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PMG Chapter 676: Tearing Firmament Energy!

PMG Chapter 676: Tearing Firmament Energy!

There were many people considering Lin Feng since the beginning of the Great Competition of Xue Yu, when he had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer. He didn’t have a terrifying sword intent and people didn’t really believe in him. In the evil area, he had then drawn people’s attention because of Yu Mo. 

Many people had thought that Lin Feng would be eliminated much sooner, but with his extraordinary abilities he had managed to make it so far. Step by step until now, he had broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer, and then his sword intent had reached level five, and then he had injured Di Ling and had broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer.

With his determination, Lin Feng could lacerate the atmosphere using his bloodthirsty sword. He could oppress the atmosphere and make people suffocate. Lin Feng had even managed to kill Yu Mo and cut one of Ling Xiao’s arms,. He had also defeated Xue Sha. All those people were extremely strong but Lin Feng could defeat them, and now the decisive battles had started. Lin Feng’s strength was unruly. 

Those who were friends with Lin Feng were particularly astonished, their souls were shaking. The Yu Clan, the Wan Shou Sect, the people from Tian Feng, the Yue Clan… And even Xue Sha and Ling Xiao were all staring at Lin Feng in amazement and fear. At that moment, Lin Feng looked incredibly strong. He was becoming one of the strongest cultivators at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

With his strength, Lin Feng could defeat cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer, he could destroy the Yu Clan, the Wan Shou Sect, and so forth very easily. How would they survive?

The Yu Clan and the Wan shou Sect were terrified. They used to think that it would take Lin Feng many years to become a monstrous cultivator. Unfortunately for them, the “far future” was happening much sooner than expected.

Now Lin Feng could go back to Xue Yue and destroy the Yu Clan and the Wan Shou Sect easily. Besides, Lin Feng would really do it with his temperament. He hadn’t forgotten anything, the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue and the others. They had always hated Lin Feng and all those who had tried to kill him had failed. Now that Lin Feng had become so strong, would he let them off? 

Yue Qing Shan’s eyes were twitching, his white hair became even whiter… His face looked even more desperate and desolate. How monstrous. He had always focused on Yue Tian Ming, he had always thought Yue Tian Ming would become monster of a cultivator… If he had raised Lin Feng and Yue Tian Ming next to each other, he would have realized that Yue Tian Ming wasn’t that gifted. And now Lin Feng wasn’t fighting in the name of the Yue Clan, people considered him representing Yangzhou City. He was dazzling at the competition, he could compete against Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao. 

Di Ling watched as Lin Feng broke through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer. His firmament energy was becoming more and more powerful. From the look of his pupils, it was possible to see that he didn’t despise Lin Feng anymore.

“Eighth Xuan Qi layer… Alright, no problem, very good.” said Di Ling, his blood was boiling. The energy of his spirit spread in the air and it seemed like the firmament was going to be destroyed. He shook his hands and it seemed like the Earth and sky belonged to him. The intent of the Earth and sky were oppressing Lin Feng’s body.

Lin Feng firmly held his bloodthirsty sword, which was becoming stronger. He then slowly started walking. On the ground appeared marks left by the bloodthirsty sword. The sword intent was cutting the atmosphere. A cut appeared everywhere that Lin Feng stepped.

His sword seemed to be indestructible, it seemed like he was alone in the world.

The crowd watched him walking towards Di Ling. They were not sure but they had the feeling that the crevices and fissures were left behind by Lin Feng. 

“Boom!” Di Ling also made a step forwards and the ground started shaking again. A terrifying pure Qi and firmament intent fell down from the sky and oppressed Lin Feng. It seemed like Di Ling wanted to crush Lin Feng’s body. It seemed like the entire planet was going to collapse.

“What a terrifying force!” People’s hearts were pounding violently. They could sense Di Ling’s pressure from very far away, it was making their heads feel heavy. They had the feeling that something was stuck in their throat.

Of course, Lin Feng’s sword had the same effect. With his sword intent he could destroy the firmament intent. 

“Who will win?” 

The crowd was having difficulty see Lin Feng when he penetrated into the firmament energy. It seemed like he was farther and farther away from them. His silhouette looked sharp, but then they heard some light stepping sounds. Suddenly, they had a hallucination that they couldn’t see Lin Feng anymore. 

Instead of Lin Feng, there was only a sword. 

He had fused with his sword and with the Earth, Lin Feng had disappeared. There was only a blood-red sword illuminating the world.

There were no cracking or tearing sounds, there were no whistling sounds. There was a deadly energy and a red light, and that energy felt extremely sharp. The crowd felt like they were going to die when they sensed that terrifying energy. They had the feeling that the terrifying blood-red light was going to destroy them.

At the moment when everything became calm again, two silhouettes appeared on the fighting stage. Di Ling was motionless. Lin Feng was still holding his bloodthirsty sword whose tip was touching the ground. There was some dust around. Neither of them were emitting a sound, the atmosphere was oppressive.

“Is it finished?” The crowd hadn’t seen anything. 

“Who won?” they just wanted to know what had just happened. The energies had almost killed them.

A strong wind was still blowing and brushing away on the crowd, but there was no sound and no odor.

“Something is dripping!” said someone breaking the silence. Then they followed the direction where the sound had come from and they were astonished again. 

They saw several red drops near Di Ling’s feet. Something was dripping from his body. Even though it was small it was significant.

Di Ling got injured again! 

“It’s dripping, blood is dripping!” The crowd was astonished. Blood continued dripping. Lin Feng moved, but it was to sheathe his bloodthirsty sword on his back!

“An ant? I managed to destroy your firmament energy.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He looked extremely calm. Everyone was silent, he had won. Lin Feng had won with that sword! 

Lin Feng had managed to defeat Di Ling! 

A terrifying pure Qi started rotating around Di Ling’s body. He wanted to cure his wounds and stop the bleeding. He moved back to his seat without saying a word… And then sat down. Di Ling’s actions proved that Lin Feng had won.

The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes. Lin Feng had surprisingly defeated Di Ling, Lin Feng wasn’t third anymore, he was second… If Lin Feng defeated Duan Wu Dao, he would earn the first place at the competition… 

The exception, the total exception. To everyone’s great surprise, Lin Feng had managed to make it that far. Nobody would have believed it. 

The crowd remembered back to when Lin Feng had obtained the first jade key, was it only luck?

At that moment, Lin Feng was about to start the very last battle of the competition to become the most dazzling competitor.

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