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PMG Chapter 668: Evil Night Light

PMG Chapter 668: Evil Night Light

What astonished Xue Sha the most was the speed at which Jun Mo Xi’s injury was recovering. 

A moment before, he had badly injured Jun Mo Xi with his hand but it was now healing itself.

Xue Sha raised his head again and saw Jun Mo Xi’s smile, his heart started pounding violently. He could only move back, he had no other choice.

But now Jun Mo Xi wasn’t going to give him the chance to escape. His vital energy of righteousness was falling down like a waterfall. It crashed onto Xue Sha’s body and he drowned in it.

Xue Sha’s body gradually became real again. The terrifying vital energy of righteousness kept penetrating into his body and blood started gushing out of his mouth.

“Get away!” shouted Xue Sha furiously. He used his entire body attack Jun Mo Xi and then bounced backwards. He had landed one kilometer away. His Qi continued flowing but he was astonished again, a wave of vital energy of righteousness was closing in. Jun Mo Xi was getting near him again.

Xue Sha’s heart was pounding, he looked to Jun Mo Xi and shouted, “I lost!” 

Jun Mo Xi immediately stopped in front of Xue Sha and his vital energy of righteousness faded away. Xue Sha had given up.

Xue Sha had lost that battle.

Jun Mo Xi had oppressed the corpse Qi… But what was his spirit? 

Xue Sha looked at Jun Mo Xi’s chest and found that the wound had completely healed already. The crowd was also staring at the injury. Such a lethal injury had disappeared… A moment before, they had seen the energy of righteousness had stopped the evil energy from penetrating into the wound. Then Jun Mo Xi immediately recovered. What was that? Was that Jun Mo Xi’s spirit? 

“What is your spirit?” asked Xue Sha aggressively to Jun Mo Xi. He had lost but he wanted to know Jun Mo Xi’s secret… 

“You cannot blame yourself for the defeat. His spirit is extremely rare, it is impossible to kill him actually. He has an immortal spirit, any monumental attack cannot kill him because he can heal the wounds. There is only one way to kill him and that’s use enormous physical strength and then kill him in one strike. That will make his soul fly out of his body, then his immortal spirit cannot save him. However, if you haven’t broken through to the Tian Qi layer, it is impossible to kill him.” said Yin Sha in the sky. Everybody was astonished. Jun Mo Xi had an extremely rare immortal spirit. 

“What a terrifying spirit!” 

“Immortal spirit…” whispered Xue Sha. He looked extremely evil. He looked at Jun Mo Xi and said, “I lost and it’s absolutely normal.” 

“Your spirit is extremely strong, otherwise you would already be unable to talk to me right now.” said Jun Mo Xi indifferently. He then turned around and walked away. Jun Mo Xi had won. 

Jun Mo Xi had oppressed Xue Sha from all sides, it was terrifying. 

Jun Mo Xi was definitely one of the best cultivators of the competition. Lin Feng might also be able to defeat Xue Sha. It meant that three of the four best geniuses of the competition would belong to Dragon Mountain. The most terrifying fact was that two of them would be Duan Wu Dao and Lin Feng who were from Xue Yue, a small country under the jurisdiction of Dragon Mountain. Was it the rise of Xue Yue? Surprisingly, it had two amazing and dazzling geniuses at the competition. What glory!

The battles continued. Those who were at the end of the rankings didn’t interest the crowd. A new round was about to start and it was Lin Feng’s turn to challenge someone. The crowd was excited again. 

He was going to fight against an extremely strong cultivator now. Lin Feng already had ten points. He had to fight against the four most amazing cultivators now and had no other choice. This time, it would be another clash of titans.

Lin Feng could choose Di Ling, Duan Wu Dao, Jun Mo Xi or Xue Sha. 

Who would he choose this time? 

Lin Feng slowly turned his head and looked at Xue Sha.

“You wanted to kill me so now you will have your opportunity.” said Lin Feng to Xue Sha. Lin Feng was surprisingly choosing him, what a bastard! He was making him appear as the weakest of the four best cultivators. Lin Feng had started from the very bottom and was considered the weakest cultivator at the beginning but now he had climbed up the rankings. Lin Feng’s opponents were becoming stronger and stronger. This meant that Lin Feng didn’t consider Xue Sha as strong as Di Ling and the two others. 

Even though Xue Sha had lost against Jun Mo Xi, he still considered himself extremely strong.

“Alright. I will kill you and regain prestige.” said Xue Sha. He felt better again. Outside, it was gradually getting dark and night was falling. There was only the full moon in the sky illuminating the area and the fighting stage.

During the last battles of the competition there was no difference between day and night. It was only about battling, about who was strong or weak, who was a winner or a loser. Those were incredible battles. Afterwards people would remember their names. Would they make fun of them or would they remember them as dazzling heroes? Those battles were going to determine their future and make them appear as dazzling cultivators.

“I don’t like the daytime, I feel my best in the dark.” said Xue Sha looking evil. His eyes were twinkling with evil lights. However, Lin Feng just sat there looking unperturbed.

“You always thought that you were the strongest but now you already lost a battle. How can you still be so confident? I really admire you for still being able to joke.” said Lin Feng jokingly. Xue Sha became angry, his eyes were bloodshot and fixed on Lin Feng. 

“Wait and you will see, I will suck up all your pure Qi. I will swallow your blood and flesh. It will be a cruel night for you.” said Xue Sha while slowly walking forwards. A terrifying corpse energy invaded the atmosphere of the night. The night seemed even deeper and more mysterious. One couldn’t see too far in front of them.

Evil skills were particularly efficient at night and Xue Sha was no exception. 

“I also like the night.” said Lin Feng staring at sky and gazing into the distance, it really was a pitch-dark night. 

Lin Feng turned around and faced Xue Sha, there was a piercingly ice-cold energy, it seemed like an evil light. Lin Feng’s pupils looked like that of a devil, surprising Xue Sha.

“Jun Mo Xi used vital energy of righteousness to defeat you. I will use an evil power and we will see which of us is the most evil.” said Lin Feng. Everybody stopped breathing, Lin Feng had evil powers? Could it be that, apart from his bloodthirsty sword and his golden body and his fire, he had other powers still? 

What was Lin Feng going to use? How many skills did Lin Feng know really?

The crowd was looking at Lin Feng the unfathomable. They would never understand him.

At the beginning, Lin Feng was an insignificant cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer and now he was one of the best cultivators at the competition. He just had to defeat Xue Sha and he would end up fourth in the end. There was really only one Lin Feng.

There were black lights emerging out of Lin Feng’s body surrounding him. Those lights made the night look even scarier. 

The crowd was stupefied when they saw Lin Feng’s body. His body was surprisingly becoming bigger…. It was incredible. His body turned black and was growing.

His eyes were so strange that they sufficed to make people shiver at first glance. 

“That’s a…… Demon!” 

The crowd was astonished again. Lin Feng didn’t only have a golden Buddha body. At that moment he had turned into demon! 
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