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PMG Chapter 629: The Flood Dragon Cave

PMG Chapter 629: The Flood Dragon Cave

Of course, when Xue Wu Chang finished talking Lin Feng wasn’t the only one thinking that… The others were all thinking that they had to finish amongst the first ten cultivators.

Even if they weren’t as good as the eight most outstanding geniuses of Xue Yu, they still had two free spots to finish in the top ten… They must leave no effort wasted if they wanted a chance to move forwards. 

“Now, there are sixty-eight people. Please all move to different entrances and get ready for the beginning of the second round. ” said Xue Wu Chang. In a flash, silhouettes started flickering and the participants appeared in front of the mouths of different flood dragons. They were all releasing pure Qi and condensing it. 

The second round of the Great Competition of Xue Yu was actually a race. They had to cross the Flood Dragon Cave in the shortest time, then they could end up in a better situation for the final stage. 

There were eighty-one statues so thirty-one of them had nobody in front of them. It seems that nobody went missing the night before. 

And who would have dared to be late? The Great Competition of Xue Yu only happened once every ten years… 

That competition would maybe enable them to have a great future. 

“GO!” said Xue Wu Chang, raising his hand. Everybody released a monstrous amount of Qi and delved into the Flood Dragon Cave. Nobody wasted time. They had to get the first jade medals! …and then they would be able to choose their opponents. They could survive the onslaught of the top eight… 

Lin Feng didn’t hurry that much though. He released some monstrous amounts of energy and then entered the cave. His silhouette looked blurry at that moment but he actually was moving very slowly. Actually, Lin Feng didn’t believe that it was a race at all! Otherwise, the second round would have been way too slow. 

From outside he had noticed that only a few steps were required to walk from one statue to the other end of the cave… 

Xue Wu Chang watched as they entered the Flood Dragon Cave. He then rolled up his sleeves and made a step towards the other extremity of the cave. He was going to wait at the exit.

The audience did the same and moved towards the exit. In a short time, the exit of the cave was surrounded by people and the entrances were left completely barren. Everyone was remaining silent. Some pedestrians were passing by the entrances sometimes, they had the feeling that that the silence was too oppressing. 

It didn’t take long for the exit of the Flood Dragon Cave to become a boiling cauldron of voices, people were close and numerous. Everybody was watching the exit, calmly waiting. 

“I wonder which of the eight most outstanding disciples will finish first?…” various comments were spreading in the crowd. Indeed, which one of the eight most outstanding disciples was the strongest?

Those crowd could only guess randomly at that moment. There was no way to predict what would happen. Several were guessing that Di Long was the strongest, while some others thought it would be Duan Wu Dao… They had heard about Duan Wu Dao and just how monstrously strong he was. His sealed doors spirit could seal anything! His spirit was too terrifying.. Nobody could stop him. 

Of course, others were betting on Jun Mo Xi as he was extremely enigmatic.

Everybody was guessing one of the eight amazing geniuses, obviously it had to be one of them. But who would be the first one out?

Even though people knew that they wouldn’t come out too fast, they were still staring at the exit. They were impatient to see who it would be. 

Lin Feng entered the cave and saw a valve… A huge water valve. Lin Feng could see himself in the water of that door.

Lin Feng moved forward and crossed the water valve. Some ripples and waves appeared but then the door disappeared into a spiral. Around the door there were lights that looked like pure Qi.

His silhouette flickered as he moved forwards and looked around. In front of him several people appeared as rumbling sounds spread in the air. Gigantic monoliths were moving out and transformed into a wall that obstructed his way. 

“Are they people?” Lin Feng was baffled, were those people made of stones? 

They could move by themselves and create obstacles to obstruct Lin Feng’s way…  

“Hmph.” Lin Feng smiled coldly and made a step forwards. Those were only stone puppets, nothing more. Even though they had human shapes they probably couldn’t rival with human beings.

“Boom boom boom!” several stone fists launched towards Lin Feng. They were allowing him to come closer. Lin Feng could clearly sense their physical strength. Those stone fists had the physical strength of the fifth Xuan Qi layer.

“Like me?” Lin Feng raised his hands and a golden light suddenly appeared. It looked dazzling, pure and holy. 

“Boom boom!” Those stones immediately broke. The stone puppets were indeed as strong as Lin Feng, however, Lin Feng could easily crush people of the same level as him. 

After he destroyed the stone puppets, Lin Feng continued to walk forwards when another water vortex appeared in front of him. 

Lin Feng frowned but didn’t stop. He was about to get through that door when a silhouette came out of it… Lin Feng immediately stopped because he was surprised.

It was him! The silhouette coming out of the door was him, exactly the same person… That silhouette was even wearing the same mask as him. They were absolutely the same, just like clones.

“Huh?” Lin Feng frowned and stared at the silhouette. That person was himself. How was that possible? 

“Did the first water door clone me when I crossed it…?” thought Lin Feng. That was the only explanation… He couldn’t think of anything else.

“I knew that the flood dragon cave would be extremely complex. I’m not the only one experiencing this, it should be the same for everybody else. This is a battle, I have to fight against myself and surpass myself… Change my state of mind…”

Lin Feng made a stepped towards that silhouette but the silhouette copied him. 

“Boom!” A collision sound spread in the air. That counterfeit and him moved back to where they were. Their movements were exactly the same. 

“It has the same strength as me too.” thought Lin Feng stupefied. How come… He couldn’t figure it out. 

“Die!” Lin Feng jumped forwards and released some killer energy which was ice-cold. At the same time, the counterfeit also released the same killer energy. 

“Lacerate!” Some tearing sounds spread in the atmosphere, Lin Feng was staring at the counterfeit. 

“Lacerate!” As Lin Feng had expected, the silhouette said and did the same thing. The two killer Qi collided and made the cave shake. Then the sword energies collided and disappeared together.

“I have to stay calm and cool-headed.” thought Lin Feng. He slightly closed his eyes and then opened them again. He was smiling resplendently. 

Lin Feng slowly walked forwards, very calmly, he wasn’t releasing any energy or using any tricks. He was absolutely calm and serene. 

The other Lin Feng also walked towards him until they touched each other.

“See you.” Lin Feng slightly inclined his body. The counterfeit did the same and they passed next to each other, slightly brushing the other’s arms. 

“Bzzz…..” The sound of their clothes rubbing could be hear, and then the clone evaporated like steam and disappeared. Almost as if it had never been there.
“I’m so stupid, I’ve made a huge mistake. But I’m sure all the others will make the same mistake and think that they have to defeat themselves.” thought Lin Feng. Actually, Lin Feng was right. Most of the other people had the same idea as him and thought that they had to defeat themselves to get past the clone. The harder they tried to fight the further they were from victory! That was just a water illusion set there to test their hearts.
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