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PMG Chapter 630: Rushing Through the Flood Dragon Cave

PMG Chapter 630: Rushing Through the Flood Dragon Cave

In order to defeat one’s own self, strength wasn’t key. It is their heart and state of mind. In order to break through to higher cultivation layers, one’s heart and state of mind were extremely important. Otherwise one’s cultivation could start stagnating at some point. 

The tests of the Flood Dragon Cave couldn’t only be related to strength, it wouldn’t be that simple. 

Lin Feng then crossed the water valve and was left speechless again. There was a passageway in front of him but it was made of magma and filled with monstrously scorching-hot fire Qi. 

From outside, Lin Feng could already sense the horrible heat. He had even started sweating profusely.

“How hot!” thought Lin Feng staring at the flames. The entire passageway was filled with flames. They were diffusing a light which looked almost illusory. 

“The physical strength contained in that fire has the strength of the sixth Xuan Qi layer, It seems like the Flood Dragon Cave is adapting to my cultivation level as I progress further in.” thought Lin Feng, smiling. It was just adapting to his relative strength, nothing more. In fact, his cultivation level and fighting abilities were incomparable. That fire of the sixth Xuan Qi layer couldn’t be a problem for him. 

Lin Feng jumped forwards as he released some fire Qi which surrounded his body. Then he penetrated into the fiery passageway. 

“Roar!” A fire dragon emerged out from the flames and darted towards Lin Feng. But when it collided it suddenly became much weaker. His cosmos-burning sun was a sun skill and required sunfire. It was much stronger than a normal and ordinary fire.

“Let’s swallow the fire.” thought Lin Feng. Then his cosmos-burning sun started revolving and a terrifying vortex of strength appeared all around his body. The fire surrounding him started moving towards his body. Instead of stopping Lin Feng’s own fire it was being swallowed, it was becoming a part of Lin Feng’s fire.

“Roaaarrr!” Another roaring sound spread through the air. In front of Lin Feng appeared several terrifying flames. They looked like fire beasts that were made of fire. 

Lin Feng made a move and his banner appeared in his hand. It was his spiritual fire banner. 

“Go!” Lin Feng shook his head and the banner moved forwards with a terrifying strength radiating from it. The fire beasts were enveloped by the banner and disappeared, swallowed by it. 

To add, the fire of that banner had became denser and more powerful. 

“The entire passageway could make me stronger!” thought Lin Feng, He kept walking forwards, around his body a fire was burning. It was even more violent than before. The banner continued swallowing fire along the way. 

Now and then, some terrifying lights would appear. But they couldn’t affect Lin Feng at all, instead they became part of Lin Feng’s strength.

After a few kilometers, Lin Feng sensed that he was arriving at the end of the passageway. The fire had disappeared. Lin Feng was disappointed because he didn’t want to stop! He had the impression he hadn’t swallowed enough fire yet! 

He then left the passageway and saw a passageway. On the right and the left of the passageway there were tunnels which were criss-crossing. Those tunnels should have led to the other tunnels where the other participants were. But Lin Feng couldn’t see anyone, how strange. 

“If I maintain this speed, not only will I finish amongst the first ten best, I will finish first!” thought Lin Feng determined. He saw that there were many tunnels and holes everywhere. The one in front of him was probably the best one. The problem with all those tunnels criss-crossing was that it reminded him of a labyrinth. A maze that you could get lost in. 

Lin Feng started forwards and without hesitating started running. Since he didn’t know the way, his best idea was to trust his heart. Hesitating was only a waste of time anyways. 

There was absolutely no sound in that passageway, only an eerie silent. 

“Welcome.” said a mysterious voice suddenly. Lin Feng stopped and looked in front of him. There was a light beam that stopped when a human silhouette appeared.

That silhouette had the demeanor of a transcendent being. It was floating in the air like a celestial being with pure and holy Qi.

The silhouette slowly walked towards Lin Feng, it was an old man! The old man smiled at Lin Feng in a warm and gentle way and said, “You’re the first one to arrive here so I will grant you a wish, don’t be shy.” 

“Anything? I can ask for anything?” said Lin Feng sounding a bit suspicious. 

“Indeed, anything.” replied the old man.

“Are you sure that you can grant any wish?” said Lin Feng. 

“Trust me.” said the old man in a warm and gentle way, smiling warmly. Lin Feng nodded indifferently, walked next to the old man, and smiled resplendently. 

“Are you done thinking?” asked the old man in a gentle voice.

“My request is…. Piss off!” said Lin Feng with the same smile on his face. He then turned into a terrifying sharp sword and attacked the old man. 

The old man was surprised. Now he looked like an illusion even more. Then he slowly disappeared.

Lin Feng looked behind him and then continued running forwards. He had only one thought, move forwards. 

Lin Feng didn’t believe that there were celestial beings who could grant people any wish. The only thing people could realize were those with which strength and cultivation enabled them to do. Being able to grant any wish was just ridiculous… Who could do that? If Lin Feng had said that he wanted to become the strongest cultivator of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, what would the old man have done?! Nothing! 

On the path of cultivation, there were some miracles but no miracle could enable you to make gigantic progresses in the blink of an eye! That was simply impossible. Therefore, Lin Feng had immediately attacked him with his sword-like body. 

He had already crossed two water valves and now all Lin Feng wanted was to obtain the jade medal, nothing else. He wanted to be able to choose his opponent for the upcoming battles! 

“Now, nobody can be faster than me.” thought Lin Feng convinced. He hadn’t seen anyone in that maze before, which meant that they hadn’t arrived yet! 

Finally, Lin Feng stopped after running for a while. In front of him was a gigantic flood dragon illusion… It opened its mouth and inside was a bridge. It seemed like it was becoming more and more narrow as you went down. 

“That is the other side of the Flood Dragon Cave….!” thought Lin Feng, raising his head. He could see something on the other side but he wasn’t sure because there were still many other tunnels. Those might be where the previous tunnels lead. 

He looked pensive for a few seconds and then immediately continued running forwards. 

On the bridge, nine silhouettes appeared. They were all wearing flood dragon gowns and had their hands behind their back. They looked fake and real at the same time. 

Lin Feng stopped and inspected them. Their eyes were all closed and they weren’t looking at Lin Feng at all. 

The fifth one abruptly opened his eyes, cold lights were twinkling in them. He was fixated on Lin Feng. They were obstructing Lin Feng’s way on the bridge. 

Lin Feng continued running faster and faster. On his body appeared a terrifying, whistling sword energy. His entire body was surrounded by a sword light.

The fifth person frowned when he saw Lin Feng’s sword Qi. They then also released some monstrously powerful Qi. That person had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer. 

“Get lost!” shouted Lin Feng and his terrifying sword Qi dashed to the skies and enveloped the enemy’s body.

“Boom!” The sharp sword Qi crashed onto the enemy, and the fifth person disappeared.

“As expected, they’re fake.” thought Lin Feng but he still looked calm and vigilant. 
“Die!” Lin Feng’s sword energy kept shooting upwards. He arrived in front of the sixth person but didn’t stop. The sixth one had the strength of the sixth Xuan Qi layer, but just as quickly, they disappeared
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