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PMG Chapter 658: Poor Yu Mo

PMG Chapter 658: Poor Yu Mo

The third battle was Di Ling against the twelfth, and Di Ling had won. 

Then, Duan Wu Dao chose Qing Meng Xin and Qing Meng Xin gave up.

Jun Mo Xi looked at Yu Mo and smiled indifferently.

Jun Mo Xi’s smile made Yu Mo upset, he was choosing him again…

“This time, I’m sure that I will win.” said Yu Mo, his pupils looked ice-cold. Seven days before, he had taken everything to heart. Yu Mo was an incredible cultivator, but he had surprisingly lost to Jun Mo Xi from Dragon Mountain… He had lost face. 

“Boom!” A terrifying vortex appeared. There weren’t many actions, no words, only a vortex which emerged out of Yu Mo’s body and moved towards Jun Mo Xi. It looked dreadful. 

“Vital Qi of Righteousness!” said Jun Mo Xi as a terrifying golden light emerged out of his body and rose up in the air. A gigantic Qi of righteousness dashed to the skies.

A gigantic vital energy of righteousness! 

“Die!” shouted Yu Mo furiously. He then assaulted the atmosphere with his fists towards Jun Mo Xi, who just stared back at Yu Mo. His vital Qi of righteousness was incredible, it seemed like no evil Qi could pierce through it. 

Yu Mo’s punch made the Qi of righteousness fluctuate even more violently, it was insanely dashing to the skies now.

“Huh?” Yu Mo was astonished. How was that possible? He couldn’t pierce through his vital energy of righteousness. He had broken through to the very top of the eighth Xuan Qi layer, how could it be that difficult?

His pupils turned black and white, some trigrams patterns appeared in his eyes as well as in his hand. He was persevering but wanted to destroy Jun Mo Xi’s Qi of righteousness.

“Boom… Boom….” That terrifying vital energy of righteousness continued to dash towards the skies. Jun Mo Xi was bathing in a pure and holy and energy, the trigrams pattern still had no effect.

“Jun Mo Xi is even scarier than seven days before…” thought the crowd, shivering. His energy was as gigantic as a mountain.

“You thought that you had become strong enough to defeat me after training in that special place?” asked Jun Mo Xi. Yu Mo was shaking. At that moment, Jun Mo Xi’s eyes were twinkling and looked dazzling. It was the first time that such dazzling lights appeared in his eyes. 

“Don’t forget that I entered the fifth special area. Even before the special area I was stronger than you, so it makes sense that you are still weaker than me.” said Jun Mo Xi, jumping forwards. His terrifying energy of righteousness invaded the entire atmosphere, there was nothing else but righteousness.

“Huh?” The crowd was astonished. Jun Mo Xi’s Qi was really terrifying. It was entirely gold was able to turn into a hurricane. But then, it formed into a golden dragon.

The crowd could sense it, they felt tiny insects.

Apart from the crowd, Yu Mo also had that feeling. He felt like a piece of trash in front of that energy of righteousness which could annihilate any evil person.

Yu Mo had no more self-confidence. He was just staring at Jun Mo Xi bathing in his golden energy. 

“You… Are a genius?” asked Jun Mo Xi mockingly. Those words painfully resonated in Yu Mo’s heart and brain. The terrifying dragon hurricane swept away and took Yu Mo along with it. His body was blown away. Jun Mo Xi had an overwhelming victory. 

“Jun Mo Xi won…?” The crowd was shaking. Everything had happened so fast, what was going on? The fight had just started, Jun Mo Xi released his energy of righteousness and oppressed Yu Mo so much so that he flew away. The difference between the two was so much…? 

Jun Mo Xi’s words were resonating in people’s thoughts, was Yu Mo a genius? Was he really one of the eight most outstanding geniuses of Xue Yu?

Was he too weak or was Jun Mo Xi too strong?

Yu Mo groaned, the energy of righteousness had invaded his body and he was fighting it.

“Next.” said Jun Mo Xi calmly, turning around and going back to his seat. Yu Mo couldn’t believe what he heard.

“No, we’re not done.” said Yu Mo, suddenly looking particularly evil. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Jun Mo Xi. 

“Enough!” shouted a voice which resonated in Yu Mo’s brain painfully. Yu Mo raised his head and saw a pair of ice-cold eyes staring at him. 

“I told you. On the path of cultivation, your heart must become as solid as a mountain if you don’t want it to break.” said Jun Mo Xi. He had won. 

For the sixth battle, Xue Sha chose Yun Fei Yang, just like Lin Feng had expected. Yun Fei Yang immediately forfeited.

The seventh battle was Yu Mo’s turn but because he had already been chosen and had already fought, he would have to wait for the next fight. Qi Qing Jian Ling Xiao chose Ku Yao Tong the Dead Tree. Both of them were part of the eight most outstanding disciples of Xue Yu. 

This time, Qi Qing Jian showed no mercy. He immediately unsheathed seven swords which all contained sword intent. 

The Dead Tree had death in his eyes as he opened them. In a flash, everything was filled with a dead energy. But in the air, Ling Xiao’s swords cut through the energy. Rosy clouds emerged out of the swords and dashed to the skies. Soon after Ku Yao Tong lost.

There were only fifteen people so when it arrived to Liu Yu Qin Yu Xiao Xiao’s turn, everybody had already fought once. So she chose the fourteenth cultivator and won.

During the second round, Lin Feng chose the ice-soul girl. Using his sword intent he destroyed the girl’s ice-soul. His sword couldn’t be frozen, thus Lin Feng won again. 

Tang You You chose the one with the silver sword and won as well. It was their second victory already. 

Then, Di Ling chose Qing Meng Xin who immediately forfeited. Then, Duan Wu Dao chose Ku Yao Tong. Everybody thought that the battle would be disastrous but Duan Wu Dao was way too violent and powerful. It seemed like he only held disdain for the Dead Tree, even though Duan Wu Dao was younger than him. He had destroyed him in one punch and won.

Jun Mo Xi, this time chose Liu Yu Qin Yu Xiao Xiao and won. Then, Xue Sha chose to fight against Ling Xiao. Xue Sha’s deadly Qi collided with Ling Xiao’s sword and there was a huge explosion. However, in the end Xue Sha won.

Xue Sha had won twice.

After, it was Yu Mo’s turn to choose. He chose Yun Fei Yang, he was the only one left who hadn’t fought during that round. 

“Unfortunately, I cannot kill you.” said Yu Mo evilly to Yun Fei Yang. Lin Feng wasn’t the only one who had offended him, Jun Mo Xi had also made him appear as a buffoon. Now, he wanted to regain face by crushing Yun Fei Yang. Unfortunately Yun Fei Yang would probably immediately forfeit and would refuse to fight. 

“How come you’re still standing there?” Yun Fei Yang jumped forwards and looked back Yu Mo. He sounded indifferent. Yu Mo was astonished.

Yun Fei Yang was going to… Fight?

Yun Fei Yang had forfeited when Xue Sha had challenged him… He had also forfeited against Ku Yao Tong the Dead Tree… But in front of Yu Mo, he was going to fight? Why?

Yu Mo looked glum, but then he realized what was happening… He wanted to humiliate Yun Fei Yang, and the latter knew that. So by accepting the challenge, he was alternatively humiliating Yu Mo.

“You are not giving up?” asked Yu Mo. Yun Fei Yang ignored him and immediately jumped forwards. In a flash, a gigantic rumbling sound spread in the air. The force of the Earth and sky became heavy, Yu Mo pulled a long face… Not only wasn’t Yun Fei Yang going to forfeit but he had immediately took the offensive.

“DIE!” This time, Yu Mo was infuriated. Terrifying trigrams appeared. Without hesitation his blood-like eight trigrams surrounded Yun Fei Yang’s body.
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