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PMG Chapter 657: Forfeit

PMG Chapter 657: Forfeit

Everybody kept silent when Xue Wu Chang spoke.

It was seven days after Xue Wu Chang had sent the fighters to the special area, and now they had finally come back. The rules had changed too, people weren’t going to be eliminated in one battle this time. There would be too much luck involved if they did that again. He had said that everybody would fight each other so that the strongest fighters would stand out. 

Xue Wu Chang wasn’t done talking. 

“This time, the last battles are about to start. Everybody is going to fight against each other. The number of victories will determine your position in the rankings.”

The fighters nodded. Indeed, that kind of battle was extremely fair. The one with the most victories would be ranked first.

Nobody could afford to be careless with each fight. Everybody had to win if they wanted to dazzle.

This time, almost the entire population of Xue Yu was watching. They wanted to see who the most dazzling cultivators of the region were. Those with the best cultivation levels, skills and techniques should put on an amazing show. 

Besides, the strongest cultivators of the four empires were there to watch too, Shen Gong included. 

“There is something else I want to tell you. This time I will allow you to give up. If you feel like you have no chance of winning and that fighting could affect your following battles, you can give up. Of course, that will count as a loss.” said Xue Wu Chang. The crowd remained silent. That would allow fighters to save their strength and energy for their next battle without being exhausted. But would it be worth it for a loss?

“Besides, the order of the battles is based on the same principle as the previous battles. The one with the first jade key can challenge who they want. So Lin Feng will be the first one and then it will be Tang You You’s turn.. Then after everybody is done battling, it’s Lin Feng’s turn again. However, there is one rule. You cannot challenge your own self and you cannot challenge someone who has just battled. You must wait until the next round to challenge them.” explained Xue Wu Chang. As before, the ones with the best jade keys could challenge first but it wouldn’t provide with such great advantages. Eventually, everyone would fight everybody else… 

Everybody would have to fight each other without exception. Apart from strength, endurance was going to be tested here too…

“I told you the rules and I think everybody understands. Now, everybody move aside. Lin Feng stay here and choose your first opponent.” 

“Alright.” nodded Lin Feng. He stayed in the middle of the fighting stage and the others gradually moved away. All eyes were on Lin Feng and they wondering who he would choose first.

“You.” said Lin Feng, pointing at the fourteenth person. That person’s strong point was physical strength, his body was like an indestructible iron wall.

That person deeply stared at Lin Feng, he expected that he’d be chosen. Lin Feng would probably fight against the strongest cultivators later… Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang were good friends so he didn’t want to fight him first. 

“Boom boom!” That person was making the ground shake after each step. It seemed like the fighting stage was going to cave in. 

“Give up, I don’t want to hurt you and influence your next battles.” said Lin Feng indifferently. That person was surprised at how arrogant Lin Feng was… That person was fourteenth but he was extremely strong. And now Lin Feng was telling him to give up because he didn’t want to hurt him…? 

Everyone was surprised when they heard Lin Feng. Another step made the atmosphere vibrate. 

“Even though I only spent one day in the special area, I also progressed. Besides, with my corporeal strength, I can fight you. You might win but I want to try at least.” said that person. Lin Feng had increased his sword cultivation in the special area and might be able to kill him with one sword attack… But that person was really strong too, if he didn’t fight the first battle, how would he be able to fight the next battles…? He would lose credibility.

Lin Feng slightly nodded and said, “Alright, let’s fight then.” 

Lin Feng made a step forwards, and in a flash his sword emitted whistling sounds in the atmosphere. He was placing pressure on the physical strength of his opponent. Sword force and physical strength force were colliding in the air.

That person violently trampled on the ground towards Lin Feng when he sensed how sharp the sword energy was. 

“Boom boom boom!” A terrifying physical strength was shaking the entire fighting stage violently.

“Physical strength cannot win against my sword…” whispered Lin Feng. And then he launched forwards. 

“Crrrr…. Crrrr…..” A terrifying sharp sound spread in the air. It seemed like sword Qi was going to lacerate the entire atmosphere.

Lin Feng’s sword had started to look like that of a monstrously strong cultivator. It could finally lacerate the atmosphere, but it was only the start though. 

“What a terrifying sword.” thought the crowd, staring at Lin Feng’s sword. Seven days before, they had seen how terrifying Lin Feng’s indestructible golden body was. And then they saw Lin Feng’s terrifying bloodthirsty sword. It was then that they had realized how terrifying he was. 

Now, they realized that Lin Feng’s sword ability had increased.

Lin Feng was giving off the feeling that he had perfectly fused with his sword. His sword intent was terrifying, it was more terrifying than any simple human sword fusion. His sword intent was jaw-dropping. 

“As expected, sword intent…” The crowd sighed. Last time they hadn’t sensed it clearly, but this time the sword intent was fierce and swift.

Lin Feng’s opponent already looked glum. Lin Feng’s sword was putting too much pressure on his body already, and that sword intent actually cutting the air… It was moving towards him and emitting terrifying whistling sounds, his own physical strength force didn’t have a chance. 

“As expected, I doubted his abilities previously because last time he defeated a cultivator of the same strength as me. But training in the first special area… I already lost now.” thought Lin Feng’s opponent. His physical strength force was moving back. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “I lost.”

He had lost, he wasn’t going to try and fight.

Lin Feng’s terrifying sword energies immediately disappeared. He didn’t put any more pressure on his opponent, he just smiled and nodded. Then, he moved aside.

After watching Lin Feng, The crowd was wondering what his real strength was… It seemed like he had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer but with his terrifying sword intent he could easily annihilate cultivators of the seventh Xuan Qi layer. He was probably hiding his real cultivation level… 

Lin Feng had probably become stronger… 

People were impatient to see Lin Feng’s next battles to see how strong he had actually become. Who would be able to defeat him and his sword? 

Then it was Tang You You’s turn. She picked the ice-soul girl again. 

“Last time, you lost. I challenge you again.” said Tang You You. 

That ice-soul girl looked glum. Seven days before she had been to figure out how to resist Tang You You’s punches… But she had had no idea, the only solution she could come up with was speed. She had to be faster than Tang You You, or her physical strength had to surpass that of Tang You You…

However, it seemed impossible. Especially seeing how Tang You You had gone to the second special area… and the ice-soul girl had gone to the thirteenth one… She had no chance.

“I forfeit, you win.” said the ice-soul girl, unsurprisingly. She closed her eyes as if she was trying to save some strength and energy for her next battles. 

Tang You You nodded. Just like Lin Feng, she moved back to her initial position. 

Lin Feng and Tang You You had both won their first battles, so there were thirteen more to go. 

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