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PMG Chapter 667: Evil Fight

PMG Chapter 667: Evil Fight

Xue Sha was a genius of the Tian Sha Sect. His teacher, mister Yin Sha, attached a particular importance to his disciple. He was the youngest cultivator at the competition of Xue Yu. 

Jun Mo Xi was the prince of Dragon Mountain and had a Qi of righteousness. He could bring justice into the world.

Those two were opposites, one was benevolent and the other was malevolent. They were both some of the five best cultivators of the competition. Their battle would certainly be incredible. People were all firmly staring at the fighting stage. They didn’t want to miss a single bit of that fight. This time, evil was going to fight against good. Who would win?

“Vital energy of righteousness…” said Xue Sha with an evil smile. He was making fun of Jun Mo Xi’s energy of righteousness…

“In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, strong cultivators are respected, no matter if they are evil or good. The most important thing is strength. If you are strong, you can bully others and vice-versa. It is not because you are benevolent that you amaze people, it is because you are strong, nothing more.” 

“I know, but at least being good enables you to have friends.” said Jun Mo Xi indifferently, smiling. Xue Sha was a bit surprised. Indeed, Jun Mo Xi was right. Being strong was important and earned you respect but evil people were feared. Of course, Xue Sha had chosen that path so he wasn’t going to change. He just wanted to be strong. 

“Fighting isn’t about making friends.” said Xue Sha, his face turned paler and paler. It seemed like there was absolutely no blood in his face. He slowly raised his hands and a terrifying evil Qi rose. The crowd felt paralyzed even though they were far away. That evil Qi made them feel like they were suffocating, it was so uncomfortable.

Jun Mo Xi groaned coldly as he released some vital energy of righteousness. Xue Sha’s Qi collided with with the energy of righteousness and immediately disappeared. The vital energy of righteousness could annihilate evil energies and make them melt. 

“Energy of righteousness? Get ready to endure the real evil energies.” said Xue Sha, smiling evilly. In a flash, his body disappeared from his original position and he jolted forward with his fist. A terrifying evil energy was condensed in his fist and was aimed at Jun Mo Xi.

“Evil energy will just melt in my energy of righteousness.” said Jun Mo Xi running forwards, he didn’t seem to care about the evil Qi. Vital energy of righteousness was moving in the air at full speed. It was oppressing the evil energy. But then the evil energy dispersed and moved in all four directions. That evil Qi seemed to contain some corpse Qi, it smelt like a cadaver in putrefaction.

“Wow…..” The corpse Qi moved in all directions, the audience felt nauseous and sick. They wanted to vomit. Some people even turned black as if their lives were being swallowed, maybe they were going to turn into corpses. 

“Oh no… That wind is terrifying.” the crowd was bursting out in an uproar, many of them were moving back chaotically. Very quickly, the area emptied. Several people who were weak had collapsed. Their bodies were black, their muscles were twitching, and then they stopped moving. They had become corpses… How astonishing. 

“How terrifying, how morbid!” thought the crowd, their hearts were pounding violently. Being touched by the corpse Qi could make people turn into authentic cadavers… 

Only strong people like Jun Mo Xi could resist such energies and fight against Xue Sha. 

Some of the crowd was terrified. They were so strong, those two fighters were titans. A majority of the people in the crowd couldn’t fight these two. 

Rumbling sounds were spreading in the atmosphere, corpse Qi and energy of righteousness collided. Some strong winds were blowing. There was a gray wind and a golden wind and none of them were disappearing. 

“Xue Sha is so much stronger than Yu Mo.” thought the bewildered crowd. Yu Mo hadn’t been able to resist Jun Mo Xi at all, he had just been crushed. However, Xue Sha was able to resist against Jun Mo Xi’s energy of righteousness. 

Even though he managed to resist against the energy of righteousness, it still seemed like the corpse Qi was disappearing slowly. 

“Sea of blood and corpses!” said Xue Sha when he saw that he was starting to lose the struggle. He couldn’t help but be furious. His corpse Qi suddenly became even more terrifying. At the same time, his hands became particularly scary, they looked like they were swollen with blood. With each attack, his hands seemed like they were sucking up Jun Mo Xi’s blood. They were absorbing Jun Mo Xi’s pure Qi and they wanted to swallow his blood and flesh too. 

“Mo Cang Lan had a similar attack…” thought Lin Feng when he saw that. Back then, Mo Cang Lan had learnt a terrifying evil skill which could absorb people’s blood and flesh. It seems that Xue Sha possessed it too. But Xue Sha’s attack was way more powerful than Mo Cang Lan’s. Jun Mo Xi was just too strong and Xue Sha couldn’t destroy that energy of righteousness. No matter how strong the evil attacks were, it was difficult to destroy energy of righteousness. 

“Woooooooo!” The sound of a mourning ghost spread in the air and a terrifying corpse energy moved towards Jun Mo Xi. Xue Sha’s hands turned even redder, he was moving towards Jun Mo Xi and wanted to catch him.

“Vital energy of righteousness can annihilate evilness.” said Jun Mo Xi while walking forwards. His energy of righteousness was rolling in the atmosphere like waves. Those golden waves were rolling towards Xue Sha, making all the evil energies melt away. 

“Boom boom boom!” A terrifying sound spread in the air. It seemed like the vital energy of righteousness was infinite. Evil energies were melting and being swallowed. At that moment, the energy of righteousness was dashing to the skies. Jun Mo Xi looked like an angel, pure and holy. Energy of righteousness was surrounding his entire body. He looked like a hero bringing justice and destroying evil. 

“How strong…” thought the crowd. He had only used vital energy of righteousness, from the beginning to the end. What an incredible accomplishment during such a battle. Jun Mo Xi had only learnt how to use vital energy of righteousness, seemingly nothing else. Knowing only one skill and being so strong with it was incredible.

“Boom!” The evil Qi kept moving back and disappearing. Xue Sha’s face turned even paler, he was shaking. Blood was flowing out of his mouth…

“Jun… Mo…. Xi…. You resisted until now so you can be proud of yourself.” said Xue Sha evilly. His face was deathly pale like a ghost. He released even more evil Qi and from his back appeared a terrifying silhouette. It was a corpse. It was a monumental corpse. That evil corpse seemed like it could make the planet turn into a hell. Around Xue Sha appeared several skeletons, the scene was astonishing. 
Xue Sha looked like a real monster.

“Evil Qi, Corpse Invasion!” shouted Xue Sha furiously. The corpses started moving and roaring. The sounds were so scary that many people were putting their hands on their ears. Around Xue Sha appeared a sea of blood, there wasn’t an infinite corpse Qi though but it seemed like Jun Mo Xi’s vital energy of righteousness was moving back. 

“Die!” shouted Xue Sha furiously. Just like a corpse, he threw himself at Jun Mo Xi. An incredible quantity of corpse energy collided with the vital energy of righteousness. The crowd was watched Xue Sha’s face as an extremely evil and hideous smile sprouted.

“Annihilation!” sn evil voice spread in the air. Xue Sha seemed like he was turning into a ghost, without a real body. He jumped into the vital energy of righteousness. His skeleton hand immediately crashed into Jun Mo Xi’s chest and penetrated into it.

“It’s over.” thought the crowd. Was Jun Mo Xi going to die? Was Xue Sha going to kill him? His spirit had made him turn into a skeleton. A moment before, they had thought that his spirit only enabled him to use corpse Qi. 

“Do you have anything to add?” said Xue Sha with his evil grin.

But Jun Mo Xi didn’t look like he was in pain, he looked calm and serene. Xue Sha didn’t feel reassured. Jun Mo Xi was going to die but… Wasn’t afraid? 

“What I want to say is, you are not the only person who has a spirit.” said Jun Mo Xi slowly. Immediately after, an incredible quantity of vital energy of righteousness surrounded the evil energy. Xue Sha’s cringed away. It seemed like his body was going to melt. 

He lowered his head and looked at Jun Mo Xi’s chest. There was no blood where he had stabbed his hand! 
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