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PMG Chapter 677: The Final Battle

PMG Chapter 677: The Final Battle

The crowd got over their previous surprise and became excited again. They were wondering what would happen during the last battle. Their blood was almost boiling. They had considered Lin Feng an insect without importance the first time they saw him. They had never thought such a thing would happen in the end.

Maybe that a thousand years after, Lin Feng would stand at the top of Xue Yu with his bloodthirsty sword. Maybe Lin Feng’s grandchildren would even say proudly, that that sword belonged to their ancestor, and with it Lin Feng rose.

“Lin Feng from Xue Yue…” The crowd was looking at that young man, he looked proud. They would always remember his name and how astonishing he had been. Lin Feng was a miracle.

Then they turned their heads around and looked at Duan Wu Dao. He had calmly observed everything, but he who always looked aggressive, violent and cruel, didn’t look that calm anymore. He had always thought that his strongest opponent would be Di Ling. He had never thought that Lin Feng would defeat Di Ling. It meant that he wasn’t finished, there was one more real battle for him to fight..

He had never thought that his final opponent would be Lin Feng, his compatriot.

In the air, Xue Wu Chang looked down at Lin Feng and smiled. How rare! Two people from Xue Yue were going to fight each other for the final battle of the competition… Xue Yue was sure to be the most dazzling country at the Great Competition of Xue Yu… In the past, a country under the jurisdiction of an empire had never even obtained the third place at the competition… And now, the first and second had already been obtained by two cultivators from Xue Yue! That was mind-blowing!

“Lin Feng, how long do you need to rest?” asked Xue Wu Chang. Lin Feng had just fought against Di Ling and had used lots of energy. If he wanted, he could have a rest. The last battle was the most important fight for him so he couldn’t just gamble and continue hastily. Lin Feng could choose himself, he could rest three or even five days…

The crowd looked at Lin Feng and asked themselves “When would the final battle happen?” 

“I don’t need to rest. Let’s fight now!” said Lin Feng. The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng didn’t need to rest… He was going to fight right away.

After fighting against Di Ling, Lin Feng didn’t need to rest…? He wasn’t even a little bit tired? 

“Lin Feng, you need to rest. Don’t worry yourself.” said Xue Wu Chang. He didn’t approve of Lin Feng’s decision. Duan Wu Dao had defeated Di Ling… And he was able to deploy eight sealed doors and seal people’s bodies and souls. That kind of seal was almost impossible to remove.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t use much energy a moment ago.” said Lin Feng facing Xue Wu Chang and smiling. Everybody was astonished, they all exchanged strange expressions.

A moment before, Lin Feng had defeated Di Ling but he hadn’t used much energy? Wasn’t he humiliating Di Ling?

Di Ling opened his eyes. He didn’t wanted to observe Duan Wu Dao and Lin Feng’s battle. He wanted to see the battle with his own eyes. What would be the result? Would they fight? He really wanted to see the finale.

Duan Wu Dao had also defeated Di Ling and Lin Feng had also defeated him. Who was stronger between Lin Feng and Duan Wu Dao?

“Alright, since you insist, you can fight immediately.” said Xue Wu Chang. He didn’t try to prevent Lin Feng anymore. Besides, Duan Wu Dao immediately jumped forwards and started walking slowly… He was looking at Lin Feng. 

“I know that you want to get married with my sister, right?” said Duan Wu Dao. Duan Wu Dao was the crown prince of Xue Yue and even though he only devoted his life to practicing cultivation and seldom taken care of external affairs, he knew about important events such as his sister’s wedding. He also knew that Lin Feng had destroyed the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. He also knew that Duan Wu Ya had told Lin Feng to challenge Duan Wu Dao so he could marry Duan Xin Ye.

Even though he knew all those things, he had never personally appeared. Because he had dedicated his entire life to cultivation, he was now at the top of the fighting stage at the Great Competition of Xue Yue. He could stand there proudly where everybody admired him. Caring about other things would have been pointless, so he didn’t care about them. He had been preparing for that final battle at the Great Competition of Xue Yu for such a long time. The terribly violent and brutal crown prince of Xue Yue had seldom shown his real face.

The crowd was confused when the crowd heard Duan Wu Dao. There was something else going on between Lin Feng and Duan Wu Dao’s family? Lin Feng wanted to get married with Duan Wu Dao’s sister, the princess of Xue Yue? 

“I am really surprised to have you as my final opponent. We are here together and we are both from Xue Yue. That is an honor for our country, that is glory. However, the final winner of the Great Competition of Xue Yu will be me. You will have no chance to defeat me. You don’t need to listen to Duan Wu Ya, you can marry my sister and then we’ll go and conquer the Continent of the Nine Clouds together.” said Duan Wu Dao. He had wild ambitions and the soul of a conqueror, but he was so nice to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was so young and was able to defeat Di Ling, he could definitely conquer the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“I don’t need you to agree, I don’t need Duan Wu Ya’s authorization either. I will struggle to do my best and finish first. Then when I go back to Xue Yue, nobody will dare offend me, Duan Xin Ye will welcome me with open arms. Everybody will congratulate me and I will share my glory with Duan Xin Ye.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Since he was there already, he was definitely going to try and finish first. Nothing could stop him anymore. The glory wouldn’t be his alone, he would share this glory with his mother, his father and all the ones he loved. Lin Feng wanted that glory.

Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng would get married and live happily in love. If he went back to Xue Yue after winning the competition, who would criticize him, who would offend him? Who would stand in his way?

He wanted to finish first and he would do his best to finish first! 

“That girl, Xin Ye, must be really happy…” whispered Qing Chan, she said that with a radiant smile on her face. She looked sweet and gentle.

“Since you are from Xue Yue, you know my temperament is bad. I easily lose temper.” said Duan Wu Dao, his energies were becoming denser. He was staring down Lin Feng.

“The crown prince Duan Wu Dao, unruly, good to those who are good but will kill those are bad to him. However, you first have to defeat me before you start talking big. Don’t act like Di Ling, if you lost then you’d lose face.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Di Ling had threatened him and the results had been catastrophic. 

“Let’s fight then.” shouted Duan Wu Dao violently. A terrifying warlord Qi emerged out of his body and attacked Lin Feng. At the same time, he closed the space between himself and Lin Feng. A terrifying golden color appeared all around Duan Wu Dao.

“Violent warlord punch!” Duan Wu Dao raised both his fists at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was standing there, calmly. Sword cultivators were calm and serene. With his sword, he could annihilate everything.

“Die!” His sword rose up in the air and some level five intent invaded the entire atmosphere. The red light was dazzling as it moved straight towards Duan Wu Dao.

“Seal!” shouted Duan Wu Dao. He immediately released some sealed doors intent. The Qi was getting more and more violent, it seemed like the red lights were being stopped by those energies and were becoming weaker. 

Lin Feng’s sword cultivation was incredible. With his sword intent he had managed to lacerate Di Ling’s firmament blood energy. Di Ling had a firmament spirit and understood firmament intent but had still lost. 

Duan Wu Dao had eight sealed doors and understood sealed doors intent. The atmosphere seemed to only possess sealed doors energies. 

Lin Feng looked emotionless as his bloodthirsty sword rotated and a red light turned into a vortex. Whatever went in that vortex seemed to disappear.

“Disappear!” The warlord fist crashed into the sword light. Duan Wu Dao’s sleeves were shaking. A terrifying sealed doors energy oppressed Lin Feng’s sword. 

However, Lin Feng’s sword wasn’t moving back, it was moving forwards with indomitable will. Subtle sounds were spreading in the air and emitting whistling sounds. Everything was getting destroyed. Even the sealed doors we being destroyed.
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    Yep i think he could do better since would be stupid to split family AGAIN, he need to be a douch because the prince is one i think mc have some kind of complex of inferiority and need to act on everything wtf

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