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PMG Chapter 637: One Death And One Coward

PMG Chapter 637: One Death And One Coward

“How’s that possible?” thought the third envoy, he didn’t understand what was going on. 

Lin Feng had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer but his corporeal body was already so strong. However, the third envoy had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer performed an amazing attack. Even someone of the seventh or eighth Xuan Qi layer would find it difficult to resist his ten thousand elephants attack. Some have already died by that attack.

But Lin Feng resisted, not moving a single iota. Like a mountain, he was extremely calm and serene. His corporeal body was way too strong. 

Lin Feng’s strength of the Heruka could rotate six thousand times. With his body of the Heruka now and his indestructible golden body skill. Besides, he had other powerful skills too. Lin Feng’s body was monstrously resistant and solid.

He didn’t know how strong he was himself but what he knew was that the third envoy was extremely weak. 

“You are so weak.” said Lin Feng calmly while looking at the third envoy. Weak? 

“If I’m a piece of shit, what are you?” asked Lin Feng to the third envoy who was speechless. He had thought that with his ten thousand elephants skills, he would manage to crush Lin Feng instantly. What would he do now?

Lin Feng was a piece of shit, a piece of trash? What about him then? Lin Feng hadn’t moved of a single iota after his strongest attack. 

“Being able to participate at the Great Competition of Xue Yu is an honor, a privilege. Besides, we have the opportunity to receive some treasures from Shen Gong which will help us improve our understanding of cultivation and thus our strength.” explained Lin Feng slowly, which puzzled the third envoy. Why was Lin Feng telling him that?

“Unfortunately, you will not have have the chance to enjoy that glory and those privileges. You are too weak and now so I will kill you.” continued Lin Feng slowly which made the third envoy’s heart start pounding violently. Lin Feng was going to kill him!! 

Lin Feng put his hand on the third envoy’s shoulder. He wouldn’t be able to escape, that hand was way too powerful.

Lin Feng’s hand became extremely hot as several flames appeared on it. Quickly the third envoy looked terrified as a gigantic fire appeared all around his body. He started burning alive. 

“I will burn you to death, that is what someone with an ice-cold heart like yours deserves.” said Lin Feng while slowly pulling his hand away from him. The third envoy started shouting bloodcurdling shrieks. He was going to burn to death. He wanted to extinguish the fire but it didn’t work, that fire seemed like it had become a part of his body. It continued burning without interruption. Then, he turned into ashes and disappeared with the wind. 

Lin Feng had killed him! The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng had burnt the third envoy to death. That battle had been amazing! 

“Boom!” A terrifying energy surrounded Lin Feng’s body. He slowly turned around and looked at the crowd, more precisely at the middle-aged man from Tian Feng. 

“You dared kill him!” 

“Moron.” said Lin Feng, then he turned around and ignored him. He went back to his seat.

People from Tian Feng wanted to kill him but it wasn’t so easy. Previously, the strong cultivators from Tian Feng had almost killed him. After that, Lin Feng had promised himself that those people were the first ones he would kill. Now he was just keeping promises.

Now that middle-aged man dared get angry at Lin Feng for having killed the third envoy. What a moron.


The strong cultivator of the Wan Xiang Sect was astonished, he wanted to slaughter Lin Feng. 

“Alright. Get ready for the second battle.” said Xue Wu Chang, pointing at Tang You You. 

Tang You You jumped forwards and without hesitation, she pointed at the second envoy from Tian Feng. He had the forty-third key. 

“You.” said Tang You You, he was astonished and pulled a long face.

Tang You You was helping Lin Feng once again. She wanted to kill him. 

Tang You You wasn’t like Lin Feng, even though she had obtained the second jade key, nobody was surprised because she had broken through to the very top of the seventh Xuan Qi layer. The second envoy or even Nie Yun would have no chance against her.

The middle-aged man of Tian Feng was speechless and furious, the second envoy was going to die.

It was that simple…

From the seven envoys, only one would be left…? Nie Yun? Tang You You was Lin Feng’s friend so she wouldn’t let them off.

“Are you proud?” said Lin Feng while looking at the middle-aged man. Lin Feng found Tang You You adorable.

“If you are scared, you can give up but you must give up all the treasures.” said Xue Wu Chang when he saw that the second envoy was terrified.

If he fought, he would lose everything and he would be humiliated.

But if Tang You You wanted to kill him, he would probably die there.

His thoughts were chaotic at that moment and after a while he decided, “I give up.” 

He looked extremely weak and terrified. 

Being able to participate at the Great Competition of Xue Yu was an honor. It would have been prestigious to go back to Tian Feng and brag about it but now he had given up. He wouldn’t be able to tell anyone about the battles of the competition… Because he had been too scared and had given up. 

He wouldn’t enjoy the glory of having participated. 

“Coward, piss off then.” said Xue Wu Chang despisingly. He had managed to make it so far and was now giving up, such people were cowards. 

When the second envoy heard Xue Wu Chang, he was astonished. The old man despised him… And everybody else did. What a horrible humiliation! 

He then started walking away and left.

Lin Feng looked at the second envoy in a calm and serene way. The second envoy had acted so aggressively and arrogantly before, but now he was giving up so easily… 

Tang You You moved back next to Lin Feng. 

During the first battle, one of them had died.

…and the second battle had never taken place because a coward had given up. 

People were really surprised.

The third battle was extremely fast, Di Ling had crushed his opponent in one punch. 

All the battles of the eight most outstanding geniuses of Xue Yu were that way. They could easily crush the weakest ones.

Lin Feng paid particular attention to Yue Tian Ming and Wu Qing who won though. 

Those two people had broken through to the very top of the sixth Xuan Qi layer and were about to break through to the seventh. They had all become much stronger since they left for Dragon Mountain. Yu Qing Shan and Teng Wu Yao felt gratified and were smiling resplendently. Once in awhile, they were glancing back to the other as if they had been battling too. 

Yue Qing Shan was finally convinced that Yue Tian Ming was stronger than Wu Qing. His grandson would also surpass him, he would only need a few years.

But Teng Wu Qing was also convinced that Wu Qing was as strong as Yue Tian Ming and would soon become stronger than him. 

Lin Feng didn’t care about those things, he knew that Yue Tian Ming and Wu Qing would lose against him at some point. 

The one who had obtained the twenty-eighth jade key challenged Yun Fei Yang.

Lin Feng glanced at him, the one who had the twenty-eighth jade key had broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer. Many people had died during the first rounds but he had survived. In Xue Yue, a cultivator of the seventh Xuan Qi layer was already considered strong. However, at the competition, he had only managed to obtain the twenty-eighth key and everybody was extremely young here.

Yun Fei Yang had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer after the first round in the evil area. He had probably obtained some incredible treasure that had helped him. 

Yun Fei Yang might surprise everyone once again. 

He took out a flask of alcohol and downed it. Then he walked towards the middle of the fighting stage sluggishly.

Yun Fei Yang didn’t look scared at all.
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