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PMG Chapter 672: Duan Wu Dao’s Strength

PMG Chapter 672: Duan Wu Dao’s Strength

Di Ling and Jun Mo Xi had been incredible, they were both too incredible. Di Ling and his firmament spirit with his terrifying punches, how many jin of power did they fists possess? Jun Mo Xi’s huge dragon had even been destroyed, an authentic dragon could have been killed by Di Ling.

Jun Mo Xi had still lost the battle with his immortal dragon spirit and his vital energy of righteousness.

The next one is Duan Wu Dao, his eyes were twinkling. He looked at Xue Sha and said, “Get over here!” 

Xue Sha was awkwardly looking at Duan Wu Dao. He had already lost against Jun Mo Xi and Lin Feng, he couldn’t lose this time. If he did he wouldn’t even be able to finish fourth… After all, Di Ling could probably defeat him just like Lin Feng and Jun Mo Xi. He had no chance to defeat Di Ling so he had to defeat Duan Wu Dao. 

“I have to win.” thought Xue Sha determined. He made a step forwards silently and looked at Duan Wu Dao. 

“Give up.” said Duan Wu Dao coldly. He looked really conceited in front of Xue Sha. In his eyes, Xue Sha wasn’t a threat.

Duan Wu Dao made Xue Sha even more nervous. He had just had the thought that he could win but now Duan Wu Dao was hurting his confidence. 

The crowd was also surprised. Duan Wu Dao was arrogant and aggressive, he was probably as strong as Di Ling. He had just told Xue Sha to give up very calmly, as if it was the only logical choice. There was no suspense for Duan Wu Dao because he already knew the result of the battle

“I still want to see how strong the crown prince of Xue Yue is though, why should I give up?” asked Xue Sha looking glum. He felt extremely humiliated when Duan Wu Dao told him to give up, what a lamentable humiliation. 

“Huh?” Duan Wu Dao raised his head and stared back at Xue Sha. A terrifying light appeared that seemed extremely brutal and dazzling to the eyes, he had the energy of a warlord.

“What a terrifying warlord.” thought the crowd. Duan Wu Dao was like Di Ling, was he really only the crown prince of Xue Yue?

“Die!” shouted Duan Wu Dao. A terrifying golden warlord energy appeared, that golden energy was emitting whistling sounds as it launched towards Xue Sha. The entire stadium was shaking. Xue Sha was scared to face that horrible pressure.

“Warlord Punch!” Duan Wu Dao’s fist seemed like it could destroy the planet, just like a peerless warlord. 

That terrifying warlord energy rose up in the air. Xue Sha only sensed that his muscles were twitching, he was trying to release some corpse Qi but it was useless. His corpse Qi was insignificant compared to Duan Wu Dao’s warlord Qi.

“The crown prince of Xue Yue has the blood spirit of the king.” Many people were shaking when they sensed Duan Wu Dao’s Qi. What a terrifying strength. Duan Wu Dao possessed warlord Qi and had learnt the warlord punch, how incredible! That kind of power could only be learnt by monarchs. Duan Wu Dao was the crown prince and had the temperament of a warlord. To him, learning such a skill was absolutely normal. 

“Boom!” The warlord punch destroyed the corpse Qi, it didn’t even have time to condense before being destroyed.

“Corpse Spirit!” shouted Xue Sha furiously. His spirit appeared and he transformed into a ghost. A terrifying putrid wind started blowing and moving forwards. The corpse Qi was moving straight towards Duan Wu Dao. Duan Wu Dao had wanted to defeat Xue Sha in one punch but he wouldn’t allow that. 

“Hmph, pointless.” said Duan Wu Dao coldly and aggressively. A terrifying warlord punch then bombarded the atmosphere again. Then Duan Wu Dao holding some kind of strength in his hand. Suddenly, Xue Sha felt extremely uncomfortable. It seemed like his putrid spirit was being squeezed by something and then sealed.

His face then turned deathly pale, the situation was getting bad for him. 

“Get lost!” shouted Duan Wu Dao furiously. He immediately bombarded the putrid soul with his fist and Xue Sha was projected away. Blood splashed everywhere as he was badly injured this time.

“Piece of shit! You made me waste my time!” said Duan Wu Dao coldly. He moved back to his seat and his aggressive, violent voice was still resonating in people’s heads. 

Even though that battle had been short, it had been incredible. Just like the kind of battle Jun Mo Xi and Di Ling could offer. Duan Wu Dao had managed to severely injure Xue Sha with two attacks.

“Duan Wu Dao is terrifying. He might be the strongest cultivator at the competition.” thought many people in the crowd. Some of them had thought that Duan Wu Dao was even stronger than Di Ling. 

He was way too strong, he had defeated Xue Sha in two hits. They all knew how strong Xue Sha was. He might end up fifth at the end of the competition but Duan Wu Dao made him appear as a weakling with his warlord punch. He had even called Xue Sha a piece of shit.

All of them were geniuses but there was a difference between certain geniuses too, they weren’t all equally strong. For example, Duan Wu Dao was much stronger than Xue Sha. 

Di Ling was focused on Duan Wu Dao, he would be his strongest opponent. He had always considered him as the other strongest cultivator at the Great Competition of Xue Yu since the first time he had seen Duan Wu Dao. He had always believed that apart from him, there was nobody else to compete with.

Lin Feng was awed by Duan Wu Dao. How strong was he? Duan Wu Dao was brutal and violent, he didn’t kill those who didn’t offend him but didn’t hesitate to kill his enemies. Lin Feng would have never thought that Duan Wu Dao would be that strong. No wonder Duan Wu Ya believed in his brother so much. Even if Lin Feng finished in the top nine, he couldn’t defeat Duan Wu Dao. Duan Wu Ya perfectly knew how strong Duan Wu Dao was.

“The sealed doors strength…” Xue Sha fell to the ground as blood splashed out of his mouth. A moment before, Duan Wu Dao had punched him with the strength of the sealed doors and had made his body become real again. His ghost form was unable to reduce the strength of that punch.

“The competition continues.” said Xue Wu Chang indifferently. He was also very surprised. Duan Wu Dao’s strength was incredible. He was wondering how the battles between Duan Wu Dao, Di Ling, and Lin Feng would be. The others couldn’t rival with them. Everybody was looking forward to seeing those battles.

However, the other battles didn’t interest the crowd anymore because only the very best made them feel excited. The winners would be the most dazzling cultivators in all of Xue Yu. They would draw everybody’s attention. 

At the end of the rankings, Yu Xiao Xiao won against the Dead Tree. Then there was also Qing Meng Xin and Yun Fei Yang. Yun Fei Yang was particularly strong with his force of the Earth and sky. 

After that round it was finally Lin Feng’s turn again. 

This time, Lin Feng could only challenge three people: Di Ling, Jun Mo Xi and Duan Wu Dao. 

Who would he choose? 

“Lin Feng.” said Jun Mo Xi suddenly. Lin Feng then turned his head and looked at him. 

“Lin Feng, Duan Wu Dao defeated Xue Sha. He’s not weaker than Di Ling, he’s an incredible genius. I wouldn’t have thought that such monstrous cultivators as you and Duan Wu Dao would appear in Xue Yue. You can even put pressure on me! I already lost one battle which interrupted my series of victories. Now I will give up and let you continue, what do you think?” asked Jun Mo Xi. He had already lost a battle, so his statistics didn’t look perfect anymore. Besides, Duan Wu Dao would be extremely difficult to defeat. Jun Mo Xi was ready to help Lin Feng stay healthy for his last battles!
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