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PMG Chapter 661: One Sword

PMG Chapter 661: One Sword

Blood-red lights transformed into a vortex as Lin Feng’s sword fell from the sky. His bloodthirsty sword was destroying the entire space and it seemed like nothing else existed but that sword.

“Yu Mo is in danger!” the crowd thought, all of their attention was on the sword. They couldn’t see Lin Feng’s silhouette anymore, they could only see a bloodthirsty sword moving with an indomitable will.

Nobody had expected such strength, nobody had believed that Lin Feng would be able to deploy such a sword attack…

“Ahhhhh!!!!” A bloodcurdling shriek spread in the air. Yu Mo’s blue veins were looking particularly swollen, almost like he was about to explode. He had never thought that he would be in such a difficult situation against Lin Feng.

“Stop!” shouted a voice which made the entire stadium shake, everybody’s hearts skipped a beat. Lin Feng was in symbiosis with his heart at that moment and that voice made his entire soul tremble. He let out a groan from the pain. He had to leave his trance-like mental state of mind and came back to reality. His sword force also went back to normal…

“Go!” shouted Yu Mo violently. He condensed all the physical strength he could to soar into the skie and bombard Lin Feng’s bloodthirsty sword.

More subtle sounds spread in the air, the red light from the sword impenetrable. The crowd only saw Yu Mo get projected backwards with his blood splashing out. Yu Mo looked like a madman the way he was looking at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng descended from the sky and landed. The tip of his sword rested on the fighting stage with Yu Mo’s blood was dripping from it. Lin Feng looked like a proud hero. 

Lin Feng turned around and looked back at Yu Mo who had landed far away in the distance.

The shout from before was probably Yu Mo’s teacher who had tried to distract Lin Feng. Lin Feng had just sensed his soul shake from that soul attack. If he had hadn’t shouted, Lin Feng would have killed Yu Mo. 

Xue Wu Chang looked at that person, you could tell how furious he was from eyes. 

“Yu Mo already lost, I am just forfeiting for him. I won’t get involved again, I only wanted to save his life and nothing more.” explained that person, rising up in the air and frowning. He sounded calm as he defended himself. 

“That shout was an attack and you say you didn’t get involved?” said Lin Feng furiously, looking at Yu Mo’s teacher. That teacher was a tiny little person, but he was monstrously strong. He had hurt Lin Feng’s soul a moment before with only a shout, so that teacher must have already broken through to the Tian Qi layer. With one shout, he could injure cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. The Tian Qi layer is way beyond the Xuan Qi layer…

Yu Mo’s teacher, hadn’t only broken through to the first Tian Qi layer, he was much stronger.

“Little boy, be quiet. There’s no need to make big gestures here. Yu Mo forfeited, that’s all. Go back to your seat now. Let the next battle start. Thank you.” said the teacher indifferently, glancing down at Lin Feng. He even sounded like he was threatening Lin Feng to a certain extent. 

Big gestures? Go back to his seat? Was Lin Feng the first one who wanted to kill in this match? 


Lin Feng didn’t pay any more attention to that teacher. He looked at Xue Wu Chang and asked, “Mister, did they violate the rules?”

“Indeed.” said Xue Wu Chang nodding. 

“I believe you then.” said Lin Feng while bowing. Immediately after, he looked at Yu Mo and released a terrifying sword energy which was seemingly even stronger than before. 

The sword energy was extremely sharp and was lacerating the atmosphere. The whistling sounds it was emitting were piercing painfully through people’s eardrums. 

“Huh?” The crowd wasn’t sure what he was doing. Was he going to continue the battle and kill Yu Mo?”

Xue Wu Chang made a step forward and arrived in front of Yu Mo’s teacher. He then said coldly, “All the participants of the Great Competition of Xue Yu are geniuses. Shen Gong doesn’t hope that they will die. If Yu Mo hadn’t initially wanted to kill Lin Feng, I would stop Lin Feng now. But since Yu Mo has been trying to kill Lin Feng this whole time, the result is logical. I said it once, if you get involved once again, you will die here in Mi Cheng.”

“Die in Mi Cheng…” everyone’s hearts were beating extra quick from the stress. Xue Wu Chang was furious. 

He despised Yu Mo’s teacher. Yu Mo and Lin Feng could solve their problems by themselves. Nobody could get involved. Even if Yu Mo’s teacher was an extremely strong cultivator of the Tian Qi layer, Shen Gong wouldn’t allow him to interfere again. This time he would kill him. 

“How incredible, they are so cruel!” the crowd was extremely excited. Lin Feng was cruel, and Xue Wu Chang was just as cruel. A cultivator of the Tian Qi layer had just attacked Lin Feng yet he wanted to continue his battle against Yu Mo. The more he fought, the more he wanted to kill Yu Mo. This time the Tian Qi cultivator wouldn’t get involved.

Yu Mo was face to face with Lin Feng and Yu Mo’s teacher was facing Xue Wu Chang. What could the teacher do now? Yu Mo’s teacher didn’t care about Xue Wu Chang, but Shen Gong was a different story. Xue Wu Chang was the manager of the Great Competition of Xue Yu, he represented Shen Gong and its authority. What he said was Shen Gong’s word. If he got involved again, Mi Cheng would become his final destination. An incredible cultivator of the Tian Qi layer was now helpless. 

Lin Feng was still firmly holding his sword. He slowly walked towards Yu Mo and said coldly, “You wanted to kill me back in the evil area, back then you didn’t think such a day would come…”

Yu Mo looked ferocious and hideous. He had, of course, never thought such a thing would happen. Not even in his worst nightmares! Back in the evil area, he had humiliated Lin Feng and considered him as an insect. He wanted to kill him then but now the table was turned, what a sad truth. 

The participants of the competition were narrowing their eyes, Lin Feng was really strong… He had even managed to defeat Yu Mo. 

The entire crowd looked excited. These battles were incredible, brutal, dazzling. They had never thought that Lin Feng would be so incredible at the competition! Of course, it wasn’t such a pleasant surprise for some people. Like certain people from Tian Feng or those of the Wan Shou Sect, or even for Yue Qing Shan… 

They hadn’t left yet because they had all been waiting for Yu Mo to kill Lin Feng. But just like in their worst nightmares, they were devastated to see Lin Feng succeed.

His sword Qi was becoming stronger and stronger. Lin Feng, with his state of mind and willpower was starting to leave tears in the air. His sword was moving straight towards Yu Mo.

“No… No….” People’s hearts were pounding violently. It was impossible, Lin Feng’s sword intent was becoming stronger! 

“How’s that possible… Lin Feng hid his cultivation level and his real strength…” A short time before, his sword intent was at the first level, but now it was at the third. His sword intent had increased by two levels.

Yu Mo was astonished, his heart hurt from the pressure. Why had he put himself in such a situation? 

“Could it be that Lin Feng is still becoming stronger?” thought the crowd. They kept shaking their heads, it was impossible. Lin Feng had already become so strong and there were limits. He couldn’t be so much stronger in such a short time, it was impossible according to the laws of cultivation. 

His sword intent stopped at level three, and left the atmosphere filled with sword Qi. 

Blood was still dripping from his sword. Lin Feng walked slowly towards Yu Mo and said, “Do you understand? A moment ago, I just used you… To practice my sword intent, that’s all.” 

“Practice his sword intent?!” Lin Feng’s words were resonating in everyone’s heads… Yu Mo was scared. A moment before, Lin Feng had used him to increase his sword intent, just like a guinea pig. What a humiliation! 

“Boom!” It seemed like the atmosphere was going to collapse with all that sword energy. It was everywhere as Lin Feng started moving swift like the wind. 

“I only need one sword attack to kill you actually!” said Lin Feng. Then his sword started moving even faster. A blood red light descended from the sky as it was being cut in half. Immediately after, the crowd saw Yu Mo terrified. Surprisingly, he had forgotten to block. Truthfully, he was unable to block such an attack. He could only watch as that light descended from the sky.. Suddenly, a wound appeared on his body. 

That wound was deep. 

“One sword is enough…” 

Lin Feng’s words were still echoing. One sword really was enough to kill him. 

Yu Mo was dead!
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