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PMG Chapter 638: Cosmic Force

PMG Chapter 638: Cosmic Force

The opponent was surprised when he saw how sluggish Yun Fei Yang looked. It seemed like Yun Fei Yang was acting different. 

He wasn’t like those who had obtained the last jade keys, they usually looked weak and scared. They lacked self-confidence.

However, Yun Fei Yang was different. His eyes were twinkling, he looked calm and unperturbed, almost peaceful. 

He had ranked fiftieth this time and didn’t look scared at all, he just looked calm and unrestrained.

The opponent looked at Yun Fei Yang in a strange way and said, “I am stronger than you by one cultivation layer and during the second round I finished twenty-eighth. You will not have a single chance of touching me if we fight. I suggest you give up.” 

The opponent was trying to discourage him, he didn’t want to fight. 

The Great Competition of Xue Yu was getting more and more complicated so not fighting was a good way of reserving strength and energy. 

“Why are you not giving up then?” asked Yun Fei Yang. The other was stupefied, “My cultivation level is higher than yours, why would I give up?”

“The cultivation level doesn’t necessarily mean everything.” said Yun Fei Yang indifferently. Immediately after, he jumped forwards and the atmosphere started shaking. 

“What’s going on?” The crowd was astonished. Their hearts started palpitating, things looked dangerous. 

Yun Fei Yang’s opponent was astonished too, his heart was shaking at the same pace as Yun Fei Yang’s steps. The sensation was becoming more and more intense.

“The cultivation level is only one aspect of your actual strength, physical strength is also important.” said Yun Fei Yang. Then he started running, his feet were bombarding the floor of the fighting stage. Some Qi emerged out of his body, it seemed like lights were appearing all around.

At the same time, some Qi moved towards his opponent.

“The force of the planet is amazing. When practicing cultivation you can condense force, borrow it from the earth to perform energy attacks. Your kind of force is only a little help.” said Yun Fei Yang slowly. He then slowed down too. He was using his feet and force to make the opponent’s entire body shake violently. The opponent felt extremely oppressed. 

Yun Fei Yang’s voice was resonating in people’s brains and hearts. Everybody’s hearts were beating faster and faster. Yun Fei Yang’s Qi was gaining in intensity, there were massive amounts of forces all around him.

Lin Feng was watching Yun Fei Yang, now he looked much stronger than the last time in Dragon Mountain. 

Yun Fei Yang’s Qi was becoming terrifying, it seemed like it was becoming a person in itself. 

“Force can be very beneficial, enough so to make the difference.” said Yun Fei Yang. He had a very deep understanding of cultivation! 

Yun Fei Yang was facing an extremely strong cultivator, that opponent didn’t feel like fighting anymore… It seemed like his confidence and determination had been crushed.

His heart kept pounding, so loudly that he could even hear his own heartbeat mixed in with Yun Fei Yang’s voice. 

“Force is an aspect of cultivation, it belongs to the planet. One’s own body, strength, etc. can become force, and then it can turn into the abstruse significance.” continued Yun Fei Yang. The abstruse significance was the step after level nine intent. Everybody knew about that.

Yun Fei Yang was able to explain intent and the abstruse significance quite well. 

Xue Wu Chang looked surprised, sharp lights were twinkling in his eyes. He was fixated on Yun Fei Yang. 

“What a real genius.” thought Xue Wu Chang at that moment. Yun Fei Yang was surprising. Yun Fei Yang’s words helped everybody understand those concepts better, however, they knew that being able to walk in perfect cadence with those forces was extremely hard. It was terrifying. He was in perfect harmony with cosmic waves.

Yun Fei Yang had reached such a deep level of understanding, he was indeed very talented.

“As expected, there are real geniuses here.” thought Xue Wu Chang, smiling. Yun Fei Yang had to keep living, people like him were extremely rare.

Everyone’s opinions were changing. They didn’t think that Yun Fei Yang was going to lose anymore, he looked like a winner. Even if his cultivation level was lower than that of his opponent. 

“Of course, force has limits and people’s strength too. However, on the great path of cultivation, there are might not be limits.” 

“Boom!” Yun Fei Yang’s step made the entire atmosphere and everyone’s hearts shak. Even though Yun Fei Yang had only stepped on the floor very lightly.. 

Each time Yun Fei Yang walks, there is force. He tries to understand it better with each step. 

At that moment, his force was becoming more and more intense. There were even some strong winds surrounding around him. Yun Fei Yang’s opponent was already in the middle of those winds.

“Therefore, strength is good but it doesn’t mean everything. Some other factors can influence your cultivation.” finished Yun Fei Yang. The cadence of his steps was becoming more and more intense.

“Boom!” Everyone was hypnotized by Yun Fei Yang’s steps. Each time he walked, their body would start shaking. 

This time, Yun Fei Yang didn’t stop. The atmosphere was shaking more and more violently, it seemed like it was going to explode. Everywhere, there was only his force.

Suddenly, the cultivator of the seventh Xuan Qi layer was projected away in the air. Blood was splashing out of his mouth. 

He then crashed onto the ground with a muffled sound. The crowd was fixedly staring at that cultivator of the seventh Xuan Qi layer, he had lost. 

Yun Fei Yang had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer, but with those steps he made his opponent fly away in defeat. 

He had only needed a few, very simple steps to make everybody’s hearts pound, nothing else. Nobody would ever forget Yun Fei Yang. 

That move had been too astonishing. 

Yun Fei Yang looked calm and serene, just like a moment before. Nobody knew what he was thinking but he didn’t look arrogant at all. 

He didn’t try to humiliate his opponent or anything, he just asked, “Do you want to continue the battle?” 

That person was crawling on the floor, with his blood flowing out of his mouth. He shook his head and said, “No need, you won. That was a very good battle and a great victory for you, I really need to practice more. Thank you for what you taught me.” 

“Don’t worry. I’m off.” said Yun Fei Yang, nodding and then moving back to his original place.

“What a mysterious and enigmatic guy.” said Lin Feng while smiling. He was really astonished. Lin Feng also wanted to understand the concept of force even more. 

Lin Feng wanted to understand that cadence and harmony between Yun Fei Yang’s steps and the cosmic waves. Everybody was staring at Yun Fei Yang in a different way. That guy was an authentic genius! 

“Am I mysterious?” said Yun Fei Yang while shrugging and smiling. Yun Fei Yang had won the battle, even though his key was one of the last ones he had proved to everybody that it didn’t mean anything. His victory had been dazzling!
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