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PMG Chapter 660: A Sword Destroying the Atmosphere

PMG Chapter 660: A Sword Destroying the Atmosphere

Lin Feng was challenging Yu Mo. 

Xue Wu Chang’s eyes twinkled. He remained silent for a while but looked at Yu Mo and said, “He broke the rules first,. Even if it’s another round it’s no good to fight twice in a row. But if Yu Mo is willing to fight, then I have no objections.” 

The crowd looked to Yu Mo after they heard Xue Wu Chang. Would he accept even though he his injured? 

Yu Mo didn’t know what to say looking at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng had obtained the first jade key so Yu Mo had no occasion to challenge him before… He had always thought that he would be the last person Lin Feng decided to challenge, but he had been looking forward to that fight. Since the beginning, he had wanted to kill Lin Feng. 

However, Yu Mo hadn’t anticipated that Lin Feng would challenge him during the third round of the final battles.

Yu Mo glared at Lin Feng coldly. He thought that Lin Feng’s sword was very powerful, he could even use sword intent. Tut there was still a difference of three cultivation layers between them, could Lin Feng really compete with him?

Yu Mo decided that it was impossible. Lin Feng was challenging him and he was going to die because of it.

“Of course I agree, why wouldn’t I?” said Yu Mo, looking back at the blood on his arm. His pupils looked just as cold as before. Lin Feng was going to die. 

Lin Feng wanted to kill Yu Mo even more when he his eyes.

In the evil area, Lin Feng was so much weaker than Yu Mo but now…… 

Lin Feng glanced at Yun Fei Yang and smiled, “Go back, he’s mine.”

When Yun Fei Yang saw how confident Lin Feng was, he smiled and said, “Alright, if you can kill him don’t show any mercy.”

“Of course.” Lin Feng said nodding. Yu Mo wanted to kill Lin Feng, why would Lin Feng show mercy?

Lin Feng shook his hand and a pill appeared. He looked at Yu Mo and said, “That pill will cure all your injuries.”

He threw the pill at Yu Mo. 

Yu Mo stretched his hand and caught the pill. He was speechless, Lin Feng was giving him a pill to recover…?

The crowd was just as bewildered, Lin Feng was that confident…?

“Don’t worry, that pill is a real one. With mister Xue Wu Chang and all the strongest cultivators of Xue Yu here, how could I think to poison you…? Take it. If you die, people will avenge you. If you manage to kill me, I will die without regrets just as well.”

“Alright, very good.” said Yu Mo with an ice-cold smile. He swallowed the pill and a pleasant feeling invaded his body. As expected, his injuries caused by Yun Fei Yang and Lin Feng immediately healed. Even his physical wounds disappeared, and his pure Qi was stronger than before.

“Now, let’s fight?” said Lin Feng indifferently. The crowd looked impatient. They wanted to see that battle. Lin Feng was going to fight against one of the eight most outstanding disciples of Xue Yu…

Was Lin Feng going to become one of the eight most outstanding disciples of Xue Yu?

Besides, Lin Feng was going to fight against an extremely strong one: Yu Mo. 

“I’ve wanted to kill you for a long time, now you’re begging for it yourself.” giggled Yu Mo. He jumped forwards and oppressed Lin Feng with his peak eighth Xuan Qi layer power.

“You think that you are so strong because you can use some sword intent? There is a huge difference between your cultivation level and mine… You simply cannot compete with me.” said Yu Mo. He didn’t immediately use his eight trigrams like he had against Yun Fei Yang. He was trying his terrifying force instead. 

“Indeed, there is a huge difference. However, with the strength of the fifth Xuan Qi layer I can kill people of the seventh Xuan Qi layer easily. If I was at the sixth Xuan Qi layer, wouldn’t I be stronger?” asked Lin Feng coldly. He was smiling resplendently.

After that, Lin Feng made a step forwards and released a terrifying sword energy. Lin Feng’s pure Qi was revolving around his body at full speed.

Sixth Xuan Qi layer! 

All of a sudden Lin Feng’s Qi was of the sixth Xuan Qi layer, not of the fifth… Surprisingly, he had hidden his strength and Yu Mo hadn’t seen it. Honestly, nobody had.

Lin Feng had studied an impressive secret skill.

“So what if you broke through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer? The difference between each cultivation layer at the Xuan Qi layer is huge. The difference between a cultivator at the sixth Xuan Qi layer and a cultivator of the eighth Xuan Qi layer is too great. Besides, I am not at the seventh Xuan Qi layer, I am at the very top of the eighth Xuan Qi layer. I am not afraid of you, you can only die.” after remaining silent for a moment, Yu Mo said those words again. He was threatening Lin Feng.

“Is that so?” said Lin Feng with a cold smile. He jumped forwards again and released a terrifying pure Qi which dashed to the skies. The crowd was shivering. 

How was that possible?

The crowd was surprised with his next step, Lin Feng had released an energy and force equal to the seventh Xuan Qi layer! (Editor’s note: Even the editor is surprised :O

How could Lin Feng have broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer? Could it be due to the gifts he received in the special area? Even though the special areas were incredible places, the others hadn’t broken through to higher cultivation layers like that. How could Lin Feng have broken through two cultivation layers in a row?

Those who had gone with him to Shen Gong were even more speechless. They knew how incredible the special areas were but it was impossible for Lin Feng to have broken through two cultivation layers in a row. Absolutely impossible… Especially in seven days.

“Did Lin Feng hide his cultivation level before…?”

That was impossible. 

People were all wondering how that was possible.

“Now, are you as confident as before?” asked Lin Feng, he was holding his bloodthirsty sword obliquely. Terrifying whistling sounds were spreading in the atmosphere. His sword intent surrounded Yu Mo. 

Lin Feng’s bloodthirsty sword could cut through the entire atmosphere.

“Die!” Lin Feng’s bloodthirsty sword started dancing, it was moving at an inconceivable speed. A blood-red light shot out towards Yu Mo. 

“Go!” shouted Yu Mo furiously. He shook his hand and a terrifying strength moved towards Lin Feng’s red light. Some muffled sounds spread as Lin Feng’s sword lacerated that physical strength. It was too sharp. 

“Die!” shouted an ice-cold voice. Yu Mo was stunned. He raised his head and noticed that Lin Feng was attacking him again. The red light of his sword looked particularly terrifying. 

“Eight Trigrams!” shouted Yu Mo unsteadily. Lin Feng’s sword was way too fast, the reflections on it looked like shooting stars. Yu Mo didn’t have a single second to breathe. 

The eight trigrams moved swiftly through the air and then the blood-red light of the sword was reflecting on them. Yu Mo wanted to kill Lin Feng just like he had tried to kill Yun Fei Yang.

During this crucial moment, Lin Feng decided to close his eyes. His body and mind were in perfect harmony. His body was in perfect harmony with his energies, with his sword, with the Earth and the sky… 

“Crrr… Crrr….” 

A terrifying sword Qi moved straight through the atmosphere with insane speed. Those in the crowd not already standing quickly did and started shaking. That sword was too fast.

A blood-red light invaded the entire arena. It seemed like the whole crowd was bathing in a sea of blood. It even looked like it was raining blood. It was a shower of bloodthirsty swords lacerating everything, including the trigrams.

“Twelve swords!” said a voice coming from the sky. An infinite number of red lights were pouring. The eight trigrams hadn’t collided with Lin Feng, instead they were lacerated by Lin Feng’s sword. 

“What terrifying sword-play.” thought the crowd. They were astonished. Yu Mo looked absolutely enraged. His entire physical strength dashed to the skies. He was using all his strength he could muster at the top of the eighth Xuan Qi layer. Without restraint his eight trigrams soared to the skies and seemed heavy like they contained some sanguinary energies. Yu Mo’s eyes had become bloodshot. 

“Crrrr….” Only some slight tearing sounds spread in the air, no explosion or quakes. An incredible blood-red light seemed like it was wrecking havoc on the stage. Yu Mo looked particularly cruel and evil, again like a madman. 

“Even if you’re insane, you will die.” Lin Feng said. “Thirteenth sword!”
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