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PMG Chapter 627: The Discussion

PMG Chapter 627: The Discussion

One day wasn’t endless, time passed very quickly for the competitors. 

The Flood Dragon Cave is where the second round of the competition would take place. It was extremely wide, maybe a few dozen kilometers. There wasn’t just one entrance, surprisingly, there were several… There were flood dragon statues around the entrances with their mouths acting as entrances. In total, there were eighty-one flood dragon statues in the form of a nine times nine formation.

It was strange because there was only one exit. The exit is where the main stage was placed. 

After going through the flood dragon’s mouths, participants would arrive before the main stage. 

It seemed like everything had been prepared quite well for the second round of the competition. 

In front of each flood dragon statue, a brouhaha was spreading. Each entrance was like a boiling cauldron of voices. So many people were in front of the mouths of the dragons chatting, they had been waiting for this day for a long time. They couldn’t wait to watch the spectacle of the second round, and then the final round… Who would be the most dazzling cultivator of the Great Competition of Xue Yu?

Besides, the candidates had already gone through the hardships of the first round and many of them had died. There was initially a hundred and forty-four participants, but now there were only sixty-eight. Were more people going to die? 

Nobody could predict anything.

In the distance, there were more and more people coming. Di Ling was as unsociable as before, coming by himself. He had flown through the air and landed on the head of a flood dragon. He sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. He didn’t care about other people so he ignored them. In his world he thought he was the only person of importance.

Xue Sha was there too, though he had arrived much earlier. In the same way, he landed next to Di Ling and glanced at the crowd. He was trying to see if Lin Feng was there or not. If Lin Feng came across him during the second round, he would definitely die. However, he couldn’t see Lin Feng so he must not have arrived yet.

Several more people were walking towards those flood dragon statues. In the distance there were two Chi Xie horses walking slowly. On one of them there were two silhouettes, they were both wearing bronze masks. On the other horse, there was one cute and pretty girl. 

Not far from those two Chi Xie followed several others. They were also walking towards the flood dragon statues. 

Lin Feng was one of them. He wasn’t far from those two Chi Xie horses, he looked calm, serene and had a nice smile on his face. He had broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer and looked like an ordinary young man. Who would think that on the night before, he had used a sword which had drunk the blood of a few dozen extremely strong cultivators of the Tian Sha Sect? He had destroyed them all with one sword. (editor’s note: no idea where the ‘dozens’ came from, you all just read it like I did and there were not even..)

Lin Feng looked like a little sunshine, not a fighter. At the same time he looked like someone frivolous with a good joke to tell. 

Lin Feng didn’t talk to Han Man and Po Jun, he was staying away from them as if he didn’t know them.

Someone was glaring at Lin Feng coldly, it was Yu Liu Shui. He obviously knew that Lin Feng was with them. Even though Yu Qin and Yu Jian were already dead Yu Liu Shui didn’t want to leave Mi Cheng. He wanted to stay there and avenge his sons.

He couldn’t kill him right now though. He had to wait until the end of the competition. 

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to him. He knew that Yu Liu Shui wanted to kill him after the Great Competition of Xue Yu. But Lin Feng believed that he would be the one killing Yu Liu Shui in the end.

A few silhouettes flickered and arrived between Lin Feng and the Chi Xie horses. Lin Feng was surprised but quickly he looked normal again, as if he hadn’t been surprised. 

“Are you from Xue Yue??” asked Yue Qing Shan to Han Man. If Yue Qing Shan wasn’t mistaken, those horses were Chi Xie horses. The soldiers protecting the border of the country were using those very horses.

Even though Yue Qing Shan wasn’t a member of the army, he had heard all of Liu Cang Lan’s stories. In fact, Yue Qing Shan admired Liu Cang Lan. Even though the army was just some of the King’s pawns, they were extremely strong pawns. Their strength was acknowledged by everybody.

Military members, even though they were pawns, always paid tribute and respect to their king. They were ready to sacrifice their lives for their country. 

“My three brothers are, I’m not.” said Xiao Ya while smiling resplendently. 

“Three brothers??” Yue Qing Shan was looking at Han Man and Po Jun. There were only two people, he turned around to look at Lin Feng curiously.

Lin Feng was a participant at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. If he were from Xue Yue, Yue Qing Shan would definitely know him or at least would have heard about him. 

“You are from Xue Yue??” asked Yue Qing Shan curiously. He had never heard of Lin Feng before.

Lin Feng smiled wryly, Xiao Ya had committed a gaffe…… 

“Indeed.” said Lin Feng calmly while looking at his grandfather… He wanted to tell him that he wasn’t only from Xue Yue but was also his grandson, that they shared the same blood. 

Yue Qing Shan recognized Yue Tian Ming as his grandson, but not Lin Feng. He wanted Duan Xin Ye to become Yue Tian Ming’s wife. Lin Feng would never accept such a thing and it made him sad that Yue Qing Shan was like that. During the competition, Yue Tian Ming and Lin Feng might fight. It would be difficult for Lin Feng not to show his true colors then. He would have to use his skills and everything… 

Sometimes, Lin Feng wanted to see Yue Qing Shan look remorseful. He wanted to prove to Yue Qing Shan that he was more outstanding than Yue Tian Ming. 

Yue Qing Shan obviously didn’t know about Lin Feng’s thoughts though. When he saw that Lin Feng was admitting he was from Xue Yue, he was even more surprised.

“Forgive me but I know almost all the geniuses of Xue Yue and I’ve never seen or heard of you. Your Excellency, what is your name?”

“Mister Yue, head of the Yue Clan, is very famous. But you cannot possibly know everybody.” said Lin Feng while smiling. Yue Qing Shan was astonished, Mister Yue, Head of the Yue Clan… it meant that Lin Feng knew him. He was really from Xue Yue. 

“Alright, maybe.” said Yue Qing Shan while nodding. Then he shouted, “Tian Ming, come here. Do you know that outstanding and handsome young man? He says he’s from Xue Yue!” 

Yue Tian Ming came over and looked at Lin Feng. He of course knew about him, he had seen him in Dragon Mountain. Lin Feng’s corporeal body was monstrously strong. He had impressed everybody. Besides, Lin Feng seemed to be progressing extremely fast on the path of cultivation. In Dragon Mountain, he hadn’t even broken through to the Xuan Qi layer and now he had already broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer. For anyone else it would be impossible.

Yue Tian Ming knew that Lin Feng had been hiding his real cultivation level. 

But that guy who had the same name as Lin Feng was now saying that he was from Xue Yue? Since when? 

“Grandpa, that guy was qualified for the competition in Dragon Mountain, and his name is Lin Feng too.” said Yue Tian Ming. Yue Qing Shan was astonished. His white hair fluttered in the wind and then quickly stopped moving again. 

“Lin Feng….” Yue Qing Shan was looking at Lin Feng. That young man was also called Lin Feng but he wasn’t like the Lin Feng he knew. He was however saying he was from Xue Yue. 

“Indeed. I also know that Mister Yue knows another person called Lin Feng, what a coincidence.” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. Yue Qing Shan slowly calmed down again, but Yue Tian Ming was fixated on Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng, when he had appeared in Dragon Mountain had never said that he was from Xue Yue. He also had never said anything in particular, actually. But now he was saying that he was from Xue Yue and also seemed to know a lot about the Yue Clan! He even knew Lin Feng… it seemed too exaggerated, Yue Tian Ming was finding it harder to believe… 

“It’s really a coincidence.” said Yue Qing Shan while smiling and nodding, “The fact that we met here at the Great Competition of Xue Yu is fate! You and Yue Tian Ming should become friends, you can exchange a lot. He has lots of experience.” 

“Mister Yue is very strong, you are not a young man anymore. Yue Tian Ming is also extremely talented and very strong. Neither of you have anything to learn from me.” said Lin Feng modestly. Yue Tian Ming understood what Lin Feng meant and said, “Alright, we’re not going to bother you anymore.” 
Then Yue Qing Shan and Yue Tian Ming left and walked away. However, Lin Feng’s silhouette kept appearing in Yue Qing Shan’s thoughts, especially his face and eyes. Lin Feng was so young but looked so deep.
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