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PMG Chapter 651: The Special Area

PMG Chapter 651: The Special Area

Apart from the Leader of Shen Gong North and the fifteen geniuses, several outstanding cultivators from Shen Gong followed them too. They were all heading for the special area. 

After a while, the clouds rolled away and a gigantic area appeared. There was no palace, only a moonlight shining upon clouds.

“That’s clearly another world… There is a moon and a sun… Even at night it cannot get dark. The sun and the moon seem like they will never disappear.”

Lin Feng looked at the moonlight and was surprised. He had seen many incredible things but he had never thought such a thing could exist.

That was another area of Shen Gong, the Special Area… 

“In the past, I went to the fire desert when I crossed the illusionary door in the Lovesickness Forest… Could Shen Gong be a place like Tian Ya Hai…?”

Lin Feng suddenly thought about that mysterious place where he had been in the past. Li Shan had helped him fabricate his banner there, but he had had evil intentions. It had been very difficult to escape… And then he had forced his parents to block the entrance to that world and never go back again. It was too dangerous. 

When Lin Feng thought about that, he raised his head and looked at the sky. 

“Let’s go up.” said the Leader of Shen Gong North. 

The crowd followed, rising higher up into the sky. 

The clouds were rolling more and more violently. The crowd had the feeling that they were traveling back and forth… They were surrounded by clouds. When they got closer to the sun, sixteen gigantic and ancient gates appeared, they could cross those gates… 

“Those gates all lead to a special place, you have to use your keys to open them.” said the Leader of Shen Gong North. That’s why there could only be sixteen participants in the end at the Great Competition of Xue Yu, because there were only sixteen gates… 

What would there be behind the gates? Nobody knew, maybe that the Leader of Shen Gong North didn’t know either.

Those gates were next to each other. From above, it had the shape of a semicircle. Some gates were very high, some less. 

“Those who have the last two keys can enter the fourteenth and fifteenth gates.” said the Leader of Shen Gong North. Quickly, Yun Fei Yang and the fourteenth person walked to the gates, took out their keys and opened the gates. The atmosphere vibrated and the gates opened themselves. A gigantic vortex appeared and the two silhouettes disappeared.

“Thirteenth!” said the Leader. It was the girl with the ice-soul skill, she also entered the special area.

The Leader continued calling people until the tenth, but at that moment, he was speechless. He had also been observing people while calling them, and he had tried to guess who the last ones would be but… Lin Feng was still there?

Lin Feng had broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer and was in the top ten…?

With his cultivation level, the Leader could be mistaken. Even if Lin Feng was using a secret skill to hide his cultivation level, the Leader of Shen Gong North would still know Lin Feng’s cultivation level. 

He looked at Lin Feng in a strange way and said, “From sixth to tenth, you can go.” 

Those people immediately moved to the special areas, the Leader was still astonished. Lin Feng was still standing there… Calmly and motionless… Lin Feng was in the top five…? 

Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao were there as he had expected, but Lin Feng was still there… The Leader was also surprised about Tang You You. He would have expected her to be at the end of the top ten… 

“Are they fourth and fifth…?” thought the Leader of Shen Gong North. He then continued, “Fourth and Fifth, go.” 

“I’m off.” said Jun Mo Xi to Tang You You and Lin Feng. He immediately moved to the special area. Duan Wu Dao also went to the fourth special area.

Tang You You and Lin Feng were still there… 

“Eh…?” The Leader was astonished. Even the outstanding young men of Shen Gong were astonished. What was going on? 

Lin Feng and Tang You were in the top three…? 

“Tang You You…” Hao Peng was staring at Tang You You in a perverted way. His eyes were twinkling. 

“Third, go.” said the Leader… But Tang You You and Lin Feng remained motionless… Instead, Di Ling entered the third special area… 

“Second, go.” said the Leader, his heart was pounding… Lin Feng and Tang You You were first and second… 

“I’m off.” said Tang You You to Lin Feng. She then used her jade key to open the gate and disappeared. 

Lin Feng was the last one left!!! 

“Lin Feng!” The Leader of Shen Gong North and the others were absolutely astonished. The first one was Lin Feng! 

But he had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer, how could he be first…?! 

“Interesting!” thought Qing Chan, at that moment he was smiling. That cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer was interesting…

“Do you have the first jade key?” asked the Leader of Shen Gong North, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Lin Feng stretched his arm and opened his hand where the first jade key appeared.

“I’m very surprised.” said the Leader sighing. “Lin Feng, you will benefit a lot from the first special area… You have seven days there… Only the first key can allow you to stay there for seven days… Cherish that opportunity and the treasures you will acquire. It will not only help you now with your cultivation level but it will help you in the future too… Many doors will be open for you in the future.”

“Thank you.” said Lin Feng, nodding. Xue Wu Chang had told him that the first special area would be extra special. It seemed like that place was going to be extraordinary. 

“You can go.” said the Leader. Lin Feng nodded and went to the first gate and opened it. A vortex appeared and Lin Feng disappeared from everyone’s field of vision. 

The Leader looked at Lin Feng disappearing and then said, “Hao Peng, bring Xue Wu Chang to me.”

“Roger, Leader.” Said Hao Peng while nodding. His silhouette flickered and he disappeared. In a flash, he came back with Xue Wu Chang. 

“Leader.” said Xue Wu Chang while bowing. 

“Wu Chang, I’m very surprised by the current rankings. Tell me, how are those fifteen people?”

“Oh.” said Xue Wu Chang while nodding and then continued, “Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao are extremely strong, they are brutal and violent. They still haven’t used their full strength because all of their opponents so far were very weak. They are third and fourth. The fifth one, Jun Mo Xi can use vital Qi of righteousness… He is very enigmatic and unfathomable… Besides, I don’t know what his spirit is… Then the sixth one is Xue Sha and the tenth one is the Dead Tree, they are similarly strong… Maybe, with the benefits of the special area the difference will be made for the end of the competition…” 

“The most important person amongst the higher numbers is actually the last one, Yun Fei Yang. He has a very deep knowledge of cultivation. He shouldn’t be the last one, he will be in the top ten..” 

“I noticed that too, he’s hiding his true strength. He is very enigmatic.” said the Leader when he heard him. “What about Tang You You and Lin Feng?”

“Tang You You and Lin Feng entered the temples together, Tang You You’s agility techniques and spirit are very particular. She definitely belongs to the top ten in terms of strength… I don’t know how it will end for her though… We will see.” said Xue Wu Chang. People would fight until the end to be in the top ten…

“What about Lin Feng?”

“Lin Feng!” Xue Wu Chang made a pause and said, “He has a terrifying power of understanding. With the strength of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, he used the memories he obtained in the temple to kill people who had broken through to the very top of the seventh Xuan Qi layer. He is very young too… I don’t quite understand him either…” 

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