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PMG Chapter 632: The First Jade Medal

PMG Chapter 632: The First Jade Medal

Outside of the Flood Dragon Cave, everyone was still waiting. 

Nobody had come out yet, so who would be the first one?

They were all so impatient with their eyes were twinkling. 

“Let’s not talk about the first one, let’s talk about the first five ones! Who will they be?” said someone suddenly. 

“It’s not easy to guess but Di Ling, Duan Wu Dao, and Xue Sha will probably be the three first ones.” 

“I don’t think so at all. I think that Jun Mo Xi will be one of them. He’s going to give his best so he should be one of the first three.” said someone else. However, everybody in the crowd was convinced that the first ones would be some of the eight most outstanding geniuses. They weren’t considering the other cultivators at all.

Xue Wu Chang was standing on the fighting stage, facing opposite to the exit of the cave. He looked calm and serene. He was just as impatient to see who the first one would be! 

Di Long was good, Duan Wu Dao was also extremely strong, Jun Mo Xi was enigmatic. Then there were the five others… They were all extremely strong. 

Apart from those eight there were other extremely strong geniuses. Each time during the Great Competition of Xue Yu, there were some exceptions, some unexpected winners… This time probably wouldn’t be an exception.  

Until the very last battle, nothing was sure. Xue Wu Chang knew that there were some variables which always affected the final rankings, astonishing everyone.

In fact, Xue Wu Chang was delighted to be in charge of the Great Competition of Xue Yu this time. To see such amazingly talented young cultivators was inspiring.

Not far from the exit, Lin Feng was inside of the Flood Dragon Cave on a bridge. He was facing the ninth person with his bloodthirsty sword held firmly between his hands. A red, dazzling light was illuminating the atmosphere.

“I couldn’t believe that when you fought against me that you didn’t use your full strength…” said the eight person behind, watching Lin Feng. He was excited, Lin Feng’s real strength was unfathomable.

Pure Qi whistled as it penetrated into the bloodthirsty sword. It was becoming more and more dazzling as it was releasing a terrifying blood energy. In that blood Qi, there was also some sword energy. 

Lin Feng slowly walked towards the ninth person with his sword held obliquely. 

“Die!” Lin Feng jumped and released some sword intent. A terrifying red light twinkled like thunder and in a flash-rain as he arrived in front of the ninth person. 

The ninth person looked perfectly calm and serene. He raised his hand and released some pure Qi which turned into a wall. It then slowly engulfed the blood-red light which quickly disappeared.

Lin Feng knew that his only chance to defeat that cultivator of the ninth Xuan Qi layer would be with that sword… He jumped again and moved closer to the ninth person, attacking with his sword again. 

The ninth person just slightly pulled in his stomach and Lin Feng’s sword couldn’t reach him.

But when the bloodthirsty sword passed by, Lin Feng suddenly made it rotate and move back. It was a perfect change of trajectory, a weak opponent would have never been able to dodge it. 

Some wind blew and the ninth person moved backwards. 

“Third sword!” Lin Feng moved like the wind and his red sword twinkled again. 

“Destroy!” said the ninth person who was angry. He was pushed back because of Lin Feng’s trick, obviously he wasn’t happy. He released some terrifying pure Qi and destroyed that sword light. He didn’t want to move backwards again. A terrifying strength then oppressed Lin Feng’s body, leaving him dazed.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His sword streaked through the atmosphere horizontally, the entire atmosphere was filled with the red light of his sword. In the air appeared a word, “Blood”. 

That was the seventh sword attack. Lin Feng was moving his sword at full speed, just like lightning. All his sword attacks were monstrously powerful.

“What nice sword play!” the eighth person was astonished. Lin Feng’s sword attacks were perfect, he showed no flaw with any movement. Each of his sword attacks were extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be enough to defeat the ninth person. 

“Eleventh sword! Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The gigantic word “blood” turned into a blood cage. It was filled with an infinite quantity of sword energy as it moved towards the ninth person. 

The ninth person immediately moved backwards with his pure Qi whistling in the air. On his clothes appeared the word “blood” as well. Lin Feng had just attacked him for seventh time and all of them had reached him. 

“Get lost!!!” The ninth person released a monstrous quantity of pure Qi which launched towards Lin Feng. Some rumbling sounds spread in the air as his pure Qi attacked the “blood” word, the pure Qi kept being destroyed by the blood energy.

However, the pure Qi finally managed to make the “blood” word disappear in the end.

“Huh?” The ninth person raised his head and saw Lin Feng in the air. His bloodthirsty sword was diffusing an extremely bright red light. 

“Lacerate!” Lin Feng seemed like he was in fusion with his bloodthirsty sword. That was Lin Feng’s twelfth attack, with his bloodthirsty sword he had a special attack which consisted of thirteen strikes.

“Crrrr…..” The sword seemed like it could annihilate anything, it passed through the ninth person’s pure Qi. Sword light surrounded him as Lin Feng’s sword started falling down, on top of that person’s head.

“How terrifying.” The eighth person’s heart was pounding, he was speechless. A group of people were arriving. There was an extremely beautiful woman in the group, she was stunning.

“Apart from her, there was another man closely following her. 

“They’re coming…” The eighth person wasn’t ready. The seventh person couldn’t stop them and was immediately destroyed. The illusions were appearing and getting destroyed immediately each time. 

“Boom! The eighth person suddenly couldn’t see anything anymore, only blackness. It was as if he had turned blind! Then several silhouettes passed him.

“Get lost!” shouted the ninth person furiously, he used all his strength to project Lin Feng backwards.

But while Lin Feng was being projected backwards, he abruptly stopped. He had crashed against someone behind him. They surprisingly had a soft chest. Lin Feng turned his head around and saw Tang You You. 

Tang You You had arrived second and just in time.

Her beautiful eyes twinkled, she looked surprised. But then she said, “Let’s go, quickly!” 

Then her body shook and a group of shadows appeared and attacked the ninth person. It didn’t take long for him to be buried under those silhouettes. 

“I forgot that she had the thousand shadows technique.” thought Lin Feng. It wasn’t surprising that she was the second one, with her thousand clones she was obviously faster! 

“Where are you going?” There was something even more terrifying than the ninth person at that moment… Lin Feng turned his head and saw Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling. Tang You You was trying to make them lose time.

The ninth person was constricted by the silhouettes, Lin Feng and Tang You You rushed forwards and ran towards the exit. They were using all their strength for this final dash. 

“Boom boom!” Tang You You’s clones disappeared and some terrifying Qi emerged in the air. Lin Feng could sense that Qi, it came from Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling. 

“Another hundred meters!” shouted Tang You You. They still had to run for a hundred meters, were they going to fail at the very last minute? 

“Thousand clones!” shouted Tang You You furiously. Blood splashed out of her mouth as she increased her speed. Her clones were moving backwards to obstruct the way. 

“Boom!” Her thousand clones were destroyed in a flash but that short time had been enough for Lin Feng and Tang You You to reach the exit.

In front of them there was a jade medal labeled from one to sixty-eight. 

“TAKE THE FIRST ONE!” shouted Tang You You. Lin Feng didn’t have time to hesitate. He immediately grabbed the very first jade medal and left the Flood Dragon Cave! 
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