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PMG Chapter 636: Immobile Like A Mountain

PMG Chapter 636: Immobile Like A Mountain

Xue Wu Chang looked at the group of geniuses, there were sixty-four all standing on the fighting stage. Some stood alone while others had joined groups. 

Surprisingly, the biggest group was the one composed of Lin Feng and his friends. There were five people drinking and chatting. The others were different, they looked serious and solemn. They weren’t as relaxed as Lin Feng and his friends.

“Congratulations on making it so far.” said Xue Wu Chang. In a flash, everybody’s attention was on Xue Wu Chang, even those who were usually sluggish and negligent. 

The last round of the Great Competition of Xue Yu is about to start… Real battles… 

“Now everybody, let’s climb out Flood Dragon Cave.” said Xue Wu Chang while pointing at the exit. Even though there was only one exit, at the top of it, there was enough space to accommodate sixty-four people.

Silhouettes flickered and they all climbed onto the tail of the Flood Dragon Cave. Then they sat down cross-legged.

“Let’s go,” said Jun Mo Xi to Lin Feng and their other friends. Lin Feng downed a flask of Hot Unit and sharp lights twinkled in his eyes. 

The last round of the Great Competition of Xue Yu was about to start. 

Lin Feng shook his arm and the bottles of alcohol on the floor disappeared. Lin Feng and his friends stood up and jumped onto the Flood Dragon. They were waiting for Xue Wu Chang.

“Now, show your keys so that everyone can see them.” said Xue Wu Chang, and everybody obeyed. Xue Wu Chang wanted to see the numbers at first glance. Even though those numbers didn’t reflect people’s strength, it still gave everybody an indication about their potential. 

“Who’s the first one?” Many people who had come out after didn’t know who the first one was. They were curious to find out who it was. 

“Huh?” several people frowned. They first looked at Di Ling but it wasn’t him. Then they looked at Duan Wu Dao, Jun Mo Xi… They were third, fourth and fifth…

“Where are the first and the second??” some of them asked getting impatient.

“There!” someone shouted as they found Lin Feng, they were astonished. Everyone looked at the key and then raised their heads to look at the face of the person holding it. Most were astonished but some looked particularly excited though.

“Lin Feng?” 

Lin Feng was full of vitality but had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer. 

When the crowd saw that people were looking at Lin Feng mockingly, they also burst into laughter. How could they not be amused?

“What a lucky guy! Such a piece of trash surprisingly managed to obtain the key!” said someone who was laughing mockingly. Lin Feng turned his head and saw one of the seven envoys, he had the fifty-eighth key in his hand… But he was still making fun of Lin Feng because of his cultivation level. He was trying to make himself look better by making fun of the first place to make up for his near-last place key. 

“End of the rankings… Sixth one from the bottom.” said Lin Feng indifferently, and then he didn’t pay attention to that person anymore. People from Tian Feng were astonished, especially the third envoy. Lin Feng had just humiliated them! 

“Piece of trash! If you’re brave, choose me then!” said the third envoy from Tian Feng coldly. He was the sixth one from the end but he wanted to prove to everyone that he was strong. Lin Feng was the first one, so if he killed Lin Feng he would prove to everyone that he was strong. 

But Lin Feng ignored him, he despised him. 

After the crowd got over their surprise that Lin Feng had obtained the first key, they looked for the second one. There was a beautiful woman on his side, Tang You You. People were astonished again. Surprisingly, the first and second positions weren’t held by the eight most outstanding geniuses of the competition… 

“Alright. Let’s start the third round. I would like to remind you that it is here where you will be able to dazzle. Even if you didn’t get a good key, you can still finish as a dazzling participant. You will also be able to obtain some treasures from Shen Gong if you live. If you die… then you won’t obtain anything.” said Xue Wu Chang slowly. Everyone looked even more impatient. Indeed, being able to be on the fighting stage at the Great Competition of Xue Yu was an honor, a glorious moment. But knowing that they would also obtain some kind of treasure from it.. Shen Gong would be good to them. 

“If you finish higher up in the rankings you will obtain even more amazing treasures.” added Xue Wu Chang, making everybody feel even more determined.

“Alright, let’s start now! Lin Feng, you’re first!” said Xue Wu Chang, nodding at Lin Feng. In a flash, Lin Feng jumped in the middle of the stage. 

“Lin Feng, you obtained the first key so you are the first one to choose. You can challenge anyone except for those that finished in the top ten.”

The crowd was focused on Lin Feng. They were impatient to see who he was going to choose. With his strength, he was probably going to choose one of the worst ones.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd, there weren’t many people who were afraid of him. Actually, many people hoped to be chosen, they all wanted to defeat the one who had obtained the first key. That would be a prestigious victory. 

Finally, Lin Feng looked at the third envoy who was also staring him down. The third envoy wasn’t weak at all, and he took the initiative to stand up. He was smiling coldly. He was already getting ready to fight.

“So many people want to fight against me because I have the first key right?” said Lin Feng upset. He then looked at the third envoy and said, “Since you really want to fight, just come over then.” 

The third envoy smiled and jumped forwards, he would face Lin Feng. 

“You piece of shit. You’re really a piece of trash. I will show you how a real man fights!” said the third envoy coldly. Lin Feng slowly raised his head and looked at Xue Wu Chang, “Mister, can we start fighting?” 

“No need to look at me. You are on the stage, just start.” said Xue Wu Chang. 

Lin Feng slightly nodded, the third envoy looked prouder and prouder each second. 

The third envoy immediately jumped into the air and threw himself at Lin Feng. There was an illusion around his body that looked like an elephant. That third envoy was a member of the Wan Xiang Sect. 

He had the ten thousand elephants skill as well and was releasing a monstrous amount of wild energy. He looked furious, staring at Lin Feng in a bestial way. 

“You will not withstand a single attack, the strength of my ten thousand elephants will crush you! First one? Ridiculous, you piece of shit!” A terrifying energy flowed out of his mouth. He was moving towards Lin Feng with the appearance of an elephant. Around him were strong winds making Lin Feng’s clothes flutter in the wind. Lin Feng looked like a leaf about to move in the wind. 


“BOOM!” The strength of ten thousand elephants crashed onto Lin Feng’s body. A monstrous wind invaded the entire atmosphere, the crowd already had the impression that they could see Lin Feng crushed under that strength.

However, a monstrously loud buzzing sound spread in the air suddenly. The third envoy’s body abruptly stopped when it collided against Lin Feng. 

The strong winds were emitting whistling sounds but Lin Feng was absolutely immobile, like a mountain. He looked calm and serene looking at the elephant-like third envoy. 


The crowd was astonished, especially the middle-aged man of the Wan Xiang Sect who immediately stood up. His heart was pounding while he watched Lin Feng. What was going on?

“Huh?” The third envoy looked stunned too. He slowly raised his head and looked at Lin Feng. His fists landed on Lin Feng’s chest but Lin Feng was still standing there. Looking calm, serene, and peaceful, like a deity. 

That move made the third envoy’s heart palpitate violently. He then started quiverring with fear. His ten thousand elephants attack seemed like it had been useless! 

His heart felt like it was melting at that moment, he was terrified. 
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