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PMG Chapter 631: The Ninth Person

PMG Chapter 631: The Ninth Person

The sixth person disappeared but Lin Feng didn’t look so happy. He looked solemn. The seventh silhouette had the strength of the seventh Xuan Qi layer… 

There were still the eighth and ninth ones… Their respective strengths were of the eighth and ninth Xuan Qi layers surely… 

“As expected, the last thing that matters here is strength.” thought Lin Feng, releasing even more sword Qi and attacking the seventh person. The seventh person was staring at Lin Feng and looked surprised, just like a real human being! 

Lin Feng had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer and already possessed such a monstrous sword intent and energy…

“Crrrr…. Crrrr….” Lin Feng’s body was spitting out monstrous sword light. It looked tangibly sharp, like it could cut through anything in the world. 

Sword intent kept emerging. 

In Lin Feng’s hand appeared a whistling sword.

“Level three sword intent, lacerate!” shouted Lin Feng. He rose up into the air and his sword streaked through the air, separating the sky. Under that energy the seventh person turned into an illusion and became seemingly ghost-like.

“Boom!!!” the seventh person disappeared.

Lin Feng landed on the floor and continued running towards the eighth person. But he finally stopped and took a deep breath. 

The two remaining had the strength of the eighth and ninth Xuan Qi layer respectively. They would be hard to defeat… 

“How strong…” said the eighth person. “You are so young. If the Great Competition of Xue Yu had been a few years later, you definitely would have been the most dazzling young genius. Unfortunately, you were born a few years too late….” 

Lin Feng had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer and had managed to make it there. He had already crushed the first several people while running across the bridge. He defeated the fifth, sixth and seventh ones with a single sword attack. 

Lin Feng could be proud of himself! 

“If you were a little stronger, you would be able to defeat me. Then you would obtain the eleventh jade medal because you’re the first one to arrive here. If you were even stronger and managed to defeat the ninth person on the bridge you would obtain the first jade medal likewise. However, you have already reached your limits because you cannot defeat the one after me. At best you will only be able to obtain the eleventh jade medal!” explained the eighth person, Lin Feng was shocked.

As expected, strength had always been a limit… He was the first to arrive. If he managed to defeat the eighth person, he would obtain the eleventh medal. Defeating the seventh one would have enabled him to obtain the twenty-first jade medal. If he had been even weaker and had only managed to defeat the sixth one, he would have ended up getting the thirty-first jade medal. Even if he had arrived first! 

That Flood Dragon Cave challenge was extremely difficult.

With his incredible natural abilities and determination, Lin Feng had managed to make it there. But in the end, he might move further! All he needed was more strength! 

“Now, give up. If other people arrive things will become difficult for you. Getting the eleventh jade medal is not bad already.” said the eighth person. Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling, his mouth moved as he asked, “I just need to pass behind you, right? I don’t need to kill you, right?”

“Indeed, even if you pass next to me and manage to move further, that’s enough. You don’t need to kill me.” said the eighth person nodding. “However, even if you manage to run further, you will only get the eleventh jade medal.”

“Alright.” said Lin Feng nodding. He looked calm and solemn. His lips shivered as he chanted a mantra in Sanskrit. Small, dazzling, golden Sanskrit letters were moving out of his mouth. 

Lin Feng’s body started shining, there was a golden aura around his body. A moment later, Lin Feng’s body was completely golden and dazzling, just like a Shakyamuni Buddha. 

“Huh?” the eighth person frowned, he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng could do such a thing. Lin Feng’s corporeal body had the strength of the seventh Xuan Qi layer now. 

“Thousand Buddha Hands!” shouted Lin Feng in sanskrit. A thousand golden hands emerged and darted towards the eighth person. 

He raised his head and released some monstrous pure Qi in front of him, which turned into a wall. 

“Boom boom boom!” The golden hands bombarded the pure Qi wall, over and over again. The space was shaking unceasingly. 

It was then that Lin Feng began moving forwards towards the eighth person. His lips kept moving as he continued chanting mantras in sanskrit. It seemed like he was never going to stop. 

Lin Feng was getting closer and closer to the eighth person, though he wasn’t scared. He jumped forwards and released some physical strength which aimed at Lin Feng. “Go!” The eighth person bent the air with his hand and a terrifying transparent wall moved towards Lin Feng. He started feeling very oppressed.

“Fury!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Lin Feng joined his hands together and gigantic golden hands continued bombarding the transparent wall. Lin Feng’s body was trembling from the effort. 

The pressure was even worse because the bridge was narrowing. The narrow bridge was the only thing that could stop Lin Feng from moving further. The angle to pass and dodge the eighth person was too tight. 

Besides, the cultivator of the eighth Xuan Qi layer was extremely strong. 

“Kacha!” small fissures were appearing on Lin Feng’s golden body. He began chanting mantras faster, and his body became even stronger. His entire body was covered an incredible golden light. 

“Get lost!!!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Terrifying golden sanskrit letters kept flowing in the air. At the same time, he was making the strength of the Heruka rotate in his body. 

Then, Lin Feng’s body turned into a beam of light as he moved forward like an arrow.

“You shall not pass!” shouted the eighth person as he attacked. Lin Feng’s golden body started cracking under the pressure but he ignored it. He opened his mouth and spat out some terrifying sword Qi, catching the eighth person off guard. Some terrifying pure Qi enveloped his head but the sword Qi pierced through it. Subtle sounds spread in the air. (editor’s note: I slightly tweaked that first sentence. I hope it raised no offense)

“Burn!” shouted Lin Feng when suddenly fireballs emerged out of his mouth and enveloped the pure Qi surrounding that person’s head.

There was no way the eighth person could have been ready for that.

“It’s time now!!!” shouted Lin Feng. He suddenly moved like the wind above the eighth person and landed behind him!

The eighth person turned around and looked at Lin Feng while smiling, “Congratulations… You did it… Now you can obtain the eleventh jade medal.” 

“No it’s not enough!!!” said Lin Feng looking determined. He didn’t want the eleventh jade medal, especially seeing how others could choose him as an opponent. Xue Sha and Yu Mo wanted to kill him, those two would obtain one of the first ten jade medals, so they would be able to challenge him. They would kill him outright! 

Therefore, Lin Feng needed a better medal than that. Now, he had to fight against the ninth person! 

The eighth person was at first speechless, but then replied, “I wish you good luck.”

Lin Feng slowly turned around and walked towards the ninth person. Defeating him or crossing that barrage wouldn’t be easy. But he would be able to obtain the first jade medal if he did. He’d practically be guaranteed to finish amongst the best ones in the end then!

Lin Feng needed to keep everything under control if he wanted to finish in the top nine at the Great Competition of Xue Yu!

The last one was of the ninth Xuan Qi layer! How strong! 

That ninth person sensed Lin Feng approaching. He slowly opened his eyes and extremely sharp lights twinkled in his eyes. They penetrated into Lin Feng’s heart. 

In Xue Yue, the ninth Xuan Qi layer was already incredible. Such cultivators were considered as monstrously strong. Only past that was there the Tian Qi layer….
“Go!” said Lin Feng looking ferociously fierce. Lin Feng would have to fight against other cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer later during the competition. So he had to see how strong they really were first to find a way to defeat them!
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