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PMG Chapter 643: The Sixteen Best

PMG Chapter 643: The Sixteen Best

The people from the Wan Xian Sect who had just sat back down stood up again. The Imperial Tutor also stood up, Nie Yun was dead. 

Tang You You had killed Nie Yun in one single and simple attack. How horrible! Last time, Feng Chen and the envoys had died in Xue Yue. This time, all the new seven envoys had died again. Joining the Great Competition of Xue Yue was supposed to be an honor, a glory for them, but now they had lost all their fighters. 

The seven envoys were all dead.

What a humiliation! 

Everything was because of Lin Feng, almost all of their most outstanding fighters had died. That night when Lin Feng had almost died, he had killed all of them, cruelly. If they had managed to kill Lin Feng, it would have been worth it, but Lin Feng was still alive. The consequences were terrible for Tian Feng. 

“He must die!!!!!” They were all furious, they all wanted to kill Lin Feng. 

“Put the corpse away.” demanded Xue Wu Chang, glancing at the middle-aged man and the Imperial Tutor. The middle-aged man then moved to Nie Yun, grabbed his body and pulled it to the side. Then Xue Wu Chang looked at Di Ling, it was his turn.

Di Ling jumped forwards and arrived in the middle of the fighting stage. Di Ling then looked at someone, nobody was surprised.

“Come!” said Di Ling indifferently. That person raised his head and looked furious, he was insulting Di Ling in his heart… Even though he had broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer, he couldn’t rival with Di Ling. 

The result of the battle was obvious. As expected, Di Ling defeated him in one punch, crushing all his bones. Di Ling let him off though and didn’t kill him.

Duan Wu Dao’s battle was the same, one punch and he defeated his opponent.

The fifth one was Jun Mo Xi. 

Of course, when Jun Mo Xi came out, Wu Qing and the people of the Wan Shou Sect were terrified. They hadn’t forgotten what he told Lin Feng. Tang You You and Jun Mo Xi were going to kill Lin Feng’s enemies. Tang You You had already killed Nie Yun so Jun Mo Xi was going to kill Wu Qing. 

As expected, Jun Mo Xi looked at Wu Qing, which made his face turn deathly pale. 

Was he going to try and run away like the second envoy? 

It would be normal if he decided to run away, he couldn’t compete with Jun Mo Xi. He wouldn’t even have the opportunity to hit him once. Jun Mo Xi and Tang You You were the same. With one punch they could kill people.

But if he gave up, he wouldn’t benefit from the treasures of Shen Gong. 

Nobody knew that during the first round of the competition, he had already acted like a coward. He hadn’t obtained precious treasures in the evil area because he hadn’t gone and hunted people. He only tried to survive and stay hidden the whole time. This time, he wouldn’t be able to hide away.

Teng Wu Yao looked as ugly as Wu Qing at that moment, why… All of this was because of Lin Feng. 

Jun Mo Xi was going to kill him because of Lin Feng, otherwise he wouldn’t had the idea to pick him.

“Give up.” said Teng Wu Yao looking like a coward. There was no chance. If Wu Qing fought, he would die. Jun Mo Xi was one of the eight most outstanding disciples. If he hadn’t been one of them, maybe then Teng Wu Yao would have allowed Wu Qing to fight. 

Wu Qing was shaking, he glanced at Lin Feng and said, “I forfeit.” 

Then he left and moved into the crowd with the people from the Wan Shou Sect. 

The competition had nothing to do with him anymore but Wu Qing still hoped to see Lin Feng die during the competition. 

The sixth person was Xue Sha, he won. 

The seventh one was Yu Mo, he won. 

The eighth one was Qi Qing Jian Ling Xiao, he won. 

The ninth one was Ling Xiao Xiao, she won. 

The tenth one was Ku Yao Tong the Dead Tree, he won. 

The eleventh one was Qing Meng Xin, she won. 

The twelfth one was someone with a silver sword on his back, he fought against another sword cultivator… And the person he challenged was… Jian Chen. 

Their battle was terrifying, just like Lin Feng had anticipated. Jian Chen understood sword intent, unfortunately, the challenger also understood sword intent. In terms of sword intent, they were both level one. Besides, the challenger was extremely strong. He had broken through to the top of the seventh Xuan Qi layer, ultimately Jian Chen was eliminated. How unfortunate! 

The thirteenth person was a girl with an ice-soul skill, that ice-soul skill was monstrously powerful. everybody had had the impression that they were going to freeze standing during her battle. She had challenged Leng Xue from Dragon Mountain, Leng Xue had lost after a few attacks. 

The fourteenth person had a monstrous strength and a body like steel. He challenged someone with a black left hand, Cui Wu Ming. In the end, Cui Wu Ming had… Lost. In terms of strength, the challenger had been stronger.

The fifteenth challenger had won, no exception and no surprises. But the sixteenth person had had no choice, the only person left to challenge was Yun Fei Yang. 

Yun Fei Yang was an exception. Usually, such a thing never happened at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. Yun Fei Yang had finished fiftieth during the second round but had defeated the sixteenth cultivator during the second round! 

Dragon Mountain had six people left: Lin Feng, Tang You You, Duan Wu Dao, Jun Mo Xi, Qing Meng Xin and Yun Fei Yang. That was exceptional! 

The three other empires together only had ten left… 

One more round and the competition would finish. 

Many were impatient to see the last battles. The last sixteen people were all monstrously strong. The clash of titans would start.

Apart from Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang, all those people had broken at least through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer.

However, Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang were extremely strong. Many wished that they wouldn’t have to fight against them… Lin Feng had scared everybody when he had defeated Yue Tian Ming. Yun Fei Yang was also able to easily defeat cultivators of the seventh Xuan Qi layer. 

Now, there were sixteen people left. There were no weaklings, only extremely strong young cultivators.

“Have a rest for one hour.” said Xue Wu Chang. He was giving them one hour to retrieve some pure Qi. 

Now the atmosphere was particularly silent. Many people were anxious or afraid to distract the sixteen geniuses.

Lin Feng took out a small round thing. Then he looked up at Jun Mo Xi and Tang You You and asked, “Who do you want to fight?”

“I don’t know.”

Lin Feng rubbed his hands together. All the people left were extremely strong and had all broken through to at least the very top of the seventh Xuan Qi layer…

“Same.” said Tang You You. 

“You have the choice, I don’t. I’m doomed.” said Yun Fei Yang smiling. There were only sixteen people left… So only the first eight would be able to choose their opponents. 

“Same for me.” said Qing Meng Xin. Immediately after, she looked at Lin Feng and said, “Choose me, I will let you win.” 

Lin Feng looked at her beautiful face and shook his head resolutely, “No need to try and tempt or seduce me.” 

Qing Meng Xin looked at Lin Feng angrily, then she lied down and put her head on Lin Feng’s legs and closed her eyes.

Her cleavage was directly in Lin Feng’s field of vision, like two mountains. His eyes started peaking at the sides…

“It seems like I’m doomed.” sighed Qing Meng Xin in a cute way. She wouldn’t be able to finish in the top eight.
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