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PMG Chapter 650: Shen Gong’s Goal

PMG Chapter 650: Shen Gong’s Goal

“Lin Feng!” whispered the Leader of Shen Gong North. Lin Feng was from Xue Yue… A tiny little country like Xue Yue had two geniuses in the top fifteen…. That was very rare.

Besides, Lin Feng had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer so the Leader of Shen Gong North was even more surprised! Apart from him and Yun Fei Yang, they had all broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer and beyond.

“Not bad. You are extremely young, such a cultivation level is rare. I hope that after having gone to our special places, your cultivation level will increase. I hope that you will become much stronger.” said the Leader of Shen Gong North… In his eyes, Lin Feng was so young and was already stronger. He could be proud of himself because that was already incredible.

Lin Feng slightly smiled and bowed but said nothing. 

“Dragon Mountain, Jun Mo Xi.” said Jun Mo Xi.  

“There are six people from Dragon Mountain and the countries under its jurisdiction… Shen Gong will remember that and there will be an award, of course.” said the Leader of Shen Gong North while smiling and looking at Jun Mo Xi. Jun Mo Xi was, of course, delighted. Everything was going better than he had expected. Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang were even there in the top fifteen.

Everybody introduced themselves and then the Leader of Shen Gong North said, “Alright, everybody help yourself. Please don’t be shy.” 

After that, the Leader of Shen Gong North looked at the beautiful women and young men in armors, “Weren’t you curious to know those geniuses? You have the opportunity now. You can even measure your strength with theirs.” 

They nodded, some beautiful woman were drinking alcohol while looking at the men in admiration.

Many of those young men were looking at Qing Meng Xin, she looked so lovely and attractive. She could make men’s souls shake, her beautiful skin looked like a precious material. She had a resplendent smile on her face and her neck was as white and beautiful as that of a swan. When they looked down at her cleavage, they only wanted to see more…

However, the first one who stood up didn’t go to towards Qing Meng Xin but towards Tang You You! 

Tang You You looked cold and elegant. She was different from Qing Meng Xin but they were both beautiful. Even though Tang You You wasn’t sensual, she looked delicate. 

“Your name is Tang You You, would you like to sit next to me and have some drinks?” said Hao Peng, waiting for Tang You You’s response. He looked strange… At the same time, a beautiful woman moved next to Jun Mo Xi. She was looking at him in a sensual and alluring way. Her eyes looked as limpid as water. 

“Ehhh…” Lin Feng was stupefied. He had the feeling that the banquet was a blind date meeting… 

Beautiful women loved heroes, and handsome heroes also loved beautiful women… A group of beautiful women walked towards Di Ling, Duan Wu Dao, etc. Because there were only four women, the young men from Shen Gong moved towards one person each. Those beautiful women looked outstanding and extraordinary, one could see it from their Qi. 

Lin Feng looked right and left. On his left, there was Jun Mo Xi. On his right, there was Tang You You. They were both accompanied, only Lin Feng was alone… 

He had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer… It was too low for the beautiful women of Shen Gong. 

But then a beautiful woman who was drinking alcohol moved towards him. She looked left and right, and then smiled wryly and asked him, “Can I sit next to you?” 

“Of course.” said Lin Feng with a slight smile on his face. That beautiful woman was wearing a blue cheong sam and she sat down on the floor with him. She looked different from the rest. When she saw that Lin Feng was looking at her, she raised her glass and took a sip. 

Lin Feng also took a sip, the girl who was sitting with him was the most beautiful of all the girls there. But she looked different, she looked lonely and solitary..

“You don’t like that kind of atmosphere…?” asked Lin Feng in a very low voice.

The girl raised her head, smiled and said, “We, people of Shen Gong, need the purest and strongest blood!”


Lin Feng was stupefied… He understood what she meant. The banquet had been organized to create couples between the most outstanding geniuses of the Great Competition of Xue Yu and their people… They needed their women to give birth to incredible geniuses…. 

Therefore, there was that kind of banquet…

“I understand.” said Lin Feng while smiling and nodding. 

The girl lowered her head and drank her glass of alcohol… And then suddenly, as if she had thought about something, she raised her head again and looked at Lin Feng, “Look, what do you think? If you and I…? Would you be willing?” 

Lin Feng looked surprised, just like that? 

“Anyways, if it’s not you, it’s them. Even though your cultivation level is low, you look handsome to me. You seem to have very high natural abilities, your blood mustn’t be that different from mine…” whispered the girl with a wry smile. 

“Since you don’t like selling yourself, why don’t you find a lover instead? Wouldn’t that be better?” asked Lin Feng.

“I am a Shen Gong girl… We are as outstanding as those young men, but we don’t have as much choice as them… We have to find people who have amazing natural abilities, even if their cultivation level is low, it doesn’t matter.” 

“You’re quite audacious.” said Lin Feng while smiling and shaking his head. That place was so huge, with the leader’s cultivation level, even if she was whispering he could probably hear what she was saying…

“The Leader knows we don’t want to do this… But he doesn’t care. The most important thing is Shen Gong. He doesn’t repent anything at all.” said the girl as if she didn’t care. Lin Feng was speechless, but that girl was interesting. In other circumstances, Lin Feng might haven fallen in love with her. 

“I already have wives…” said Lin Feng while smiling. 

When Tang You You heard him, she glanced at him and turned her head again. Then she said to Hao Peng, “Go away, I’m not interested in you.” 

Hao Peng was speechless, he had just invited Tang You You to sit with him but she was refusing him so out-right. He had never thought she would react like that. He was so astonished that he could only pull a long face.

Then he stood up and looked at Lin Feng and the girl. Then he looked at the girl and said, “Qing Chan, you’re really becoming worse and worse. Choosing a cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, that’s ridiculous.”

Then, Hao Peng rolled up his sleeves and looked at Lin Feng with discontent.

“Ignore him, he’s very arrogant. He thinks that he’s the most amazing cultivator in the world. But there are  actually many people in Shen Gong who are much stronger than him.” said Qing Chan indifferently. Hao Peng had already been rejected by that girl in the past. He was still furious so that’s why he was being rude with her. 

Lin Feng slightly nodded and took a pill from the table which he immediately swallowed. An incredible feeling invaded his body, it wasn’t comfortable at all but it felt like his pure Qi was getting purer than before.

After a short time, everybody went back to their own seats, those beautiful women as well.

The Leader of Shen Gong North smiled and said, “You are the most outstanding geniuses of Xue Yu and those are the most outstanding young men and women of Shen Gong. I organized that banquet so that you can exchange.” 

“Alright. Since you don’t feel like it right now, I will first bring you to the special area.” 

The Leader of Shen Gong North then stood up and said, “Follow me.” 

Everybody suddenly became interested. On the path of cultivation, people were mostly interested in increasing their strength… 

Everybody rose up in the air and followed the leader. What was that special area the Leader had been talking about? They were finally about to benefit from the great advantages of Shen Gong!
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