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PMG Chapter 675: Lin Feng Vs. Di Ling

PMG Chapter 675: Lin Feng Vs. Di Ling

Everybody was looking at Lin Feng, who would he choose first for the two last battles?

“Lin Feng, you choose.” said Xue Wu Chang. 

“I choose him.” said Lin Feng, pointing at Di Ling. Lin Feng looked calm and serene. Since Duan Wu Dao had won against Di Ling, Lin Feng should start with Di Ling. It would be easier to fight against him than Duan Wu Dao.

Di Ling was staring at Lin Feng, his eyes were twinkling coldly.

“Is it necessary to continue the battles?” asked Di Ling indifferently. Even though he had lost against Duan Wu Dao, he hadn’t stopped being arrogant. How could Lin Feng fight against him. If Di Ling fought against Lin Feng, he would lose face.

In Di Ling’s eyes, those two battles were not necessary. It was pointless to continue. Lin Feng had already reached the highest point he could reach.

“You used to think you were the strongest cultivator at the Great Competition of Xue Yu, what about now?” said Lin Feng. Di Ling narrowed his eyes. Even though Lin Feng’s voice was absolutely normal, he was making fun of him! He had thought he would finish first so why did he think he would finish second now? Di Ling couldn’t afford talking big like this, so he had to fight. 

“Excellent. Since you want to fight, I will fight. I will show everyone here what the expression “an ant trying to shake a tree” means. I will show everybody how you overestimate your abilities.” Then Di Ling jumped forwards and landed not so far in front of Lin Feng. His terrifyingly brutal Qi dashed to the skies and moved towards Lin Feng. His firmament energy had once more appeared.

Di Ling stretched his hands and grabbed some parts of the atmosphere, he could control it. A terrifying vortex appeared and moved towards Lin Feng. It seemed like that vortex could kill Lin Feng right there. 

“An ant wants to fight, how ridiculous!” yelled Di Ling, clenching his fists in the atmosphere. The air pressure immediately pressured Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to break into pieces. 

The atmosphere kept twitching and people saw hallucinations. The crowd was shivering, Di Ling was still monstrously strong. Maybe when he was fighting against Du Wu Dao, they hadn’t realized how strong he was because of the circumstances. But facing Lin Feng was a different story. It seemed like he could kill him using the tip of his finger. That kind of battle was terrifying and perilous.

Lin Feng’s arms slowly and messily rose up in the air, he slowly put a hand on his back.

A metallic sound emerged in the air as his bloodthirsty sword appeared. It was diffusing its usual blood-red light. It then slowly rose up in the air oppressively.

“Clang!” A terrifying sword Qi rose and emitted whistling sounds. The oppressive Qi released by Di Ling was becoming weaker. The sword intent was starting to become more intense. With Lin Feng’s willpower and intent, the sword Qi was gaining leverage.

“Firmament!” shouted Di Ling furiously He clenched his fists, he seemed to be in perfect fusion with the atmosphere. The pressure was incredibly intense on Lin Feng’s body. Could Lin Feng resist Di Ling’s firmament intent?

Just when Lin Feng sensed all those oppressive energies, his sword Qi reached the first level of intent, then the second level, then the third level, then the fourth…. Thi sword Qi was emitting incredible sounds. It seemed like there were many swords suddenly, but it also seemed it was still increasing. That sword Qi was getting even more intense. 

“Die!” A terrifying light appeared in the sky, red like blood and moving as fast as lightning. It even lacerated the atmosphere in two as if the world was a loaf of bread. The red light then lacerated the firmament. 

Lin Feng’s sword intent was level five at that moment! 

Everyone’s hearts were pounding violently. Lin Feng’s sword intent used to be level four! He had used a level four sword intent to cut off Ling Xiao’s arm before, he must have hidden his strength again! His sword intent could even lacerate the firmament intent! Everything under the sword intent cut like butter. Nothing could stop it!

Lin Feng’s sword intent was level five… With his bloodthirsty sword, things were just starting to get serious. 

Di Ling frowned, in the end Lin Feng was still weaker than him. Di Ling moved back and grabbed the atmosphere. His firmament intent continued to oppress the entire atmosphere, especially that red light. 

A terrifying pure Qi was insanely moving in the atmosphere. The Earth and sky were emitting rumbling sounds. The red lights were bombarded.

Finally, the red lights were destroyed. Di Ling raised his head and realized that Lin Feng was in the air and was descending with his bloodthirsty sword. Once again, he was releasing level five sword intent and it seemed like nothing else existed.

“Die!” shouted Di Ling furiously. He rose up in the air and his firmament intent attacked the sword light. He released some more pure Qi that was even more powerful than Lin Feng’s.

“Second sword.” said Lin Feng. He was moving like the wind, and at that moment his sword was moving towards Di Ling’s throat.

“I will finish you!” shouted Di Ling while clenching his fists even harder. A terrifying oppressive energy moved towards the sword energy again. Di Ling’s hands contained some terrifying pure Qi oppressed the bloodthirsty sword as well. He wanted to stop that red sword.

“Third sword!” A blood light appeared again and the atmosphere seemed like it was filled with bloodthirsty swords. An infinite emotionless energy moved towards Di Ling like a rain of arrows. They wanted to pierce through his body. 

“Fuck off!” shouted Di Ling like an animal. He propelled both his hands forwards at the same time. An energy as monumental as a mountain moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the feeling that an actual mountain was weighing on his shoulders. He had the feeling that he was suffocating under it. 

“Fourth sword!” Lin Feng unsheathed another sword, that sword seemed normal. Its energy wasn’t dashing to the skies. It immediately moved towards that mountain-like oppressive energy. After the collision, that terrifying mountain of oppressive energy collapsed in four different directions.

“Die!” Lin Feng’s bloodthirsty sword didn’t stop moving as it followed his movements. A seemingly infinite bloodthirsty sword shadows moved in the atmosphere. They were blotting out the sky and covering up the Earth. The crowd couldn’t even see where the sword was anymore. They could only see an incredibly dazzling sword light. The Earth and sky were filled with swords.

“How strong. Who said Lin Feng couldn’t fight?” thought several people in the crowd, shaking their heads. His sword intent was level five, how incredible.

“Piss off!” roared Di Ling like an animal again. The firmament energy was shaking insanely, blotting out the sky and covering up the Earth. The terrifying amount of sword energy finally disappeared and the curtain of swords were unceasingly being destroyed. 

“Thirteenth sword!” said Lin Feng in a solemn way. Immediately after, the crowd saw a terrifying red light. 

The crowd could only see the terrifying amount of sword light fade away as the atmosphere became normal again. 

Di Ling lowered his head and stretched out his hand. He touched his waist and found blood.

When the crowd was astonished to see blood. Di Ling was injured! He had been injured by Lin Feng’s thirteenth sword!

Di Ling raised his head and looked at Lin Feng. He looked like he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“You… Injured me?” asked Di Ling in a low voice. Lin Feng had surprisingly injured him. 

“I’m just a weak ant trying to defeat a gigantic tree….” said Lin Feng indifferently yet mockingly. Di Ling had told him he was an ant, but now Lin Feng was using it to mock him. Di Ling’s was extremely strong, the thirteenth sword had been filled with level five intent but it had only injured him. 

“You will regret that.” said Di Ling. A terrifying firmament strength then invaded the atmosphere again, his strength had reached the very top of the ninth Xuan Qi layer at that moment. 

“Regret? Why would I regret anything?” said Lin Feng, firmly holding his bloodthirsty sword. He still looked calm and serene. Just like Di Ling, his strength was also increasing.


A terrifying strength invaded the atmosphere, eighth Xuan Qi layer!

Lin Feng had broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer!

The crowd was astonished, their hearts were hurting from the excitement. Lin Feng had broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer and his intent was level five, that was Lin Feng!
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  1. Vegeta vegeta August 17, 2017 at 10:10 pm - Reply

    Isnt this just …Wow just Wow

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  3. Autumn Leaf September 15, 2017 at 5:37 pm - Reply

    Wait. What?! Eight Xuan Qi layer.!? Wasn’t he just in Six Xuan Qi layer? I missed something? D:

    • Tenku kun November 28, 2017 at 5:27 am - Reply

      He broke through 3 levels when the guy in charge of North Shen Gong helped him break through, then he hid his cultivation levels as soon as he came out so people thought he didn’t make a breakthrough…
      Anyways it was never explained how many levels he broke through after he came out of the room after the 7 days were over

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  5. Exalted Nevaeh January 5, 2020 at 10:29 am - Reply

    Hmm, kinda feels like asspulls. Whatever happened to his grim fire, black warlord sword, sun swords, black lotuses, or formations?

    I really hate it when cultivation novel authors feel the need to give their MC new toy after new toy back to back, only for them to be discarded or neglected soon after, instead of being improved and/or fused together with their other techniques.

    Oftentimes, the author realizes thet the things they had given to the MC had been too OP (or collectively made the MC too OP for an arc), so they conveniently forget about them during fights or entire arcs. So, continuity pretty much always ends up screwy, and the MC ends up with a damn laundry list of skills/types of power. Seems like this novel follows that trend, sadly.

    Also, haven’t seen the Surplus Souls technique being mentioned in a long ass time.

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    This is quite over the top uh ? 3layer FFS…

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