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PMG Chapter 671: The Firmament Spirit

PMG Chapter 671: The Firmament Spirit

“How arrogant is Di Ling?” thought the crowd, Di Ling was insufferably arrogant. He despised Jun Mo Xi and his vital energy of righteousness and his immortal spirit. Jun Mo Xi was an incredibly strong cultivator but Di Ling despised him. 

In Di Ling’s eyes, there was only Duan Wu Dao. 

“We have to fight to verify your beliefs.” said Jun Mo Xi indifferently. He looked calm and serene, especially after hearing how arrogant Di Ling was.

“Let’s fight, you go first then.” said Di Ling looking proud and self-confident. He looked extremely sure that he would win. Nobody could defeat him!

Jun Mo Xi released more vital energy of righteousness which emitted strident whistling sounds. He jumped forwards and landed in front of Di Ling, a terrifying vortex of energy of righteousness started spinning. 

Finally, Di Ling released some Qi and force. It was an extremely brutal firmament energy.

He stretched out his arm and shook it, immediately attacking the vital energy of righteousness. Di Ling was absolutely fearless.

His hand crossed the vital energy of righteousness and continued moving towards Jun Mo Xi. Jun Mo Xi smiled coldly, he jumped and the Qi of righteousness started revolving at full speed. He didn’t even pay attention to Di Ling’s hand, he was just concentrating on his own attack.

“Huh?” Di Ling frowned and immediately moved his hand back, it seemed like Jun Mo Xi’s vital energy of righteousness was going insane in the air.

“Energy of righteousness, destroy the Earth and sky!” shouted Jun Mo Xi furiously. His strength seemed like it could destroy oceans and mountains. The massive amount of vital energy of righteousness kept oppressing Di Ling’s body. 

“Hmph!” Di Ling groaned coldly. His clothes were fluttering in the wind. Di Ling moved his hand again, and all around him seemed like the atmosphere was tearing apart. Strident whistling sounds emerged and his energies attacked the vital energy of righteousness. 

“Boom!” A terrifying collision-like sound spread in the air. A hurricane formed from the struggle.

Jun Mo Xi moved back three steps but Di Ling didn’t move at all. He remained standing tall like nothing could affect him. 

“I told you, you can’t rival with me. It’s useless if you rely on your immortal spirit to resist against me. I am not that stupid.” said Di Ling indifferently. A moment before, Jun Mo Xi hadn’t cared about Di Ling’s attack. He had just attacked at the same time using his vital energy of righteousness. It meant that he had been relying on his immortal spirit to resist Di Ling’s attack, but Di Ling wasn’t that stupid. He knew that Jun Mo Xi could recover quickly but he couldn’t recover so quickly.

“Nobody can defeat me, I have the firmament blood! I will have to show you how strong that blood is.” said Di Ling. A terrifying blood Qi started spreading in the air as he released some firmament blood Qi. Pure Qi was roaring and rolling in the air powerfully. 

“How strong. No wonder that Di Ling is the strongest cultivator at the competition.” thought the crowd. Di Ling’s strength was indeed monstrous. His Qi could already make people shake, it seemed like it could even make them suffocate.

Di Ling raised his fist, and it seemed like the oxygen in the air was disappearing. Brutal firmament Qi had appeared on his fist.

“Jun Mo Xi, since you’re using your immortal spirit, I will show you the strength of the firmament.” said Di Ling while jumping forwards. The atmosphere was rippling all around him. It seemed like a terrifying physical strength was condensed that fist. 

“Vital energy of righteousness, indestructible!” said Jun Mo Xi when he saw that terrifying fist. He was fearless. He condensed his vital energy of righteousness face that fist head on.

Rumbling sounds spread in the air, Jun Mo Xi’s punch was destroyed.

However, Jun Mo Xi didn’t frown at all. His left hand was also filled with vital energy of righteousness and kept moving towards Di Ling. He didn’t stop moving forward for even a second. His right hand was injured but recovered extremely quickly.

“No use.” said Di Ling indifferently. He had condensed some firmament strength in his left arm and attacked Jun Mo Xi with it, Di Ling was unperturbed. 

Jun Mo Xi couldn’t believe it. He raised his head and hands, then his terrifying vital energy of righteousness dashed to the skies. Energies were spinning violently as a terrifying dragon appeared from his hands. 

“Boom boom boom.” The ground was shaking. The terrifying dragon made Di Ling’s body move back and groan coldly, his facial expression looked cold.

“Incredible, that’s incredible.” the crowd was awed. They didn’t want to miss a single second of that battle. Jun Mo Xi’s dragon of righteousness immortal spirit was terrifying. It had managed to push Di Ling back. With it Jun Mo Xi didn’t need to block attacks, he could just attack unceasingly.

Even though Jun Mo Xi had only broken through to the very top of the eighth Xuan Qi layer, he was monstrously strong. Ordinary cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer couldn’t rival with him, but Di Ling had just been injured a little bit. They were both incredible.

Di Ling touched his mouth and found some blood on his fingers.

Di Ling’s mouth was bleeding. He now looked particularly ferocious. 

“Very good, your immortal spirit is extremely rare and mysterious. But now I will show you the firmament spirit!”

“Boom!” Di Ling released some firmament blood, and Jun Mo Xi felt like he was being oppressed by a physical strength. The entire atmosphere and fighting stage were shaking violently, shaking at the same tempo as Di Ling’s heart.

“The firmament spirit is invisible, it uses the strength of the firmament to control the Earth and sky.” said Jun Mo Xi indifferently. At that moment, he had the impression he was in another world. 

“So you know about my spirit. You may have the immortal spirit and won’t die but now you know you cannot defeat me.” said Di Ling making huge steps. He clenched both his fists and the strength of the firmament oppressed his entire body. He then launched waves that moved towards Jun Mo Xi following Di Ling’s fists. 

“Gigantic Dragon Strength!” shouted Jun Mo Xi furiously. A terrifying dragon strength emerged in the air but it was covered by Di Ling’s firmament spirit. Jun Mo Xi’s strength was oppressed, the firmament strength became even stronger at that moment. It seemed like there was nothing else in the world. 

“Boom!” A terrifying strength crashed onto Jun Mo Xi’s body that made him fly away. At the same time, a terrifying strength caught him mid-flight. Di Ling had jumped up and was prepared to strike Jun Mo Xi again. He then said coldly, “I will see how long you can endure my attacks with your immortal spirit.”

“Why endure?” asked Jun Mo Xi with an indifferent smile. He then added, “I give up.” 

He fell down to the ground just like a falling leaf. He had lost but he didn’t care.

“How come you didn’t kill me even though you are insufferably arrogant and hate my immortal spirit?” asked Jun Mo Xi. Then he turned around and moved back to his seat. He had lost, so what? Di Ling was indeed stronger than him, but he couldn’t use Jun Mo Xi as he wished. He couldn’t threaten Jun Mo Xi or use him as a puppet.

“Did you see how strong he is?” asked Jun Mo Xi to Lin Feng, still smiling. Lin Feng nodded, Di Ling was really terrifying. 

“If you’re aware of how strong he is, I hope you can avenge me.” said Jun Mo Xi smiling. He had lost but it wasn’t that important to him, losing and winning were normal in the frame battle. Nobody could be an eternal winner. There was always someone stronger.

“I will do my best.” said Lin Feng nodding. He then looked at Di Ling… It would be difficult to fight against him. 

After that battle, Di Ling was already one of the third best cultivators and Jun Mo Xi might end up ranking third or fourth. It depended on his battle against Lin Feng.

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