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PMG Chapter 673: Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao

PMG Chapter 673: Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao

Lin Feng was speechless. He knew what Jun Mo Xi meant. He just had to nod and Jun Mo Xi would offer him a victory. Then Lin Feng would just have to fight against Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao. He wanted Lin Feng to keep his determination to fight and struggle for victory. 

Lin Feng looked at Jun Mo Xi and nodded. 

Jun Mo Xi nodded and smiled. He had no hope to become the first one anyway. Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao would probably struggle for victory but Jun Mo Xi still hoped that Lin Feng would dazzle.

“Alright. Lin Feng, challenge me now.” said Jun Mo Xi gently. The crowd was baffled, Jun Mo Xi was asking Lin Feng to challenge him? 

“Okay.” said Lin Feng, nodding. “I choose Jun Mo Xi.” 

Lin Feng wanted to fight against Jun Mo Xi? 

The crowd didn’t understand, they hadn’t heard Lin Feng and Jun Mo Xi’s conversation a moment before. Jun Mo Xi smiled, he didn’t go to the fighting stage. Instead he said, “I forfeit.” 


Jun Mo Xi was giving up! 

The crowd was astonished. They obviously knew why he was giving up. He wanted to offer Lin Feng a free win and one more chance to win the competition. Lin Feng only had to fight against Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao now.

Jun Mo Xi was allowing Lin Feng to be one of the three best cultivators at the competition! 

Jun Mo Xi and Tang You You were both looking at Lin Feng. They had both offered him a free win.

Finally, it was Di Ling’s turn. He had no choice, he had to fight against Duan Wu Dao. 

Jun Mo Xi had told Lin Feng to choose him so Di Ling couldn’t challenge Lin Feng anymore.

The moment Di Ling moved to the center of the fighting stage, a gigantic hurricane spread in the air. Everybody had been waiting for this.

Di Ling was considered the strongest young man at the competition. Many people were sure that Di Ling would finish first and would be the most dazzling cultivator of the competition.

Duan Wu Dao was extremely brutal and violent. Since he had won against Xue Sha, people considered him as the second best cultivator. He had defeated Xue Sha in two strikes, that was incredible. However, some people also believed the opposite was true. Duan Wu Dao was gaining more and more prestige. He was the genius of Xue Yue, a small country belonging to Dragon Mountain. He was making his country dazzle.

Now, the decisive battle was about to start, who would win? Many people’s hearts were pounding.

Duan Wu Dao arrived in front of Di Ling. Di Ling was the strongest opponent Duan Wu Dao was going to fight. That battle was going to be decisive for them.

“If I defeat you, I will rank first and become the strongest cultivator at the Great Competition of Xue Yu.” said Di Ling indifferently. After Duan Wu Dao, he only had to fight against Lin Feng who was no challenge.

“I will finish first.” said Duan Wu Dao calmly. He had the warlord Qi, he was going to win the competition and reach the clouds. The victory would be for him alone, Duan Wu Dao. 

“Let’s fight.” said Di Ling, releasing some firmament energy that dashed to the skies. He only wanted to dazzle at that moment.

“Let’s fight!” shouted Duan Wu Dao furiously. The Qi of both fighters seemed like they could exterminate the planet. It seemed like deities could respect Di Ling for his firmament Qi, but Duan Wu Dao seemed like a deity with his warlord Qi.

“What a terrifying and brutal Qi! This battle is going to be incredible!” thought the crowd, they were drooling with anticipation. In their eyes, the winner of that battle would be the most dazzling cultivator at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

“Fist of the firmament!” shouted Di Ling furiously. A terrifying energy dashed to the skies and rolled in the air. The pressure was gigantic, bringing a strong winds and powerful energies with it.

“Warlord punch!” shouted Duan Wu Dao just as aggressively. His warlord fist was terrifying, it seemed like he could squeeze the atmosphere. He was moving straight towards Di Ling.

“Boom!” A terrifying light covered the two fighters, explosions resonated in the air along with Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling’s heartbeats. A white color and a golden color collided and turned into an incredible beam of light. 

After some incredible lights illuminated the atmosphere, the two fighters moved away from each other and collided again. The crowd couldn’t even follow them with their eyes. 

“Boom boom boom boom boom!” A terrifying hurricane spread in the air. The crowd only saw two lights lacerate the atmosphere. Their fists kept colliding over and over again.

The two silhouettes were in the air and dazzling lights were everywhere, explosions continued to sound. The two of them then separated again and stared at each other this time. They both looked extremely self-confident, like heroes.

“You didn’t disappoint me Duan Wu Dao, but I’m still going to win.” said Di Ling as sure as before. He then raised both his hands and a terrifying firmament energy spread in the air. A vortex appeared and the atmosphere was twitching. Di Ling was controlling the space again. Even Duan Wu Dao was twitching as if he had been about to break along with the atmosphere.

“Di Ling, you have the firmament blood and the firmament spirit, you understand firmament intent and can control the atmosphere. However, is it that easy for you to win? The atmosphere is not yours!” shouted Duan Wu Dao sharply. He released some more warlord Qi and all around him appeared some seal Qi, the atmosphere suddenly stopped twitching around him. 

“Die!” shouted Duan Wu Dao furiously. The atmosphere around Di Ling also stopped twitching and a seal strength locked the atmosphere.

“They are both so terrifying!” Di Ling had the power of the firmament, Duan Wu Dao had the strength of the seals. They could both control or lock the atmosphere and thus influence their environment.

Di Ling looked glum. What a terrifying seal strength… Duan Wu Dao was much stronger than what he had expected. 

“Warlord punch!” shouted Duan Wu Dao furiously. The seal strength and the warlord punch shot out towards Di Ling at an incredible speed. It seemed like time had stopped.

“Firmament destruction!” shouted Di Ling while raising his fist. Rumbling sounds spread in the air. The firmament looked like it was going to get annihilated, and the terrifying warlord punch also got crushed. Only warlord Qi was left.

“Boom!” Another explosion sounded in the air. This time, Di Ling was projected backwards and looked even more furious.

“Very good Duan Wu Dao, you made me move back a step. Now I will show you the precipice of the firmament blood.” said Di Ling coldly. A terrifying blood strength started fluctuating in the air. A powerful Qi emerged and surrounded his body, the Qi looked like it was boiling. He had broken through to the very top of the ninth Xuan Qi layer.

His Qi of the top of the ninth Xuan Qi layer was terrifying. How scary! The crowd was stunned. They had never thought that any of the geniuses at the competition would have broken through to the very top of the ninth Xuan Qi layer…

“Firmament destruction! Die!” At that moment, a new fist appeared and bombarded the atmosphere.

“Warlord punch!” shouted Duan Wu Dao looking glum. His punch was terrifying but it disappeared.

“Boom!” another terrifying strength then landed on Duan Wu Dao’s body which made him groan and move back. However, his warlord Qi was condensing.

“SEALED DOORS, APPEAR!” shouted Duan Wu Dao, his voice sounded like it came from an ancient time. Suddenly an ancient Qi invaded the atmosphere.
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