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PMG Chapter 659: Blood-Red Sword

PMG Chapter 659: Blood-Red Sword

“You asked me to forfeit? I will really wonder how you plan to back that up. At least, you should be able to one-shot me if you’re strong enough to ask me that.” said Yun Fei Yang with a cold smile. He jumped forwards and terrifying rumbling sounds spread in the air. He condensed the force of the Earth and sky. Once again, he was borrowing the strength of the planet which enveloped the eight red trigrams. 

“Since you don’t want to forfeit, I will teach you a lesson.” said Yu Mo coldly. The eight trigrams looked even more frightening. And then Yu Mo shouted furiously, “Annihilate!” 

The eight trigrams were moving chaotically through the air. A black and white color then rose up and moved towards Yun Fei Yang. This time, Yu Mo was using his full strength. It seemed like he wanted to kill Yun Fei Yang. He wanted to regain his popularity. 

“The force of the Earth and sky is mine! A strong force can annihilate anything.” shouted Yun Fei Yang furiously. Pure Qi was emitting whistling sounds in the air as Yun Fei Yang started running.

“Boom boom boom!” The ground was shaking violently, some fissures even appeared. The force of the Earth and sky was that powerful. Yun Fei Yang’s Qi and force were dashing boundlessly and then turned into an airstream spinning rapidly. He was fusing together with the earth. 

“Seventh Xuan Qi layer!” The crowd was astonished, extremely surprised. Yun Fei Yang had broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer. He had been hiding his real strength… Apart from his terrifying force of the Earth and sky, he had also broken through to the very top of the seventh Xuan Qi layer.

“That guy… He has incredibly frightening methods. And to top that, he managed to hide his strength from us…” thought Lin Feng, smiling. Yun Fei Yang and Lin Feng were very similar, they were both hiding their real cultivation levels. 

Yu Mo was astonished. He even looked glum. No wonder Yun Fei Yang had accepted the challenge. He wasn’t scared at all because he had hidden his real strength. 

“Seventh Xuan Qi layer or not, I will still kill you!” scorned Yu Mo coldly. A terrifying spirit Qi emerged and rolled into the atmosphere abruptly. His eight trigrams spirit looked terrifying. In Yu Mo’s eyes, everything was black and white…. And blood red.

“Eight trigrams, total annihilation!” Yu Mo closed his eyes and a myriad of trigrams appeared. Then they moved towards Yun Fei Yang at full speed. Yun Fei Yang was surrounded by the eight trigrams, his pure Qi was being consumed.

“Boom boom boom boom!” 

The ground was shaking insanely. This time, Yun Fei Yang continued running and the force of the Earth and sky was oppressing Yu Mo’s body. He then condensed all the force he could onto Yu Mo creating an intense pressure.

“You’re still not dying!” shouted Yu Mo, whose eyelids were shaking. His world was still black and white. He was maneuvering his trigrams back to block Yun Fei Yang’s way. Now he wanted to kill Yun Fei Yang more than anything.

“Huh? Lin Feng frowned. This time Yu Mo was using his full strength, he wanted to kill Yun Fei Yang. And for the latter, the situation seemed dangerous… 

“Boom boom!” but the sound of Yun Fei Yang’s steps were spreading in the air. Yun Fei Yang arrived in front of Yu Mo and condensed a massive amount of force to oppress Yu Mo. It seemed like Yu Mo was going to be crushed under the pressure.



They both shouted at the same time, their hearts were both filled with murder. 

“Boom!” A terrifying force violently crashed onto Yu Mo’s body. Even though Yu Mo was stronger than Yun Fei Yang, Yu Mo was projected backwards and his blood splashed. He had been injured! Yun Fei Yang had condensed so much force that he could injure Yu Mo.

The crowd couldn’t believe it, they had never thought Yun Fei Yang was that strong. 

“You will die!!!” shouted Yu Mo like a madman. There were trigrams on Yun Fei Yang’s body and Yu Mo still had some around his own body. Yun Fei Yang was already oppressed by the trigrams so Yu Mo still had hope.

“I give up.” said Yun Fei Yang moving back. He had injured Yu Mo but was still forfeiting… It was enough for him.

“You will die, no matter if you forfeit or not. Today you will die die!” said Yu Mo looking sick. Blood was pouring out his mouth, making him look possessed. His terrifying trigrams swallowed Yun Fei Yang’s pure Qi and enveloped him.

Yun Fei Yang had given up but Yu Mo still wanted to kill him?

The crowd was shaking, Yu Mo was really furious. He had gone insane. He had lost his first battle against Jun Mo Xi and then was injured by Yun Fei Yang during the second. That was just too much for him. 

Yu Mo had forgotten about the rules of the competition and went insane. 

“Die!” Yu Mo had gone mental, he had to kill Yun Fei Yang. 

Yun Fei Yang’s face drastically changed. He thought he would be safe after forfeiting.

But then a terrifying hurricane appeared on the fighting stage. A red, blood light had appeared. The crowd only saw a blood red setting sun appear. 


The crowd was stunned. They couldn’t tell what was going on or what that blood red thing was. It seemed like a silhouette was appearing. 


A subtle sound spread in the air that wasn’t loud at all. It seemed like wings had appeared on that setting sun. It was dazzling as it streaked across the sky. 

“Fuck off!” shouted Yu Mo furiously. He then punched the atmosphere with terrifying strength. Several more sounds were heard and a weak, frail blood red light could be seen. It seemed like the strength of his hand was gradually being cut. In a flash, Yu Mo’s sleeve was in pieces and blood gushed out of his hand. 

“Ahhhhhh……” Yu Mo suddenly sensed a terrifying pain in his arm. His entire arm was swallowed by that blood red light. At the same time, his body was also projected backwards.

“Lacerate.” another blood red light spread in the air and it was just as terrifying. Yu Mo released a terrifying physical strength to cut the blood red light into two.

The moment when the light disappeared the crowd could clearly see what was happening. On the fighting stage, a silhouette in white clothes had appeared. That person looked thin and desolate. In his hand was a blood red sword that looked dazzling and bloodthirsty. 

“Lin Feng!” the crowd couldn’t contain themselves. Lin Feng had surprisingly gotten involved! That blood sword of his was terrifying.

Now Yu Mo’s sleeve was minced and blood was gushing everywhere. Lin Feng had injured him with his sword before.

“How strong.” Thought the crowd, many had even stood up. They were enthralled with Lin Feng, they wanted to see him use his full strength. Could it be that he could defeat Yu Mo who had broken through to the very top of the eighth Xuan Qi layer?

Yu Mo looked ice-cold and stared back at Lin Feng. He had been injured again… He had been injured by Yun Fei Yang and now by Lin Feng. Someone who he had considered an insect. In the evil area he had almost killed Lin Feng… Now, Lin Feng was strong enough to injure him with his sword. 

“Shameless bastard! You attacked me by surprise!” said Yu Mo coldly, while insisting on the word “surprise” because he wanted to keep face.

“I attacked you from the front, not the back.” explained Lin Feng indifferently. He held his bloodthirsty sword firmly. He then added coldly, “Don’t forget that you were the first one to break the rule.”

Then, Lin Feng turned around and moved to Yun Fei Yang. A moment before, Yu Mo didn’t have the time to take care of Yun Fei Yang when Lin Feng attacked him. The trigrams had disappeared already and Yun Fei Yang looked normal again. 

“Are you alright?” asked Lin Feng.

“I’m alright. he’s worse than I am.” joked Yun Fei Yang. He didn’t care about the result of the battle, what was important was his heart. The most important thing was to surpass one’s self. Strength didn’t matter that much, even if the results of a battle were predetermined. Once the body and mind were determined they couldn’t be influenced by such reasonings. The most important thing to him was to become better, and that was enough. Yun fei Yang had just attacked Yu Mo and had injured him. That’s exactly what it was about, hurting other people.

“Since I am more hurt than you, do you want to continue the battle?” asked Yu Mo darkly, staring at Yun Fei Yang. 

“No need. I forfeited.” replied Yun Fei Yang calmly. He didn’t care.

“Continue?” said Lin Feng. He raised his head and looked at Xue Wu Chang, then asked, “Mister, it’s already the end of the second round. It’s my turn now so can I challenge him?” 

Lin Feng was pointing at Yu Mo. The crowd was silent. Lin Feng wanted to challenge Yu Mo for the third round! 

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