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PMG Chapter 635: The End of the Second Round

PMG Chapter 635: The End of the Second Round

Lin Feng was surprised. Jun Mo Xi had guessed right for the eleventh person, it was Qing Meng Xing. 

“How could you be so sure?” asked Lin Feng. 

“Because Qing Meng Xin is like me, she knows the thousand dream shadows. So with her strength I was convinced she would come out now.” said Tang You You not giving time for Jun Mo Xi to reply. 

“The thousand dream shadows…” Lin Feng was surprised. Indeed, in Celestial River he had already seen a woman use it that used to stay with Lan Jiao. That attack not only belonged to the Tang Clan but the Cosmic Pavilion as well. 

“Are the thousand shadows technique and the thousand dream shadows different?” asked Lin Feng. Generally speaking, asking other people about their skills and techniques was impolite, especially during the Great Competition of Xue Yu…. Tang You You and him might end up as opponents at some point. Lin Feng knew her and was making friends but he didn’t know much about her. However, Lin Feng was still asking that question. That was a bit audacious and rude, however, he didn’t seem to realize that his question was impolite, He was the type of person that didn’t care about formalities. 

Of course, not caring about those things meant that he considered her as a good friend, and that he trusted her. 

“The thousand dream shadows creates illusions which invade the atmosphere, you don’t know which ones are true and which ones are fake. The thousand shadows creates clones with real bodies, it uses the power of the soul and belongs to my clan, the Tang Clan. You need to have the blood of the Tang Clan to be able to use it.” explained Tang You You, she wasn’t hiding anything from Lin Feng. However, he felt extremely sad for her.

“What you mean is that when you use it, if your clones get destroyed, you get injured?” whispered Lin Feng. A moment before, Tang You You had used her clones to open the way on the bridge and she had done Lin Feng could pass. She even used the attack twice! They had all been destroyed so Tang You You must be injured.

Tang You You didn’t reply, that silence was proving that Lin Feng was right. 

“And then you say you’re fine… Your soul got injured, your alcohol won’t be enough to cure you!” said Lin Feng blaming her for telling him that she was fine. 

Jun Mo Xi was looking at them and asked, “Are you guys dating?” 

“Ehhh…” Lin Feng was speechless… That guy thought he was funny. 

“Blood soul grass!” Lin Feng suddenly remembered something when he looked at Jun Mo Xi. He then shook his hand and some red and shiny grass appeared. That was very beneficial for people’s souls. 

“Huh?” Jun Mo Xi looked at Lin Feng and was stupefied. The first time he had seen Lin Feng, Jun Mo Xi’s servant had fought against him over that grass.

Many people looked over at them, Lin Feng had some blood soul grass…. That stuff was extremely precious and it was very beneficial for people’s souls. A lot of people around Lin Feng looked greedy all of a sudden. 

“What are you doing?” said Tang You You. She obviously knew what Lin Feng was holding. 

“It will make you feel better.” Lin Feng said while giving it to her. “I still need some so I can only give you half of it. Have a try.”

Tang You You’s eyes were twinkling, she remained silent but then Jun Mo Xi said, “He’s giving it to you, just take it.” 

She stretched her beautiful, slim hand and took the grass. Her beautiful eyes were twinkling, she then put the grass in her mouth, chewed and swallowed it. Immediately her soul felt better. That grass was indeed very useful for people’s souls. 

“You really obtained some?” said Qing Meng Xin at that moment while walking towards them. Last time, she was the one who had told Lin Feng to go to the Cosmic Market to get some. 

Qing Meng Xin’s sentence also proved something else. She was telling Lin Feng that she knew his secret, that he was the real Lin Feng. 

“Indeed, thank you again.” said Lin Feng, smiling again. Tang You You and Qing Meng Xin were really nice. 

“You surprisingly gave her some of the most important ingredient of the pills you want to concoct, I am jealous.” said Qing Meng Xin jokingly. When Tang You You heard her, she looked at Lin Feng and asked, “What pills do you want to concoct?” 

“Divine water pills. I need to save one for my friend. Don’t worry, I gave you half of the grass so I still have enough for my pills, no problem.” explained Lin Feng while shaking his head.

“Divine water pills to save someone!” Tang You You was stupefied. Lin Feng wanted to concoct some pills to save someone’s life and she had eaten one of the main ingredients. 

She lowered her head and remained silent. 

Qing Meng Xin sat down with them and asked, “What jade keys did you guys get?” 

Lin Feng opened his hand and Qing Meng Xin was flabbergasted, the first jade key! 

“It actually belongs to Tang You You but she gave it to me, she took the second one instead.” said Lin Feng. Qing Meng Xin was even more astonished.

Lin Feng had taken the first and Tang You You the second one??

She was extremely surprised by the results of the race. 

“As expected, the thousand shadows of the Tang Clan is monstrously powerful…” whispered Qing Meng Xin and then she looked at Jun Mo Xi. 

“I got the fifth one…” said Jun Mo Xi smiling. Qing Meng Xin was more and more surprised. The first, the second, the fifth… Duan Wu Dao had also finished in the first ones, the results of the race were great. 

“Don’t choose me as your opponent guys!” joked Qing Meng Xin, she looked so beautiful. 

She didn’t want to fight against the eight most dazzling geniuses, and especially not against Lin Feng or Tang You You. But she was very surprised by the results. The first time she had seen Lin Feng she hadn’t thought that he was that strong but here he is holding the first key. 

She didn’t think that Lin Feng had been lucky though. Luck might have played a certain role during the second round but that key also required strength. Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to obtain the first key only relying on luck. 

“Maybe Lin Feng will surprise us even more later on…” thought Qing Meng Xin. The Great Competition of Xue Yu was always full of surprises. This time, Lin Feng might become an unexpected winner…

Therefore, she didn’t want to fight against him, especially that early.

Time was passing slowly as more people finished. The first thing people were wondering when they came out was that they would have to be careful. So many others had come out before them so they would end up being chosen by strong cultivators.

Lin Feng also paid attention to the people who were coming out. Yue Tian Ming had finished twenty-first, Nie Yun from Tian Feng had finished eighteenth, and the two other people from Tian Feng had finished fortieth and fiftieth. Lin Feng wouldn’t care about those two. 

Jian Chen had finished twenty-fourth. 

Lin Feng was astonished by Yun Fei Yang though… After the fiftieth came out, Yun Fei Yang walked out of the cave slowly. He didn’t look ashamed at all as he walked towards them, sat down and drank alcohol. He looked natural, free and unrestrained. Lin Feng was speechless.

Finally, after the sixty-forth candidate finished, nobody else came out.

The four others would never come out, they had died in the Flood Dragon Cave. Since the beginning, eighty people had died already. 

Some people were sad about that, of course. But their sadness was mixed with excitement, the second round was over. This time, the third round would be different from the two previous ones, this time strength mattered most!
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