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PMG Chapter 653: Sword and Heruka

PMG Chapter 653: Sword and Heruka

Lin Feng closed his eyes and remained in the air while firmly holding his sword. He was calmly sensing that extreme strength. 

He was using his heart to understand the sword. That strength didn’t belong to him but he could clearly sense that the sword energy was reaching the clouds, his sword cultivation was drastically improving.

He didn’t know how to go and look for it, it was just there in front of him. How convenient! He could immediately sense it this way. He had a feeling that he could control swords better than a moment before. How strong he was becoming?

He could understand and grasp information faster and faster, like a sponge. That sword intent was becoming a part of himself. In the future, if he could use it he would progress much faster. 

“That’s why the Leader of Shen Gong North told me that it what I learned inside the special area would improve my cultivation, and also help me in the future…” thought Lin Feng. That special area was magical, all the things he thought about could become real. Then he could use them to study, how wonderful! If he had the ability to practice there he would progress incredibly quickly… After a few months in that incredible area, his power of understanding would also drastically increase…

The vast and arid area was filled with sword energy, there was nothing else. He looked particularly proud in the sky. Then he closed his eyes and continued releasing monstrous amounts of sword energy unconsciously. Lin Feng was studying sword cultivation deep in his heart, he was fusing together with his sword.

It lasted for a long time and even then Lin Feng was still immersed in that state. He couldn’t stop these feelings that were extremely deep and profound. That kind of environment really helped him improve his power of understanding. Even if Lin Feng had some moments of consciousness, he still refused to open his eyes. He wanted to enjoy every single second in that marvelous place. Each time he visualized the sword, he could progress on the path of cultivation.

Learning alone and learning from a strong cultivator were two different things. Extremely strong cultivators could dispel the clouds and see the sun, they could enlighten people with perfect wisdom and flawless teachings. But Lin Feng had become an extremely strong cultivator alone, all by himself. His power of understanding was way more advanced than the majority of people.

Suddenly, Lin Feng abruptly opened his eyes and there was a terrifying sword light in the sky. It looked like sunlight but it turned into a sword light. It looked like the sword of a killer.

“Five days… I only have two more days.” thought Lin Feng. Some rumbling sounds spread in the air and the sword lacerated the entire space. The Earth and sky were shaking, the sword Qi was cutting through them. 

“Crrr….” A massive and terrifying amount of sword Qi continued spreading in the atmosphere as the area was lacerated. Then the sword penetrated into the ground of the arid area.

“Two more days… I could continue practicing sword cultivation, but I have more abilities that I need to improve.” thought Lin Feng. He shook his body and the sword disappeared. The atmosphere became calm again as if nothing had ever happened. That place was truly incredible.

After a short moment, Lin Feng sat down again, cross-legged. There was no sword anymore, however, a new world appeared, the world formed from the memories of the Heruka. 

Apart from his sword skills, Lin Feng also had the terrifying strength of the Heruka. He needed to understand it to improve it.

The special area gradually turned dark like night. Then a gigantic golden Buddha appeared, it was sitting in suspended in air. Its golden light was dazzling, it was a real Buddha. It could protect all sentient beings from torment and sufferings.

Facing the Buddha, there was a pitch-black body. It was releasing a terrifying evil energy which seemed extremely ancient. 

Just like the Yin and the Yang, those two seemed like they were fighting.

The Buddha kept chanting some mantras in sanskrit and golden letters came out of his mouth. Those golden letters turned into golden hands and then its entire body was surrounded by golden hands. 

On the evil statue there was a black light which turned into a yaksha (translator’s note: a yaksha is a malevolent spirit in buddhism), but it had the body of an asura (an asura is a malevolent spirit in Indian mythology). Those lights looked deadly. That black light was the exact opposite of the paramitas (the six paramitas are practices to reach enlightenment in buddhism), it was turning into an authentic devil from ancient times.

Lin Feng abruptly opened his eyes and looked at the golden light and the black light. He couldn’t help but shake, he was standing between the Buddha and the malevolent spirit. They were actually fighting right next him. 

Under his feet there were golden and black lights shining too. It was extremely intriguing that an authentic Heruka had appeared. It had the strength to destroy the universe! Lin Feng was standing between the two sides of the Heruka and had the feeling he was going to drown from their struggle. 

“If someday I can transform into a gigantic golden Buddha and illuminate the world.. Or turn into an evil and malevolent spirit, and then I could become a Heruka… And annihilate anybody standing in my way.” thought Lin Feng. He felt like a hero, his heart was burning. He had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer but he was able to participate at the Great Competition of Xue Yu and dazzle everybody. People had even attached importance to him and respected him. They had told me that I was a rare bird, but compared with authentically strong cultivators, he was still too weak. The Xuan Qi layer was nothing! 

That statue with the golden hands could destroy the entire planet if it was challenged. The Heruka could even destroy people’s hearts.

Lin Feng was convinced that there were no gods in that world, Buddha or Heruka… All that mattered in the end was strength, the strong could annihilate the rest.

No matter how strong the Heruka was, a cultivator could become a Heruka. 

When Lin Feng thought about it, he sat down and looked at the battle between the Heruka and the Buddha. Around his body was a golden light which turned into a gigantic golden Buddha. His entire body was changing and turning into a real Buddha. He then slowly rose up in the atmosphere. 

He was looking down at the earth, he was above the sky and the stars were within reach. The planet was tiny, even though Lin Feng knew that it wasn’t his own strength, he could still clearly sense it and feel it. At the same time he was studying the teachings of the Buddha and the Heruka, understanding their power. Everything he could understand was going to belong to him and he would be able to use it after leaving the special area. 

One day after, Lin Feng was still in the air and his body turned black, he had transformed into an evil spirit.

“Go!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. In the atmosphere an Asura shot towards the ground. It seemed like it could annihilate anything as a gigantic sound spread in the air and a large crater formed. It was so deep that one couldn’t see the bottom, it looked like an endless abyss. 

“I really can’t wait to use that kind of strength later.” Lin Feng stretched his hand and continued practicing evil cultivation, he looked cold. He wasn’t a Buddha at that moment, he was a malevolent spirit. 

“I’ve never really sensed the strength of the evil swords, but here in this special area… I can turn into a malevolent spirit and then I could use the hands of that body to use the evil swords….” 

Lin Feng slowly closed his eyes and visualized the evil swords to summon them. 

In the air nine swords appeared, they looked absolutely calm as they weren’t moving at all. Lin Feng opened his eyes and the nine swords were emitting a terrifying evil light, but then they merged together and became one sword.

In that sword was a terrifying evil energy… As well as a terrifying sword energy. That sword looked like that of a sanguinary killer, it looked bloodthirsty and cruel.

“The evil sword is even more powerful than my gigantic sword… Besides, my gigantic sword is an illusion whereas the evil sword is real and I can actually hold it in my hands. Unfortunately, I cannot control it…” thought Lin Fen. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the evil sword. Black clouds started spreading in the air, but at that moment the evil sword looked calm.

The evil sword was an object malevolent spirits could use. Maybe, only a malevolent spirit could control the evil sword. And right now Lin Feng was an evil and malevolent spirit..
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