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PMG Chapter 634: The Eleven Best!

PMG Chapter 634: The Eleven Best! 

“Hot Unit is for men…” said Lin Feng when he saw that Tang You You’s face was red. He found her very beautiful at this moment and his heart started beating faster. He was starting to have some feelings for her. 

“Maybe.” replied Tang You You, lowering her head. 

The crowd looked at them both speechless. They looked really relaxed. Some of the most important and decisive battles of the Great Competition of Xue Yu were about to start and they were just sitting together and drinking alcohol. 

However, Lin Feng and Tang You You had finished first and second. They had much less pressure now that they could choose their opponents instead of being targeted. 

That way, with her strength, Tang You You might finish amongst the ten best ones…. However, Lin Feng’s cultivation level was too low… He had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer. Weak cultivators wouldn’t be able finish high up in the rankings against cultivators of the eighth and ninth layers. Lin Feng had the possibility to choose his opponent but they were going to be stronger and stronger during the competition. Eventually being able to choose his opponent would be useless…. At that point no matter who he chose he would lose to.

Of course, if people had seen Lin Feng in the evil area and then on the bridge in the Flood Dragon Cave.. Then they wouldn’t have thought the same way about him. 

Even though Lin Feng had been lucky in the Flood Dragon Cave, would someone so weak have been able to arrive first on the bridge? Besides, he had also managed to defeat the first eight cultivators on the bridge and move on to the ninth person. 

Although Tang You You had helped him at the very end, the rest of the challenges were passed by himself and only himself.

“You are drinking alcohol and not inviting me?!” said a voice in the distance. Lin Feng who was drinking a cup raised his head and saw Jun Mo Xi slowly walking towards them. 

Jun Mo Xi had come out fifth and had obtained the fifth jade key. He was very surprised to see that Lin Feng and Tang You You had managed to finish in the top five! Amongst the five best, there were Lin Feng, Tang You You, Duan Wu Dao and Jun Mo Xi himself. He was very happy to see that Dragon Mountain was dazzling this time. 

“Just invite yourself, haha!” Lin Feng said while laughing. Jun Mo Xi sat down with them, grabbed a flask of Hot Unit and started drinking. 

“Boom!” A terrifying Qi emerged in the air. It was Xue Sha. 

Xue Sha was the sixth one but he was releasing some terrifying Qi and was glaring at Jun Mo Xi. 

“Huh?” The crowd was confused when they saw Xue Sha stare at Jun Mo Xi that way. It didn’t seem like he was joking, it seemed like something had just happened.

“It seems like Xue Sha is angry at Jun Mo Xi…” thought the crowd. Jun Mo Xi looked unperturbed and serene, he didn’t look surprised either when Xue Sha came out looking furious and ice-cold. His hair looked extremely messy and his pale face particularly cold.

It seemed like Jun Mo Xi made him angry… But the crowd had a strange feeling. 

Jun Mo Xi wasn’t weak and gave people an enigmatic feeling. He didn’t look arrogant or conceited. He was always free and unrestrained, walking around as if he had been having a leisure walk. 

“What did you do to him?” asked Lin Feng looking amused. He was very curious. 

“I attacked him and Yu Mo by surprise.” said Jun Mo Xi while laughing. As expected, Yu Mo then came out too and he looked furious, he also glared down Jun Mo Xi. He had obtained the seventh jade key. 

“Ehh….” When Lin Feng heard Jun Mo Xi, he was speechless. The crowd was also astonished. He had attacked them by surprise

“That guy……” Jun Mo Xi was openly admitting such a thing. The crowd was in disbelief, Jun Mo Xi was really a strange person. 

“You did what I wish I could do, let’s toast to your good health!” said Lin Feng while laughing wholeheartedly. Xue Sha and Yu Mo were astonished as they watched Lin Feng, what was going on?

Lin Feng had come out before them? 

“He got one of the last jade medals though, right?” asked Xue Sha while looking at Xue Wu Chang. 

“He got the very first one.” replied Xue Wu Chang. Xue Sha’s face suddenly drastically changed. 

Lin Feng had obtained the very first jade medal?? 

Xue Sha and Yu Mo were astonished. He would be able to choose his opponents which meant that Lin Feng wasn’t going to fight against them… They wouldn’t be able to kill him at that stage of the competition. 

“If not now, we will get him later…” Both Xue Sha and Yu Mo didn’t understand how Lin Feng had obtained the first jade key….

“I hope you won’t run into me later on.” said Xue Sha again, coldly. He then moved aside and sat down. Yu Mo did the same. 

“It’s so boring to wait, we’re lucky to have some drinks!” said Jun Mo Xi smiling. Lin Feng and Jun Mo Xi seemed to be even closer than before. Perhaps it had to do with the results of the race.

In Dragon Mountain, Jun Mo Xi was the most outstanding young man of the country. He didn’t stay with the masses but now he was always with Tang You You and Lin Feng, and they even seemed to be very good friends. It’s true that he is more open to other people than most, but he didn’t need to think meticulously about his behavior when he could do as he wished.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have enough drinks.” whispered Lin Feng as if he had been talking to himself. 

Tang You You turned her head and glanced at Lin Feng, she then threw her ring at him and said, “There are all sorts of liquors inside. Just help yourself.” 

“Hehe.” Lin Feng scratched his head and smiled looking embarrassed. That alcohol was expensive, he was feeling a bit embarrassed. 

Jun Mo Xi glanced at Lin Feng, he found him funny. 

In a flash, many bottles appeared making people drool. That alcohol smelt invigorating.

“Lin Feng, try and guess who the eighth one will be.” said Jun Mo Xi at that moment, drinking more alcohol. 

“I guess Qi Qing Ling Xiao.” 


“Just a feeling, it won’t necessarily be him though. I’m not really sure.” said Lin Feng and then drank another sip. 

“Maybe.” said Jun Mo Xi before adding, “It doesn’t depend on strength anyways. Everyone has their own strengths. For example, Qi Qing Ling Xiao is an expert at using swords. Even though I came out before him, he might still be stronger than me and could defeat me.” 

“You came out after Di Ling but maybe he’s not stronger than you either.” said Lin Feng which surprised Jun Mo Xi and then they laughed together.

At that moment, an extremely sharp Qi emerged in the air. The crowd saw two silhouettes come out of the Flood Dragon Cave. Just like Lin Feng had guessed, one of them was Qi Qing Ling Xiao and the other one was Liu Yu Qin Yu Xiao Xiao. 

“Are they lovers?” asked Lin Feng. 

“It is said that Qi Qing Jian Ling Xiao is interested is Yu Xiao Xiao but that Yu Xiao Xiao is ice-cold and expressionless. Of course, I don’t know the precise details.” replied Jun Mo Xi. 

“Oh.” Lin Feng nodded. Qi Qing Jian Ling Xiao had obtained the eighth jade key and Yu Xiao Xiao the ninth one. 

Very quickly, the top ten appeared. Ku Yao Tong the Dead Tree was the tenth one out. The eight most outstanding geniuses of Xue Yu had all come out but they were not first or second.

The first and the second had been really unexpected, Lin Feng and Tang You You. 

“The next one will be from Dragon Mountain.” said Jun Mo Xi confidently. Lin Feng was surprised. He then watched the entrance to check if Jun Mo Xi’s guess was right. After a short time a person with a magnificent smile appeared, it was Qing Meng Xin. She looked beautiful as she could make men’s hearts shake. 
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