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PMG Chapter 652: Amazing Sword

PMG Chapter 652: Amazing Sword

“A cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer who can kill people of the seventh Xuan Qi layer??!” the Leader of Shen Gong North was astonished. 

“Xue Wu Chang, what do you think will happen in the first special area?” asked the leader. 

“His cultivation will improve and not only a little. Even if he doesn’t break through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer, he will be able to defeat cultivators of the eighth Xuan Qi layer…” said Xue Wu Chang. 

“What if I help him break through to the next cultivation layer?” 

“Leader!” Xue Wu Chang was astonished. The Leader wanted to help Lin Feng, so….. 

“Lin Feng was able to get the first jade key, I hope we have him on our side.” said the Leader. Then he looked at Qing Chan and said, “You and Lin Feng should make friends.” 

Qing Chan didn’t know what to say. She had talked Lin Feng because he was alone, she didn’t want him to feel embarrassed or lonely… She hadn’t thought that he had such monstrous natural abilities at that moment… To the extent that the Leader of Shen Gong North would attach so much importance to him. 

“I will do my best.” said Qing Chan while bowing. Qing Chan lowered her head and smiled wryly. 

The Leader of Shen Gong North nodded and looked at the outstanding boys and girls, “You are all the most outstanding disciples of Shen Gong. Those people are the most outstanding people of Xue Yu. They all belong to clans and sects who are not as wealthy as us. They relied on themselves and nobody else to reach such cultivation levels… If Shen Gong helps them, they will become monstrously powerful. If you manage to steal their heart, it will be beneficial for Shen Gong and for yourselves.” 

“Indeed, Leader.” said everybody while nodding. A few girls were looking at Qing Chan enviously. She had chosen the best one, Lin Feng… The one who was considered as precious by the Leader of Shen Gong North… 

“Alright, I’m going to talk to the respectable master now.” 

The crowd was surprised, the Leader of Shen Gong North was going to talk to the respectable master about Lin Feng… 

Hao Peng was pulling a long face. He despised the geniuses of Xue Yu, but the Leader of Shen Gong North attached such importance to him… He was even going to talk to the respectable master about Lin Feng… 


Lin Feng entered the special area and found a thick, rich Qi of the Earth and sky surrounding him. It was five times denser than the one outside in the normal areas of Shen Gong and ten times denser than in the outside world.

It meant that practicing cultivation was also ten times faster in such an environment. 

The Qi of the earth and the sky was ten times thicker than outside, but apart from that the world didn’t seem much different. It was just vast and arid, there was absolutely nothing. There was no sun and no moon either, but it was bright. 

Lin Feng made a step forwards, he had used the first jade key to come to that place… And there was nothing? How could that be useful to him?

“How could that be helpful for my cultivation?” thought Lin Feng. However, that arid place looked similar to where Lin Feng had obtained the sword memories. It had then fallen down from the sky and Lin Feng had been able to visualize it. There had been nothing else but a sword. 

However, at that moment, there was only Lin Feng and nothing else. 

“Is there anything special here.” thought Lin Feng. He was in the best special area, there couldn’t be only a thick Qi of the earth and sky. Otherwise it wouldn’t have deserved to be called the first area.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and started practicing cultivation. It seemed like that vast and arid area came from an ancient memory. It looked ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. In Lin Feng’s heart, there was only one sword. 

Lin Feng was remembering the memories from the sword temple in that arid area. That sword appeared again in front of him and it was surrounded by an incredible quantity of sword energy. A real sword that could lacerate the universe. 

There was nothing else but the sword for Lin Feng at that moment, he was focused on it. 

Lin Feng released some sword energy which whistled in the air. The sword Qi rolled in the atmosphere, it was terrifyingly sharp. If anyone had been around they would have gotten lacerated by that sword. 

“That sword is in front of me… Hmm, strange…” thought Lin Feng as he abruptly opened his eyes. A terrifying sword light flashed and his heart started pounding.

In front of him, in the desert there was a sword and it was suspended in air. It seemed like it had existed since the creation of times, it definitely didn’t look like it had just appeared.

From that gigantic sword there was monstrous intent. Or more precisely, it looked like a special category of sword intent. One glance and he had the impression that the sword was an almighty warlord and could destroy the Continent of the Nine Clouds… 

“Crrr…. Crrr…..” 

In spite of Lin Feng’s willpower and determination, he still got propelled backwards a few steps from that sword intent. 

“It is not an illusion.. It is real.” thought Lin Feng with his heart was pounding violently. A real sword had appeared in front of him and it contained real intent. Such a powerful strength was terrifying. One couldn’t understand it by looking at it with their eyes, They needed to use their heart to understand it. 

“How come it’s like this? And how come the sword memories appeared here in reality?” 

Lin Feng couldn’t calm down… Was it… Did he only need to think about something for it to appear?

Everything seemed to be an illusion except for the sword and its intent, those were absolutely real… And Lin Feng wasn’t crazy! 

He slowly walked forwards and sensed that real sword. The terrifying sword intent was cutting at his skin so he didn’t continue moving forwards. 

All of this was part of the memories, and now those memories had turned into reality. It was astonishing. 

A terrifying sword energy emerged out of Lin Feng’s body and whistled in the atmosphere. There was sword energy everywhere. 

Lin Feng was trying to walk steadily, he wanted to actually sense that real sword and merge with it. 

In Lin Feng’s heart, there were only four words, “I can do it.”

The sword Qi was becoming increasingly violent and it was lacerating the atmosphere. But Lin Feng was convinced he could do it. 

He still had the feeling that it was extremely difficult. The sword energy was monstrously strong, more than what he had expected… It didn’t belong to his strength. If it had been a part of his strength it wouldn’t have appeared in the air out of nowhere.

“What I think becomes true.” thought Lin Feng, his heart was still pounding. His sword energy became stronger as he ran towards that gigantic sword in front of him. He wanted to see it for real. 

Lin Feng stretched his hand and put it on the sword. An incredible sword energy which could cut through the entire world spread in the air. Lin Feng and the sword seemed to have fused together, he was the sword and the sword was Lin Feng. 

“Rise!” Lin Feng raised his arm. It was very easy as he managed to rise that sword up in the air. Lin Feng was sure that if he had been a really strong cultivator, those geniuses at the Great Competition of Xue Yu would have all been insects in front of him. With that terrifying sword energy, he could destroy anything. 

Lin Feng made another step and jumped up in the air as if he had been trying to attack the sky! There was nothing else in that world but his sword.

Lin Feng looked like a sword god. His body was like a sword which could annihilate everything. 

“Will I be like that in the future…?” thought Lin Feng unable to think about anything but his sword.
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