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PMG Chapter 665: Bad Choice

PMG Chapter 665: Bad Choice

Just as the crowd had expected, Lin Feng looked at Ling Xiao. Since Ling Xiao had bullied Tang You You, revenge was unavoidable.

Ling Xiao wanted to prove to everybody, especially to the girl he loved, that he was strong and dependable. He fought Tang You You, who he thought was Lin Feng’s girlfriend, to avenge Yu Xiao Xiao. Could Lin Feng forgive him? 

“Do I need to call on you?” asked Lin Feng. Ling Xiao immediately jumped to the middle of the fighting stage. 

“Even if you hadn’t challenged me, I would have challenged you.” said Ling Xiao coldly. He unsheathed his seven multicolor swords once again. They were all filled with a monstrous sword intent. 

“Let’s see if your sanguinary blood is stronger than my seven swords.” said Ling Xiao. He had seven swords that were all different. His sword intent was level three. They contained the force of ten thousand swords. 

Sword battles were extremely dangerous and were often fatal. Sword intent was whistling in the air and strong air currents emerged. It seemed that there were only swords in the world. Even though Ling Xiao hadn’t reached a level where he could destroy the world, he could kill people from extremely far distances. It was easy for him.

Ling Xiao didn’t need to use his hands to control his swords, he could use them from far away.

Lin Feng was calmly watching those swords. A light sound spread in the air and a blood-red light appeared. His bloodthirsty sword buzzed in the air, shaking violently with excitement.

His bloodthirsty sword had its own life and it was pointed at the seven swords. A terrifying sword energy spread in the air, his bloodthirsty sword then dashed to the skies. 

That bloodthirsty sword was excited, it wanted to fight.

“What terrifying swords.” thought the crowd. The seven swords and the bloodthirsty sword all seemed alive, they had their own lives. Sword energies were dashing to the skies. 

Ling Xiao looked fierce and conceited. His seven sword, the bloodthirsty sword, and their intent were all extremely precious. 

“Your sword is not bad and your sword intent is also level three. I respect you, you are a good sword cultivator. Let’s fight and finish the battle in one sword attack.” said Ling Xiao. From Ling Xiao’s back appeared a sword light spirit. His sword energies became stronger. He was a pure sword cultivator and had a sword spirit. 

However, Lin Feng didn’t release his spirit. He was singularly relying on his bloodthirsty sword whose red light was dashing to the skies. A terrifying killer energy invaded the atmosphere, he hadn’t used killer energy for such a long time.

The crowd was watching the battle, the anticipation was terrifying.

“They’re going to start the battle now…” thought the crowd. Whose sword was stronger? 

“Right, I am a real man so I am going to win. I will show everybody that I am the best sword cultivator of Xue Yu. I will show Xiao Yu that my sword will never be defeated.” said Ling Xiao arrogantly. He seemed to think that he had already won the battle…

“Indeed, you are brave but you chose the wrong person to prove everybody that you are the stronger.” said Lin Feng as confidently as Ling Xiao had been. 

“Is that so? You have only one sword and I have seven.” said Ling Xiao while jumping forwards. In a flash, his sword energies shot out at Lin Feng, destroying the atmosphere on their way. 

“Crrr… Crrr…. Crrr….” Some subtle sounds spread in the air. Nothing could stop those swords. 

However, when the sword lights started illuminating the atmosphere, the crowd also saw Lin Feng move. He was holding his sword with both hands and was spinning in the air. His bloodthirsty sword was filled with killer force. 

Lin Feng was also releasing massive amounts of energies. 

“He’s crazy.” thought the crowd. Lin Feng wasn’t like Ling Xiao, he wasn’t trying to fight from far away. Instead, he was trying to fight in close combat as he threw his body at his opponent. Did he want to die? 

Blood-red lights illuminated the atmosphere and followed Lin Feng’s body. 

Right at the moment when everybody thought that Lin Feng was insane, a magnificent light illuminated the atmosphere. Lin Feng’s bloodthirsty sword was attacking. 

“Boom!” A blood-red light illuminated the atmosphere. It seemed like the atmosphere was filled with blood. 

The blood-red light seemed more and more dazzling as it grew stronger. The loud whistling sounds in the air grew louder. 

“Crrrr…. Crrr….” That light dazzled people’s eyes. The blood-red lights annihilated the other lights and moved straight towards Ling Xiao. 

That sword wasn’t filled with level three intent anymore. It had increased to level four intent.

Buzzing sounds were resonating in people’s heads. Many people were clenching their fists and sweating. 

Lin Feng’s sword intent was level four… Incredible! Lin Feng had hidden his strength against the Dead Tree and against Yu Mo. He was stronger than they previously believed.

The difference between level three and level four intent was huge. Understanding intent was extremely difficult, each level was entirely different from the other. It was extremely hard to increase one’s intent level, even more so than breaking through to a superior cultivation layer.

Lin Feng’s sword could annihilate anything.

That sword looked like the one he had used to kill Yu Mo. However, a devastating sword was useless if it wasn’t fast enough. With speed, it was almost impossible to stop it. 

“Ahhhh…..!” A horrible shriek spread in the air. The blood-red light finally disappeared, Lin Feng and Ling Xiao’s energies collided. Terrifying sounds echoed in the air, louder than a horrible shriek. 

However, the crowd had already forgotten about the energies, they only wanted to see who had shouted. Qi Qing Jian Ling Xiao hadn’t died! However, his arm fell down on the ground! A moment before, the bloodthirsty sword hadn’t killed him, he had moved aside and sacrificed his arm.

The crowd was astonished. They had stopped breathing, the atmosphere was incredibly oppressive. When everything calmed down again and the energies disappeared, Lin Feng was still holding his bloodthirsty sword,calmly standing there. Ling Xiao was covering the wound where his arm had been cut off but blood kept gushing. Ling Xiao looked like he was agonizing. He didn’t look arrogant and proud anymore at all. 

It seemed like the two of them had descended from the sky. 

What a pity! Such a genius like Ling Xiao had lost an arm… He would lose his reputation.

Yu Xiao Xiao was astonished, even Ling Xiao’s teacher was stunned. A moment before, he had been talking so arrogantly and proudly, but now Lin Feng had cut off his arm. 

That was already the second person who had suffered from Lin Feng’s hands. The first one was Yu Mo who had died and now Ling Xiao. They had both been one of the eight most outstanding young people of Xue Yu. 

Lin Feng had won his seventh fight. It seemed like he was going to finish fifth in the end.

Lin Feng saw that Ling Xiao didn’t look proud or arrogant anymore, he said, “You were right to declare your love, but you were wrong about using Tang You You to prove it to everybody.”

Ling Xiao had chosen Tang You You to show Yu Xiao Xiao that he loved her. He made a terrible mistake!
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