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PMG Chapter 678: Sealed Doors

PMG Chapter 678: Sealed Doors

Duan Wu Dao looked disheartened. Lin Feng was going to become a monstrously strong sword cultivator. Lin Feng’s sword intent was level five and each of his attacks using the bloodthirsty sword were terrifying. Duan Wu Dao had seen Lin Feng’s speed during his battle against Di Ling. Lin Feng was extremely fast, as fast as lightning. Even if Duan Wu Dao was remained self-confident, he didn’t despise Lin Feng.

Duan Wu Dao made a step forwards as his sealed doors moved in to seal Lin Feng.

“Back punch!” shouted Duan Wu Dao. His punched covered the Earth and moved towards Lin Feng. Duan Wu Dao trampled on the ground and he rose up in the air, his warlord Qi was terrifying. He then shouted violently, “SEAL!” 

Lin Feng was surrounded by sealed doors, he was backed into a corner. The blood-red sword was going insane, annihilating the different punches. Lin Feng raised his head and saw Duan Wu Dao’s warlord punches falling down from the sky without limits, as if the gods wanted to crush him.

A terrifying sword energy rose up and Lin Feng’s entire body turned into a sword. There was only sword Qi surrounding him, which was destroying the endless warlord punches. 

Lin Feng moved and his bloodthirsty sword followed. Lin Feng’s thirteenth bloodthirsty sword attack was extremely fast. Lin Feng’s body looked like a beam of light.

“Seal!” Boom boom!” explosions sounded and then the two people descended down to the stage. Duan Wu Dao moved back a few steps and stretched his hand out. In it appeared something black, it was some sword Qi which had hurt him.

Lin Feng looked at Duan Wu Dao who was still releasing some terrifying brutal Qi. 

“No wonder you were able to defeat Di Ling, you’ve broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer and your sword intent is level five. People of the Xuan Qi layer cannot defeat you anymore, only someone with Tian Qi layer strength can defeat you now. However, I am an exception and I will not give you any opportunity.”

Duan Wu Dao then released an incredible ancient sealed doors energy which seemed to come from remote ages. Eight doors appeared in the air in full antiquity. Those eight doors were incredible, they contained such terrifying sealed door energy.

Sealed doors… Again… 

Could Lin Feng resist against those eight sealed doors?

Di Ling had used incredible strength to break free from those eight sealed doors. He had fought to break them, however, they had had worn him down and he lost. Now, how would Lin Feng deal with those sealed doors? 

Lin Feng looked at those eight doors and a terrifying fire emerged out of his body and rose up in the air. 

He was using his entire strength of the eighth Xuan Qi layer.

The crowd was staring at Lin Feng’s fire. Would Lin Feng be able to defeat those eight sealed doors with fire? How was that possible? Di Ling had used a monstrous amount of strength to break through those doors… How would Lin Feng be able to destroy them? It was impossible, he would never be able to break those doors.

His fire made the ambient temperature rise drastically. Lin Feng was moving back, it seemed like he was trying to gain some time.

“Are you trying to escape?” asked Duan Wu Dao smiling. He then shouted furiously, “Seal!”

Then the eight doors turned into eight black beams of light and shot towards Lin Feng.

“Black lotus!” whispered Lin Feng in a deep voice. He he condensed his entire fire Qi, the Qi in his body started circulating insanely.

Lin Feng then released some incredible deadly energy. The crowd only saw Lin Feng raise both his hands and a black lotus appeared there.

It was pitch-black, gloomy, and filled with deadly energies.

Everything was happening extremely fast. It was so fast that people couldn’t see clearly. The eight sealed doors moved towards Lin Feng’s body and Lin Feng opened his hands. He then shouted one word, “Destroy!” 

“Boom!” At the moment when the eight sealed doors fell down, a terrifying deadly energy spread in the air. The crowd only saw a pitch-black light in which Lin Feng drowned under.

The entire crowd suddenly had the sensation that they were going to suffocate and die. 

The sealed doors were burning in the atmosphere, and then they disappeared without a trace. Everything became calm again as Lin Feng appeared.

He was still standing proudly on the fighting stage. 

He had broken the sealed doors.

“They broke?” The crowd was astonished, staring at Lin Feng. That terrifying black lotus had destroyed the eight sealed doors.

“Cough cough!” Duan Wu Dao coughed and his muscles twitched. His soul had already been severely affected during his battle against Di Ling when the latter had destroyed his sealed doors. Now, Lin Feng had defeated them again further injured his soul.

“Do I need to escape?” asked Lin Feng indifferently. Duan Wu Dao’s sealed doors had disappeared.

“You used all your pure Qi? Now, let’s see how you want to continue the battle…” said Duan Wu Dao coldly. Lin Feng smiled and said, “You cannot use your sealed doors indefinitely, they are defeated for the remainder of this battle. Your spirit is injured… How can you keep battling?”

Lin Feng’s strength of the Herukas then started rotating in his body, several black lights appeared and made the entire atmosphere turn dark. Lin Feng was surrounded by a dark world.

Lin Feng had used these evil powers against Xue Sha before and now he was using them against Duan Wu Dao.

Duan Wu Dao had asked Lin Feng how he intended to keep battling and Lin Feng responded. 

Duan Wu Dao looked at the evil body, the crowd was unable to predict the result of the battle. Who would be the final winner of the Great Competition of Xue Yu? 

“You will see.” said Duan Wu Dao. He then raised his head, looking as proud and arrogant as before. 

He stretched both his hands and a Qi started rolling in them. Immediately after, several doors appeared.

“Real geniuses can make their spirit fuse with their body. Even without making my spirit appear I can seal people’s bodies. I will teach you what a real genius is.”

The crowd listened to Duan Wu Dao and watched his sealed doors. Their hearts were pounding at full speed… An authentic genius? An authentic genius could use the strength of his spirit without making it appear? They understood what it meant but couldn’t understand how to do it. 

Duan Wu Dao threw himself at Lin Feng, and appeared in front of him.

The sealed doors moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng condensed his terrifying evil energy in his fist assaulted the doors. However, one of the doors immediately penetrated into Lin Feng’s body. The crowd was stunned, maybe that that door wouldn’t be powerful enough to seal his body!

“Seal!” shouted Duan Wu Dao furiously. An incredible amount of doors were moving towards Lin Feng and surrounding his demon body!

“Warlord punches!” Duan Wu Dao released some more terrifying warlord Qi and jumped towards Lin Feng. Explosions sounded and Lin Feng seemed like he couldn’t take much more.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. A terrifying evil punch emerged from his body and collided with Duan Wu Dao. At the same time an Asura body appeared.

“Break!” Duan Wu Dao’s attack then cut through Asura like a knife through butter. The Asura immediately disappeared. The evil light disappeared and Lin Feng was projected backward a few dozens steps when the last punch crashed onto Lin Feng’s body. He looked a bit stunned.

Duan Wu Dao didn’t chase him, his soul was shaking. His illusionary sealed doors were easy to use… Duan Wu Dao had used lots of strength, and now he had to win.

Lin Feng would lose. Duan Wu Dao had to be the strongest cultivator at the competition, he was the most dazzling cultivator at the competition. Nobody else… 

The demon body was broken. Lin Feng knew perfectly well that Duan Wu Dao had used all his strength a moment before to finish him. He hadn’t controlled himself. His soul had been badly hurt. Terrifying sealed doors energy had moved into his Lin Feng’s body.

“Now, you have used all your pure Qi and your demon body is broken. Your body sealed, how can you fight???!” shouted Duan Wu Dao furiously. He was standing there like a hero For the crowd, it seemed like Duan Wu Dao was already the final winner…!

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