sword thanks to his murderous personality?

“I accept you.” said Lin Feng and placed the sword on his back. It was then that the sword became calm and docile again. 

Lin Feng glanced around, there were no other treasures. He had only found that sword and the corpse. Lin Feng was curious how that person had died.

“Let’s go now.” Lin Feng created some incredible sword energy again to dig through the cave. The walls were extremely hard, the room he found was probably meant to be hidden! 

Lin Feng dug through a little bit and arrived in another opening. Rumbling sounds were spreading in the air. But it was dark so he couldn’t see what was causing them. 

“”Die!” A terrifying evil Qi emerged and Lin Feng had the feeling his head was being crushed. That evil Qi made him feel nauseous! 

“Get lost!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. A terrifying fire emerged and illuminated the dark night. 

“Bzzzzz crrrr….” Flames had suddenly appeared! That person was unable to dodge Lin Feng’s attack and burnt alive.

His evil Qi was rolling and spinning but it couldn’t extinguish the flames. The fire enveloped his entire body creating huge flames. That person was now a human-bonfire.

“Ahhhhh….” A terrifying, horrible shriek spread in the air, breaking the silence of the night once more. Many silhouettes started flickering. The people of the Tian Sha Sect all gathered around that place. They watched the fire burn grimly. That Lin Feng had killed another comrade. Their look was terrifying, ice-cold.. piercingly-cold… 

They had been waiting for Lin Feng to come out. They thought that one surprise attack would be enough, they never thought that he would kill one of them first.

“I want to eat your flesh and drink your blood!” shouted someone in a particularly evil voice. That was a cultivator of the seventh Xuan Qi layer. He then continued, “With a wall made of corpse Qi, we should be able to eat him!” 

They all encircled Lin Feng as a terrifying corpse Qi emerged out of their bodies, moving towards Lin Feng.

“It seems like I’m going to need my bloodthirsty sword…” thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng concentrated and some sword energy started twinkling in the air. This time it was bright red and looked particularly scary in the middle of the night. 
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        Tian Sha people have come to support their candidate as have the other sects from different countries. However the majority of competitors and spectators moved to the area with the cave where the second round will be held. Some people remained to cultivate or search for stuff, since the second round would only start the next morning. The people that died were weaklings in the eyes of everyone, that could be the reason why no one bothered gathering the corpses. Tian Sha people then used the opportunity to eat the corpses and lone cultivators who decided to stay for the night.

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