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PMG Chapter 674: Last Two Battles

PMG Chapter 674: Last Two Battles

“Boom boom boom!” Terrifying sounds echoed in the night. It seemed like time-space doors coming from remote ages were opening. Then they appeared in the air around Di Ling and surrounded his body.

Everybody raised their heads and saw eight sealed doors in the air. The seal strength they were emitting was terrifying.

“According to the rumors, the crown prince of Xue Yue has the sealed door spirit. The rumors are true then… According to the rumors, the sealed doors spirit is monstrously powerful.” thought the crowd when they saw those doors. Those sealed doors looked terrifying and their strength was monumental.

Di Ling raised his head and saw eight sealed doors. In Xue Yue, it was said that the strongest cultivators had nine sealed doors, Duan Wu Dao already had eight. Nine sealed doors was the highest number the soul could accept. Duan Wu Dao had already broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer! He had extremely high natural abilities.

“Di Ling, with my sealed doors you have no chance.” said Duan Wu Dao coldly. His warlord Qi was more and more terrifying.

“Even if you have the sealed doors spirit, you cannot stop my firmament spirit.” said Di Ling looking even colder. His force and Qi had already reached an incredible volume.

“We will see if it can’t block your spirit, but in any case I can seal your body!” Duan Wu Dao joined his hands and shouted violently, “SEAL!” 

In a flash, the eight sealed doors moved at the same time and turned into a pitch-black light which emitted rumbling sounds. It seemed like the doors were about to penetrate into Di Ling’s body.

“Firmament blood!” shouted Di Ling. A terrifying firmament blood dashed to the skies and blocked the sealed doors. It was clear to him that if the sealed doors penetrated into his body and sealed him, his spirit and cultivation would be in danger, and maybe even his life.

“Kacha!” A terrifying sound emerged in the air, one of the sealed doors had broke, but the seven others were still there and still surrounded his body. Di Ling was going insane, his struggling was making all those doors shake violently. It seemed like they could seal his body and his firmament strength. 

“Break!” shouted Di Ling violently. A terrifying firmament strength emerged as another door broke, turned into a light beam, and then disappeared. He could make the doors break with his incredible strength.

“No, it won’t happen.” said Duan Wu Dao. He rose up in the air and started spinning. He lowered his head and then threw himself at Di Ling at full speed. His terrifying warlord spirit turned into a brutal hurricane. Duan Wu Dao was as fast as lightning. 

Di Ling raised his head and looked at Duan Wu Dao, his eyes were bloodshot like he was tired.

“Die die die die!” Di Ling shouted “die” once and it resonated and echoed in the sky. The firmament Qi then regained its intensity. He was using his maximal strength of the ninth Xuan Qi layer. 

“Seal!” shouted Duan Wu Dao furiously. A terrifying seal strength rose up that seemed like it could seal anything. He stretched his hands and crackling sounds spread in the air. Some energies were being destroyed, Duan Wu Dao sensed a terrifying pressure on his body. 

“Break!” Roared Di Ling furiously, he sounded like an animal. His blood Qi was dashing to the skies, the firmament blood was fighting the firmament. Whistling sounds were hurting people’s ears. What a scene.

“Boom boom boom boom boom!” Explosions seemed unending. The sealed doors spirit was broken by Di Ling, his exceptional strength was astonishing.

“Die!” However, this time Duan Wu Dao moved and an incredible amount of warlord Qi crashed onto Di Ling’s body. It seemed like an infinite number of warlord punches were crashing onto Di Ling’s body. There were unceasing sounds as his body was pulverized.

The fighting stage had some incredible fissures forming. The two of them disappeared and the crowd could only sense the ground shaking under their feet. Duan Wu Dao wasn’t going to give a single opportunity to Di Ling.

A silhouette streaked through the sky and and landed on the fighting stage. Everybody was stunned. Duan Wu Dao… He was going to be the final winner….. A genius from Xue Yue.

Di Ling quickly came out of the ground, his Qi was revolving violently as his clothes were torn apart. He looked ferocious as blood dripped from his mouth.

Di Ling had lost, he had never thought that he would lose. He had lost against Duan Wu Dao. Duan Wu Dao would be the real champion and Di Ling would end up second.

“Duan Wu Dao, I will defeat you someday and regain face.” said Di Ling. He returned back to his seat and then sat down cross-legged. He was starting to heal his wounds. Even though he didn’t look affected, his internal organs had been badly injured. Duan Wu Dao had crushed him internally. Di Ling had no strength left, which is why he hadn’t been able to continue their battle.

“I will wait for you.” said Duan Wu Dao indifferently. He then moved back to his seat and closed his eyes. It hadn’t felt good to have his spirit attacked violently as it had. Di Ling was also monstrously powerful.

“Pfewww….” The crowd took a deep breath. The Great Competition of Xue Yu was astonishing. Duan Wu Dao was going to be the great champion… He was going to end up as the strongest champion ever. Di Ling was only going to be the second… And Lin Feng, thanks to Jun Mo Xi, would finish third.

Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao’s battle had been so incredible that the other battles could only be boring. Maybe the battles between Lin Feng and Di Ling or Duan Wu Dao would be a little entertaining. 

While waiting for Lin Feng’s turn, Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling remained calm. Xue Wu Chang commenced the remaining fights.

The other battles were taking place slowly, one after the other. Jun Mo Xi seemed like he was going to finish fourth, Xue Sha fifth, Tang You You sixth, Ling Xiao seventh, Yun Fei Yang eighth, the Dead Tree ninth, and then Qing Meng Xin. The eleventh would be Yu Xiao Xiao… Out of the eight most outstanding geniuses, three had ended up with miserable positions. Yu Mo had died, the Dead Tree and Yu Xiao Xiao had disappeared from the top eight rankings.

Lin Feng, Tang You You and Yun Fei Yang had replaced them.

Now, there were only Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling… Everything depended on their battle against Lin Feng but the crowd was sure about that the ranking list they had pieced together would hold. Duan Wu Dao would be first, Di Ling second and Lin Feng third. 

Slowly, the night became clearer as sun rose up slowly. Everybody had fought, only two battles were left.

Jun Mo Xi had given up against Duan Wu Dao, only two battles were lef. Lin Feng against Di Ling and Lin Feng against Duan Wu Dao. 

The entire area around the fighting stage was silent. One could hear the rustling sound of the leaves on the ground and the atmosphere seemed dreary.

Lin Feng was calmly standing there, as if the competition had nothing to do with him. The crowd admired Lin Feng for remaining silent. Surprisingly, he had accepted Jun Mo Xi’s proposition to struggle, he was going to try and fight. He was going to fight against Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling… he managed to remain calm knowing he was facing those two…

“Crrr… Crrr…” A terrifying energy emerged out of Di Ling’s body. He opened his eyes in which sharp lights twinkled. 

At the same time, Duan Wu Dao also opened his eyes. Even though he hadn’t been as badly injured as Di Ling, his spirit had still been badly affected. Di Ling had bombarded him violently. Therefore, they both needed a long time to recover…

“They opened their eyes… Finally.. The battles were going to start…” thought the crowd. Even if the result of the battles were already sure, they were still impatient to see them. Would they be surprised?

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