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PMG Chapter 646: Titans’ Battles!

PMG Chapter 646: Titans’ Battles!

“Pfeww….” Tang You You took a deep breath, that battle hadn’t been easy. 

The next cultivators were all monstrously strong. They had all broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer or above. Every battle would be monstrous.

Tang You You moved back next to Lin Feng. When Lin Feng saw that her body was still surrounded by a layer of ice, he released some fire Qi and heated her up. The ice melted away quickly. 

“Thank you.” said Tang You You, smiling resplendently. Lin Feng nodded and looked at the stage again. The third battle was Di Ling’s. Di Ling had chosen the person who was ranked fourteenth. It was a cultivator whose body was as solid as steel. However, Di Ling defeated him in one punch! 

The third battle was Duan Wu Dao’s. He chose the person who ranked twelfth and used a sword. Just like Di Ling, Duan Wu Dao defeated him in one extremely brutal punch. 

“Those two are extremely brutal…” thought the crowd after watching Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao. Everybody had already forgotten that Duan Wu Dao came from a country under the jurisdiction of Dragon Mountain. They only knew that he was monstrously powerful. Nobody dared belittle him, he could definitely compete with Di Ling. 

They also heard about Duan Wu Dao’s sealed doors blood spirit, they could seal other people’s cultivation. 

The fifth battle was Jun Mo Xi’s. 

Jun Mo Xi frowned and then smiled wryly when he arrived in the middle of the fighting stage. 

“I’m the fifth one…” Jun Mo Xi looked at his jade key, thought for a few second… From Lin Feng to Duan Wu Dao, they had chosen people who weren’t part of the top ten… There were only two people left amongst the weakest cultivators…. Qing Meng Xin and Yun Fei Yang. 

He felt really embarrassed, he couldn’t choose them. 

Thus, he could only choose someone from the top ten… 

There were: Xue Sha, Yu Mo, Ling Xiao, Yu Xiao Xiao and the Dead Tree.

“Huh?” The crowd was astonished. 

“Come.” said Jun Mo Xi.

Yu Mo was astonished. He looked to his left, there was Xue Sha. And then he looked to his right, there was Ling Xiao.

Immediately after, he looked at Jun Mo Xi again and realized that Jun Mo Xi was really looking at him.

He was astonished. Yu Mo’s eyes were twinkling though. How interesting, Jun Mo Xi had chosen him??

The crowd was stunned as well… Jun Mo Xi was choosing him? Really?

Everybody was looking at him, Jun Mo Xi had chosen him. 

Jun Mo Xi was a genius from Dragon Mountain and was one of the eight most outstanding young disciples of the competition. During the second round he had obtained the fifth jade key. 

Yu Mo was a genius from Firmament and was also one of the eight most outstanding geniuses of the competition. During the second round, he had obtained the seventh key. 

Now Jun Mo Xi was challenging him…? 

“Pfew….” The crowd looked terribly excited, they were shivering. Finally, two monstrously strong cultivators were going to fight. 

They were both one of the eight most outstanding disciples at the competition. Who was the strongest one? Jun Mo Xi or Yu Mo? 

“You chose me?” asked Yu Mo, he was slowly standing up and staring at Jun Mo Xi. 

“I think so. I find you and Xue Sha the ugliest but since you are weaker, I chose you.” explained Jun Mo Xi. Everybody was surprised he said that, some people were smiling wryly. With that kind of reasoning he must not care about his jade key?

“Alright. Very good.” said Yu Mo looking more and more evil. Then he jumped forwards and landed in the air above the fighting stage, where a monstrously cold energy invaded the atmosphere. He glared at Jun Mo Xi and said, “Very good. No matter what you think, I am curious to see if you will be able to keep your fifth jade key.”

“Let’s see how strong you are then.” said Jun Mo Xi indifferently. He didn’t look aggressive at all, he only looked calm, serene, maybe relaxed. He definitely looked like he didn’t care… Maybe that his self-confidence enabled him to despise Yu Mo. However, Jun Mo Xi didn’t look conceited either so it was difficult to know what he was thinking. 

“You will see.” said Yu Mo. Immediately his eyes turned white and gray, his eight trigrams eyes had appeared. He looked like spider with those eyes.

“Die!” shouted Yu Mo furiously as several illusional trigrams started moving towards Jun Mo Xi to oppress his body. 

“They’re going to fight now!” thought the crowd, they were all shivering while watching them. Two of the eight most outstanding geniuses of the competition were going to fight against each other for the first time. 

“Boom!” Jun Mo Xi’s body was completely surrounded. His long hair was fluttering violently. But still, Jun Mo Xi remained calm and serene as before. He slowly moved his head to look at Yu Mo. The crowd believed Jun Mo Xi looked like a holy man, his Qi was pure, elegant and holy.

“Boom!” The eight trigrams in the air soared to the sky and were suddenly surrounded by a golden light that detained them. Those golden lights were gigantic, like skyscrapers jetting up. 

“Boom!” That gigantic pure and holy golden light turned into a hurricane as the eight trigrams were destroyed. Jun Mo Xi’s Qi was incredible and oppressive.

“How strong.” thought the crowd speechless. They had never seen Jun Mo Xi release any Qi before… What powerful energy! What skill was he using though? 

“Huh?” Yu Mo was surprised. His eight trigrams had been destroyed by Jun Mo Xi’s golden Qi, how?

“Vital Energy of the World!” said Jun Mo Xi while jumping forwards. Rumbling sounds spread in the air as his Qi abruptly became even more imposing.

“Down the Mountains and Through the Rivers” a gigantic hand made of golden Qi emerged and rolled in the atmosphere towards Yu Mo. That Qi was altering the entire space, the vast fighting stage was suddenly covered by a vital Qi. It was the vital Qi of the Earth and the sky.

“Break!” shouted Yu Mo while releasing some pure Qi. His white and gray pupils looked colder and colder. Whistling sounds were increasingly strident. It seemed like it was going to be difficult for Yu Mo to block the vital Qi of the Earth and sky.

“Boom boom boom!” A terrifying Qi suddenly rolled and tossed over in the atmosphere. That Qi was terrifying and oppressive, how terrifying! Yu Mo had the feeling he couldn’t condense energies or strength anymore. He was just being oppressed violently.

“ILLUMINATION OF THE HEAVENLY BODIES!” said Jun Mo Xi. In the air there was the vital Qi of the Earth, of the mountains, the rivers, and of the heavenly bodies!

The air was filled with purity, holiness and righteousness. 

The crowd was shivering, everybody became solemn. They were feeling guilt build-up in their hearts. That vital Qi was filled with righteousness which made sinners feel guilty… 

Yu Mo’s heart was filled with poison and evilness so it was difficult not to be affected. His strength was being completely oppressed. He had no determination to fight anymore, he just stared at the pure and holy Qi which was becoming even more magnificent in the sky. His facial muscles were twitching. How come? Jun Mo Xi’s strength was really terrifying.

“Eight trigrams!” shouted Yu Mo, his eyes were radiating evil. His Qi moved towards the vital Qi in the air. 

“Vital Qi of righteousness, destroy evil and sinners!” sung Jun Mo Xi! Each of his words were releasing pure vital Qi which attacked and collided against the eight trigrams. They vanished.

Yu Mo was unable to release his eight trigrams spirit properly! 

“”Boom!” Some spirit Qi emerged in the air, the eight trigrams appeared behind Yu Mo, his eyes were bloodshot.

“That’s enough!” shouted Xue Wu Chang at that moment. He sounded furious, Yu Mo was astonished.

“It’s the end of the battle. No need to continue.” said Xue Wu Chang indifferently. With Jun Mo Xi’s vital Qi of righteousness, continuing the fight was useless. Xue Wu Chang already knew how the battle would end if they continued.
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