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PMG Chapter 628: Enemies and Friends

PMG Chapter 628: Enemies and Friends

Lin Feng was following the Chi Xie horses, not too close, not too far as they arrived next to the statues. He looked at the eighty-one statues, especially at their mouths. Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling, he was wondering what kind of treasures were hidden in them.

During the first round, in the vast evil area, there had been temples with incredible skills, techniques and memories inside. 

The second round was taking place in the Flood Dragon Cave. It was probably going to be very difficult too, at least more so than the first round. The rules had to be different as well so there would probably be no temples this time. How would the candidates be selected if it wasn’t more difficult? 

This time, the battle would determine everyone’s specific rankings for the battles of the last round, so nobody would spare any effort. Everyone wanted to be ranked amongst the first ones so that they wouldn’t have to fight against the strongest cultivators…

If they had to fight against one of the eight most outstanding geniuses, they would immediately lose. 

An ice-cold Qi spread out into the air and crashed onto Lin Feng’s body, making him frown. He turned around and saw Xue Sha.

“Xue Sha!” Lin Feng was surprised and staring at Xue Sha. 

“Die!” shouted Xue Sha! Everybody was speechless, looking at Lin Feng. 

Xue Sha released some monstrous deadly energies but didn’t attack him. With that word he wasn’t saying that he was going to kill him right away, he was telling him that sooner or later, he would die. 

“It seems like Xue Sha knows about what happened yesterday…” thought Lin Feng. He had to be very careful. At the Great Competition of Xue Yu, too many people wanted to kill him already, Yu Mo, Xue Sha….

The crowd looked at Lin Feng with empathy in their eyes… Xue Sha wanted to kill him… He was doomed. He had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer and he was acting so recklessly…. Last time, he had already infuriated Yu Mo… this time Xue Sha…

Against all expectations, Lin Feng looked calm and serene. He just calmly stood there.

“It seems like many people want to kill you.” said someone mockingly. It was someone from Tian Feng. Of the seven envoys from Tian Feng, four were dead already, so there was now only three left.

Lin Feng smiled strangely when he said, “Indeed! During the first around, you all wanted to kill me but now I am still alive. Unfortunately, I see that four of you are already dead. I wonder if any of you will make it to the third round. Haha.” said Lin Feng, silencing them. They were coldly glaring at Lin Feng. Already four of them had died… That didn’t leave them in the best position. Four people at the scale of the competition wasn’t such a large number, they were initially a hundred and forty-four people… More than half of them had died during the first round so the fact that four people from Tian Feng had died was unsurprising. 

“They may have died, but don’t think you are exempt from death.” said the first envoy of Tian Feng, Nie Yun. Lin Feng was making fun of Tian Feng and knew what their tender point was. 

“Let’s hope so, for your sake.” said Lin Feng indifferently.

“His name is Lin Feng.” Many people were trying to remember his name. He was courageous, brave, and audacious! He had so many enemies but still managed to survive the first round. And in the end, with the strength of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, had managed to move on to the next round. However, he would probably end amongst the last ones in the rankings and end up fighting against the strongest cultivators. 

“You have many enemies…” someone said. A silhouette flickered and appeared next to Lin Feng. That person looked cold and elegant. Lin Feng smiled resplendently. 

“Long time no see!”

“Huh?” Tang You You was surprised, they had seen each other just the day before…

“Let’s say I missed you…” said Lin Feng, smiling shyly, what an awkward situation.

“You guys arrived.” said Jun Mo Xi to Tang You You and Lin Feng. He looked at them and said, “This time, you really have to finish amongst the first ones. Then you won’t have to fight against the strongest ones till later!” 

“I know that I will finish amongst the best ones.”said Lin Feng. Against all expectations, he had absolute faith in his own abilities. Didn’t he know that with his strength of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, he was easy to defeat? He surprisingly thought he was going to end up high in the rankings…

The crowd was surprised when they saw Jun Mo Xi and Lin Feng, they seemed to be good friends… Besides, only he was friendly to such people.. The other seven geniuses were extremely arrogant and solitary. They looked down upon everybody else…

Jun Mo Xi was the only genius who was standing with ordinary people… The seven other geniuses were sitting or standing on the heads of the flood dragon statues while Jun Mo Xi was calmly standing amongst the crowd… And he even seemed to be friends with a cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer! Jun Mo Xi was quite strange. 

“I’m late. Sorry.” said Yun Fei Yang while sluggishly walking over to them. He looked calm and unrestrained.

“So what do you think? Do you think you will manage to finish amongst the first twenty best cultivators?” asked Yun Fei Yang to Lin Feng. 

“No idea.” said Lin Feng shrugging. He adding, “What about you?” 

“Me?” asked Yun Fei Yang. He shrugged and said, “I survived the first round, I’m happy already. If I manage to move on to the next round, that would already be incredible!” 

Yun Fei Yang then stretched himself. The sky was particularly blue on that day, making him feel extremely free, unrestrained, and carefree…

The second round would start soon. 

“Do you think I believe you?” whispered Lin Feng. Yun Fei Yang was always like that, since the selection rounds at the Xiangjiang Lake… He had always acted sluggishly, he was also quite frivolous… Looking like he cared about nothing. Lin Feng was starting to understand him. 

“I’m here!” In the air, someone suddenly appeared and it was Xue Wu Chang! 

He had arrived! 

It meant that the second round of the Great Competition of Xue Yu was about to start. 

Xue Wu Chang looked down at the crowd from the sky.

“The rules of the second round are extremely easy! You all have to enter the Flood Dragon Cave from a different entrance! Then you have to go through as fast as you can, on the other side there are some jade medals with numbers on them. When you pick one up you will see a number. That number will be your ranking!” said Xue Wu Chang. The participants then all nodded one after the other. The rules were simple indeed, it was all about getting ranked.

“I would like to remind you of something. Don’t procrastinate because of other things. The best plan is to pick up a jade medal as fast as possible! If you finish amongst the first ones you will be able to choose your opponents! The most important thing for most of you is to choose your opponent after all. It is worth mentioning that if you finish amongst the first ones, you cannot challenge someone else from the top ten.” said Xue Wu Chang. Everyone was in an uproar.. The first ones would be able to choose their opponents! They would have to make great efforts to finish amongst the first ones!

But Xue Wu Chang was worried to see the most outstanding geniuses of the competition challenge each other immediately. So, he added an extra rule, they simply weren’t allowed to. Such battles were better saved for the end of the competition… 

“Interesting rules…” thought Lin Feng. The extra rule was fair. The strongest cultivators wouldn’t be the only ones to decide everything. It was quite equitable.
“If I manage to finish amongst the first ten… Nobody will be able to challenge me.” thought Lin Feng. His eyes were twinkling with determination!
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