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PMG Chapter 663: The Seven Swords

PMG Chapter 663: The Seven Swords

“Death intent!” Lin Feng was surprised. In the middle of all those dead trees he could sense some death intent. 

Intent wasn’t a specific attribute of swords, other things could have intent like death energy. Provided that the cultivator could understand intent, they could use it. 

“Burn!” said Lin Feng coldly. Again a terrifying fire was emitted, and his entire body was surrounded by blazing flames. Those flames seemed like they could burn everything.

“Intent…” The Dead Tree’s pupils shrank. That terrifying fire contained intent as well. The entire area had turned into an ocean of flames that burned through everything. 

Those branches disappeared without a trace each time they came in contact with Lin Feng. Lin Feng had been right to use fire against the Dead Tree. 

“Die!” shouted a voice coming from within the flames. Lin Feng was his extremely hot cosmos-burning sun fire.

The Dead Tree tried to dodge the flames because touching them would spell his doom. That fire was too hot.

“Eye Skill!” The Dead Tree’s eyes suddenly looked empty, like that of a dead person. Everything seemed like it was fading. Lin Feng’s fire seemed to weaken.

Ku Yao Tong looked particularly evil at that moment. It seemed like his branches were becoming alive.

“Huh?” Lin Feng was surprised again. Impossible. His eye technique couldn’t be so terrifying that it was giving life to the branches… It had to be an illusion or a hallucination. 

“It has to be a trick.” thought Lin Feng determined. Ku Yao Tong could make Lin Feng believe things and make people believe he was a dead tree. But when someone realized that it was only an illusion, the death intent could make the branches alive.

Lin Feng knew that it was a hallucination but those eyes filled with death intent were powerful, it seemed like they could influence people’s intent. Lin Feng’s fire was becoming weaker and weaker.

“Eye technique…” thought Lin Feng. His eyes suddenly started turned black, deep and mysterious. He looked like a demon with his pupils ice-cold and emotionless.

Now nothing could affect his thoughts or intent, everything was clear and distinct. Everything appeared in his head just like a painting.

Ku Yao Tong shivered when he saw Lin Feng’s eyes turn black, those eyes looked so cold… Even his death intent couldn’t influence Lin Feng anymore.

“It seems like your real strength is constricted in front of me.” said Lin Feng confidently. He made a step forwards as his fire regained its passion. That fire again seemed like it could burn the planet, the Dead Tree’s world gradually vanished. In Lin Feng’s hand appeared a sword condensed of sun Qi.

“Rising Sun!” 

That sword rose like the rising sun, filled with the fire of the sun and fire intent. The sun was shining upon that sword dazzlingly.

Crrrr… Crrr….” Ku Yao Tong’s Qi was being lacerated by Lin Feng’s sword. Ku Yao Tong retreated backwards like a madman. He could only watch as the fire was moving to engulf him, some of the flames had even reached his body as he nearly started burning. That fire was filled with intent and was destroying a certain amount of his physical strength. 

“Sun fire.”

Ku Yao Tong was shaking because Lin Feng’s fire was too terrifying. It was too hot, he couldn’t put it out. He might end up paralyzed if he got burnt, or even his cultivation might end up crippled.

Everything Lin Feng had said was turning out true. The dead tree Qi and the eye technique were powerful but it seemed like Lin Feng could restrain them. Lin Feng’s fire and sword were sufficient to put immense pressure on Ku Yao Tong, he had almost no chance to win now.

“I’m not fighting anymore. I give up.” said Ku Yao Tong. He turned around and moved back to his original seat. He gave up because he had no chance of winning. He preferred to save his strength for the next battles. He preferred fighting when he was sure to win, otherwise, he might end up injured. Then he would lose the other battles… 

That was Lin Feng’s sixth victory. 

“It seems like there is no suspense anymore, Lin Feng is the sixth strongest now. Lin Feng is the most surprising cultivator at the competition.” thought everybody. Lin Feng’s strength was overwhelming. He had now defeated three of the eight most outstanding disciples at the competition. People barely recognized him with his natural abilities and his strength. 

Tang You You then chose to fight against Ling Xiao. 

Ling Xiao was a bit surprised because there were other people less strong than Ling Xiao left to challenge, but she had chosen him.

He held seven swords on his back. As he started walking to the stage he asked Tang You You, “Is Lin Feng your boyfriend?” 

“Eh?” Tang You You was caught off guard. She hadn’t thought that Ling Xiao would ask her that.

The crowd was just as surprised. Lin Feng, Jun Mo Xi, Tang You You, Qing Meng Xin and Yun Fei Yang all belonged to Dragon Mountain. They were all very good friends, especially Lin Feng and Tang You You. Their relationship seemed a bit different. 

Could it be that Ling Xiao was right? Was Tang You You really Lin Feng’s woman?

“Why are you asking?” Tang You You was a bit defensive. Ling Xiao was a bit too curious. They were there about to fight, not to talk about her private life.

“Xiao Yu is my female fellow disciple and I love her. When I see you and Lin Feng, I see the same emotions, so I was curious.” said Ling Xiao indifferently. He released some sword Qi which surrounded his body, making him look like an extremely sharp sword.

People’s eyes were twinkling, Ling Xiao was getting angry. He seemed to be offended because Tang You You was challenging him before Lin Feng had. 

Ling Xiao turned around and looked back to Yu Xiao Xiao as he said, “Yu Xiao Xiao, today our teacher is here in front of everybody. I will show that I, Ling Xiao, can protect my beloved one forever.”

“So that’s what he meant.” thought the crowd, they understood now. Ling Xiao wanted to show everybody that he loved Yu Xiao Xiao and that he was strong enough to protect her. Tang You You was going to be a stepping stone for him.

“I want to tell you, Yu Xiao Xiao, as well as our teacher, that I am determined and that I am worth it.” 

Ling Xiao slowly turned around and faced Tang You You, “It is an honor for you to fight against such a strong cultivator.” 

Those seven swords on his back were releasing terrifying rosy Qi that dashed to the skies. A strong wind started blowing.

He unsheathed all of his seven swords at the same time. They were dazzling and the Qi they emitted was extremely powerful.

Those seven swords contained different colors and all contained terrifying sword intent. They seemed like they could make deities cry. 

“What a terrifying sword Qi. They are emitting level three sword intent.” the crowd was surprised. Level three sword intent was already quite high. 

Tang You You didn’t expect that. She was feeling oppressed by all the seven swords and their sword intent. Ling Xiao was the strongest cultivator she had faced so far during the competition. She hadn’t thought that he would be so strong. She and the crowd had underestimated him. 

Ling Xiao wanted to prove to Yu Xiao Xiao that Tang You You was his victim. 

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