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PMG Chapter 640: Insect

PMG Chapter 640: Insect

Yue Tian Ming didn’t understand, Yue Qing Shan and the crowd were puzzled.

But since Lin Feng had chosen him, Yue Tian Ming had no choice.

Yue Tian Ming then jumped forwards and landed in the middle of the fighting stage. Yue Tian Ming was convinced that he was going to win the battle. He would then be part of the sixteen best and would obtain some incredible treasures from Shen Gong. He would go back to Xue Yue as a glorious hero. 

He had no reason to forfeit, he could easily defeat Lin Feng. 

The two silhouettes were facing each other, Yue Tian Ming released some monstrous swift and fierce Qi. He still didn’t understand Lin Feng’s choice though.

During the last battle, with his strength of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, Lin Feng had remained immobile like a mountain under the ten thousand elephants attack of the Wan Xiang Sect. His body was extremely solid, but Yue Tian Ming was going to be very careful for precisely that reason. 

But Yue Tian Ming still remained confident, without self-confidence, how would he win? Besides, Lin Feng’s cultivation level was also quite low, there was no reason for Yue Tian Ming not to win.

“I’m telling you, choosing me was your biggest mistake during the Great Competition of Xue Yu.” said Yue Tian Ming. The he continued with an ice-cold voice, “You will regret that choice, and the price for it will be a heavy.” 

Lin Feng looked at Yue Tian Ming and said, shaking his head: “Since it’s my choice, I bear the responsibility for it and will not regret anything. I chose you and now that can’t be changed, so there is no need to talk nonsense. Let’s fight and see whom will regret. Show me your real strength and prove to me that I was wrong.”

“Show me your real strength and prove me that I was wrong…” Lin Feng’s words were resonating in Yue Tian Ming’s head. He suddenly looked calm and solemn as he released some terrifying energy. Pure Qi was whistling in the air and enveloped Lin Feng’s body, the pressure was strong. Yue Qing Shan’s white hair, was fluttering in the crowd. He looked proud. 

Yue Tian Ming was starting the battle. Considering the opponent, he had to win. 

“Tian Ming, use him as your stepping stone on the path of cultivation, you will reach the clouds…” whispered Yue Qing Shan. 

“He will lose.” said someone not far from him though, it was Xiao Ya. 

Xiao Ya looked convinced and she was smiling confidently. 

“My brother will not lose, it’s impossible.” said Xiao Ya with a resplendent smile on her face. Yue Qing Shan was furious, how could she be so convinced.

“Indeed, our brother cannot lose!” said Han Man, clenching his fists. He was also convinced by Lin Feng’s abilities. Lin Feng had to win. 

“Let’s see.” said Yue Qing Shan with a smile on his face. But in his heart, he didn’t feel calm and serene at all. Yue Tian Ming had gone through so many hardships, and suffered through many difficulties. Losing now would mean the end of his dazzling cultivation career… 

“Let’s fight.” shouted Yue Tian Ming furiously. He then released some monstrous pure Qi. He was using all the strength of the seventh Xuan Qi layer without controlling himself. He was using all his strength! 

“Boom!” His pure Qi seemed like it was going to explode. Yue Tian Ming’s hands were emitting whistling sounds and moving towards Lin Feng at full speed.

But at that moment, Lin Feng looked calm and serene. He just moved like the wind, looking natural, free and unperturbed. 

Lin Feng opened his mouth and started chanting some mantra in Sanskrit. It seemed like his mantras were thousands of years old. Magnificent golden sanskrit letters appeared in the air after each word. There was a golden aura around Lin Feng’s body.

That golden aura was dazzling. He looked like a Shakyamuni Buddha, pure and holy, illuminating the world with his wisdom. 

“What’s that skill?” the crowd wondered, watch Lin Feng. He was finally using a real skill. 

Lin Feng then abruptly stopped, he looked like a statue. 

“Buzzzzzzz!” Yue Tian Ming’s hands landed on Lin Feng and the sound of a bell spread in the air. Lin Feng, with his indestructible golden body, hadn’t moved of a single iota, just like a mountain. 

“That’s Lin Feng’s authentic strength…” The crowd was shivering. His Shakyamuni body was incredible. His body had turned into a real Buddha statue. Yue Tian Ming had broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer, but just like Lin Feng’s previous battle, he hadn’t moved a single iota.

Yue Tian Ming was astonished, he had the feeling that his hands had crashed onto an indestructible statue.

Yue Qing Shan was astonished. Was that Lin Feng?

That cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer had turned into a Buddha statue and had felt nothing from Yue Tian Ming’s attack… 

“Die.” Yue Tian Ming released some more pure Qi and continued bombarding Lin Feng’s body.

The golden light was breaking apart, bit by bit. But would it break? Lin Feng was looking at Yue Tian Ming unperturbed. He then said, “You will have no opportunity to hurt me. In front of me, you are a tiny little insect, you are a coward, you are absolutely incompetent. You can only look up at me.” said Lin Feng calmly. Yue Tian Ming was astonished, he had very high natural abilities and had put so much effort into his cultivation… He had never stopped becoming stronger because he had always hoped to become one of the four best cultivators of Xue Yue. He wanted to dazzle.

Yue Tian Ming had managed to become one of the eight high-officials of Xue Yue. He was respected and admired by everyone. For the Yue Clan, Yue Tian Ming was a treasure.

Now, he was standing on the fighting stage at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. He wanted to go back to Xue Yue as a glorious cultivator. He wanted to show to his aunt that apart from her, there was another genius in the Yue Clan.

But Lin Feng, with his Buddha body, was despising him and calling him an insect.

Yue Tian Ming didn’t want to admit it but his pure Qi had reached its limits. He couldn’t do anything against Lin Feng, he couldn’t injure him… Therefore Yue Tian Ming realized that even with his best skills, all he would be able to do would be to make Lin Feng’s body shake a little bit. Breaking Lin Feng’s body would be too difficult. 

Yue Tian Ming couldn’t break Lin Feng’s body so how would he be able to defeat him? He started to get dispirited… His self-confidence was disappearing. 

“Tian Ming, don’t give up!!!” shouted Yue Qing Shan furiously when he saw that Yue Tian Ming was starting to look dispirited. Yue Tian Ming shivered and raised his head. He suddenly looked furious and tough again. 


In Yue Tian Ming’s back appeared his celestial fangs spirit! There were six dragon heads on it, and those heads were looking at Lin Feng in a despising manner. 

“Die!” shouted Yue Tian Ming furiously. The six heads showed their teeth and moved towards Lin Feng. 

“Golden hands.” Lin Feng’s golden sanskrit letters turned into a gigantic hand and moved towards the dragon, bombarding the atmosphere.

“Roaaarr…..” The celestial fangs spirit roared and was projected backwards. Lin Feng looked at Yue Tian Ming again. In the same despising way he said, “I told you, you are a tiny little insect in front of me, nothing more. You have no chance to win.” 

The crowd was shaking, Lin Feng was really terrifying. Yue Tian Ming had broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer but couldn’t do anything against him… Lin Feng had obtained the first jade key, was it really only due to luck? 

Besides, Lin Feng was deliberately playing around with Yue Tian Ming, trying to crush his self-confidence.

Yue Tian Ming was going crazy, was he really only a little insect? 

He had managed to make it to the Great Competition of Xue Yu. That was an incredible honor, a glorious thing. But now Lin Feng was going to crush him, his heart, and his self-confidence! 
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    This is all he can do? Throw qi-strengthened punches, or bite with his white dragon spirit? And if none of those work, he’s out of tricks?
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