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PMG Chapter 639: Astonishing Choice

PMG Chapter 639: Astonishing Choice

Against all expectations, the following battles were extremely equitable because they were in the middle of the rankings. The battles were very interesting to watch. 

All sorts of people were winning and losing, from the middle of the rankings as well as from the bottom. In the end, thirty-two battles finished.

Sixty-four people had fought, thirty-two had been eliminated. 

Those who had been eliminated were extremely disappointed but they knew that it was because they weren’t strong enough.

Of course, they were still alive so there was still some hope. Amongst the thirty-two people who had been eliminated, two had died and one had escaped. There was no hope for them anymore. Fighting had taught the losers a lot, they had understood why strong cultivators were strong, what made them strong. They had lost but Shen Gong would still honor their presence. 

That mysterious Shen Gong would probably grant people with incredible treasures which would help them increase their cultivation level. 

That’s what the losers were hoping for. Of course, thinking that way was also a way of comforting themselves for having lost. After all, they had already been eliminated… Their dream of making it to the last battles had disappeared.

Xue Wu Chang looked at the geniuses, slightly smiled and said, “Have a rest for twelve hours and get ready for the next series of battles.”

The second series of battles would be everybody’s second.

Most people in the crowd closed their eyes or practiced some skills when they heard him. They either practiced cultivation, or were waiting for their pure Qi stocks to be filled up again. 

Other’s silhouettes flickered and they landed in the middle of the common crowd to talk to people from their clans or sects. They were consulting their relatives to seek advice about who they should challenge for the next battle.

Lin Feng and his friends surprisingly sat down and kept drinking, they looked quite relaxed. 

Lin Feng looked at Yun Fei Yang, smiled and said, “Yun Fei Yang, tell me, are you not hiding your real cultivation level?” 

Yun Fei Yang seemed like he had some secrets. The first time Lin Feng had met him, he had only broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer. But then he had very quickly broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer.

However, during the first round in the evil area, he had already broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer… He was becoming stronger and stronger extremely fast, too fast to be true. 

Lin Feng was even more intrigued because Yun Fei Yang had an extremely high power of understanding and monstrous strength, but he had ranked fiftieth during the second round…. How strange! He only obtained the fiftieth key. 

Lin Feng didn’t believe that Yun Fei Yang had only broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer… He believed that his cultivation level was even higher than that?! 

“Guess.” Said Yun Fei Yang. 

“I can’t see it but I have the feeling that you’re much stronger.” said Lin Feng, looking over to Jun Mo Xi and Tang You You. 

“I don’t know.” said Tang You You.  

Jun Mo Xi’s eyes were twinkling, he was looking at Yun Fei Yang in a strange way. Yun Fei Yang and Lin Feng were very similar, they looked insignificant, calm, not arrogant, serene. They didn’t draw people’s attention too much, but in fact, each time they fought they were astonishing. 

“You are both so evil!” joked Jun Mo Xi. It seemed like he agreed with Lin Feng about Yun Fei Yang, however, Jun Mo Xi also had doubts when it came to Lin Feng. He doubted that Lin Feng was showing his full strength.

“What does that have to do with me?” teased Lin Feng. 

“Indeed, it has nothing to do with you. You’ve only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer but you obtained the first jade key. You finished even before those cultivators of the eighth and ninth Xuan Qi layer!” whispered Jun Mo Xi. Lin Feng smiled from the corner of his mouth, he liked to tease his friends too. 

Half a day passed very quickly. 

“Alright. It’s time to continue.” said Xue Wu Chang. Everybody suddenly looked solemn and serious. They all moved to the Flood Dragon Statue again, they were psychologically preparing themselves. It was about to start again… From those thirty-two people, only sixteen would be left after this series of battles.

Those sixteen people would be able to continue…

After those sixteen people’s battles, there would only be eight left. Then the top ten would appear, and more particularly the top eight. 

The most dazzling young people of the Great Competition of Xue Yu would finally be recognized. Being one of the eight most dazzling cultivators of the competition would be an extreme glory and honor for them. They would go back to their country, one of the thirteen countries of Xue Yu, and would be recognized as incredible cultivators. At the same time, the competition was a great way to become stronger. After competing their cultivation level would be much higher. It would increase their self-confidence, determination and willpower.

Of course, it wasn’t over yet so it was useless to dream about those things. First they had to win their next two battles, which wouldn’t be that easy at all.

Apart from Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang and another cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer, all the others had broken at least through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer, at least. 

Apart from strength and abilities, luck also played a role. For some people, being able to choose their opponents was really a great luck. 

“Lin Feng, it’s your turn.” said Xue Wu Chang. Lin Feng was, after all, the “first” of them. 

Lin Feng slightly nodded and jumped forwards. He was facing thirty-one extremely strong cultivators.

Who was he going to choose this time?

Yun Fei Yang was the weakest of all but he was monstrously strong. On top of that he was Lin Feng’s good friend so they couldn’t choose each other! 

Apart from Yun Fei Yang, there was only one other person of the sixth Xuan Qi layer.

Everybody looked at that person. Lin Feng had to choose him if he wanted to win…

That cultivator felt tense when he sensed that everybody was looking at him. He had lots of pressure at that moment. 

“Well, fighting against him would be my best option…” thought that person. Apart from Lin Feng, the next ones would all be terrifying. Maybe the best option was to be chosen by Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng looked at him too, his eyes were twinkling. That person then said, “Let’s fight.”

A terrifying battle energy then rose up in the air. 

However, what astonished him was that Lin Feng wasn’t looking at him anymore! Lin Feng wasn’t going to choose him?? 

That person of the sixth Xuan Qi layer was scared again. If Lin Feng didn’t choose him, that person would lose for sure.

He felt like he had been eliminated already, completely dispirited.

The crowd was also astonished to see that Lin Feng wasn’t choosing him. He had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer so he was the best choice. Lin Feng was the first one to choose so that was also a great opportunity for him, but it seemed like he wasn’t going to use it.

Lin Feng then slowly turned his head and looked at Nie Yun, then at Wu Qing… Lin Feng looked hesitant. 

“Is Lin Feng scared to fight?” thought the crowd. Lin Feng seemed so irresolute.

“Some things need to be sorted.” thought Lin Feng. Immediately after, he looked at Yue Tian Ming. 

Yue Tian Ming was speechless when he saw that Lin Feng was looking at him. Was he going to choose him??

Lin Feng had no reason to choose him though! 

“Come here.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Yue Tian Ming was astonished, Lin Feng was really looking at him and was really choosing him. He didn’t understand why though. He had broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer and there were others that were much weaker than him. He had never had a conflict with him, why was he choosing him??

Yue Tian Ming wasn’t the only one who was astonished. Everybody else was, including Yue Qing Shan. Why was that Lin Feng challenging Yue Tian Ming?
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