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PMG Chapter 679: The Climax

PMG Chapter 679: The Climax

“No pure Qi, broken demon body, body sealed?” Lin Feng was looking at Duan Wu Dao with a smile forming from the corner of his mouth. “Are you sure that you sealed my body?”

Duan Wu Dao looked at Lin Feng, smiled and said, “No need to fight like that… I saw the doors seal your body. You’ll have to find a solution to break the sealed doors inside of your body.”

“Is that so? You are so smart!” said Lin Feng. Then a terrifying spirit energy emerged in the air.

“Break!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. In a flash, a terrifying sealed doors Qi emerged out of Lin Feng’s body and disappeared in the air. Lin Feng had managed to break the doors.

“Huh?” Duan Wu Dao’s smile suddenly froze. The seals had been broken? 

Lin Feng had managed to expel all the sealed doors and break them. 

“Now, what do you have to say?” asked Lin Feng indifferently. Duan Wu Dao was stupefied, he looked hideous. Lin Feng had surprisingly managed to break the sealed doors… How had he done that?

The crowd was astonished too. They had thought that the sealed doors had already sealed his body. There was no suspense anymore. Lin Feng’s voice was still filled with self-confidence now that he had broken the seals.

“So what? How can you still fight me?” said Duan Wu Dao narrowing his eyes. He released some more warlord Qi. How did Lin Feng intend to keep battling?

“You have already used your spirit but you have to remember that I haven’t used mine!” said Lin Feng indifferently. Then, a terrifying roaring sound spread in the air and next to Lin Feng appeared a terrifying purple light which launched at Duan Wu Dao.

At the same time, eight dragon heads appeared from Lin Feng’s back and dashed to the skies. There were eight dragon heads but only one body. Those heads were chanting the song of the dragons and looking at the sky as if they had wanted to swallow it. 

“Eight heads….” Yue Qing Shan was stupefied. He was stared at Lin Feng’s celestial fangs spirit, it already possessed eight heads. One more head and it would have nine dragon heads… The final form of the dragon… At that moment, the dragon heads didn’t look like a spirit anymore, they looked like a real beast. 

“Eight heads!” The crowd was astonished. Not many people had seen Lin Feng’s spirit and were just discovering it. He possessed a terrifying dragon. 

Who was going to win that battle…? 

Lin Feng was still standing there, his purple spirit had surrounded Duan Wu Dao’s body. Duan Wu Dao wasn’t as strong anymore. He was attacking the purple spirit unceasingly but it was constantly reappearing again. He was unable to completely destroy the purple spirit.

Duan Wu Dao froze when saw the eight dragon heads. Lin Feng, with the strength of the eighth Xuan Qi layer, could also release such a monstrously powerful spirit. Maybe that his soul was stronger than the eighth Xuan Qi layer… 

“Indeed, it is the power of his soul…” Duan Wu Dao was astonished. He looked like he had suddenly understood something. Lin Feng had managed to expel the sealed doors out of his body because he had used his soul to attack it. That was the only explanation. The sealed doors hadn’t actually been able to seal Lin Feng’s body. 

“Roaaarrr!” The dragon roared and the eight heads moved towards Duan Wu Dao. They were all opening their gigantic mouth and showing their fangs. They wanted to swallow Duan Wu Dao.

Duan Wu Dao took out a pill and swallowed it. His strength came back to him and he returned to normal. A terrifying warlord energy emerged in the air and Duan Wu Dao shouted furiously, “Warlord punch!” 

“Pill?” Lin Feng smiled coldly and also took out a pure healing pill. In a flash, his pure Qi came back to normal.

A metallic sound spread in the air and his bloodthirsty sword appeared again. Lin Feng was firmly holding it as he slowly started walking towards Duan Wu Dao.

The sword energy was dashing to the skies and on the ground appeared several fissures and crevices. Lin Feng’s bloodthirsty sword was leaving some terrifying marks on the fighting stage. 

There was only sword Qi around Lin Feng. 

Duan Wu Dao suddenly sensed that terrifying sword Qi while his warlord punches were occupied with dragon and its eight heads. He was contend with them both. A terrifying sword intent crashed onto his body and it seemed like he was going to be swallowed.

The sword Qi was getting stronger and stronger, it was also getting colder and colder.

“ARGGGGGHHHH…….” Duan Wu Dao shouted furiously. He released a warlord energy which blotted out the sky and covered up the earth. The dragon was projected backwards, the purple snake was were obliterated into pieces.

But Lin Feng was still slowly walking forwards, his bloodthirsty sword in hand. 

Duan Wu Dao turned and lowered his head. He looked at Lin Feng in a calm way, Duan Wu Dao didn’t want to give up, but….

“I give up.” Duan Wu Dao knew that he had lost the battle… He didn’t have a chance to win anymore.

That terrifying sword energy slowly disappeared. Lin Feng looked at Duan Wu Dao just as calm as before.

“A real… Genius?” Lin Feng put his sword away and said those few words to Duan Wu Dao. Duan Wu Dao was astonished, he had just told Lin Feng that he would show him what a real genius was. 

Duan Wu Dao looked at the calm Lin Feng, he was serene and so young. Lin Feng looked outstanding but he hadn’t reached maturity yet. Lin Feng, had been strong enough to make it so far though….

Lin Feng was the winner of the Great Competition of Xue Yue! 

“You didn’t disappoint me.” said Jun Mo Xi smiling warmly and friendly. Lin Feng had proved to Jun Mo Xi that he had made the right decision. Lin Feng had really managed to do it… This time, he had finished first. Relying on some incredible skills and techniques, he had won. He had made it so far, step by step, he had risen up to the top.

Tang You You was also smiling resplendently, it was like a dream. She remember the first time she had met Lin Feng at the restaurant. He had downed all the expensive liquor as if he hadn’t care at all. Now, he was the most outstanding disciple at the competition and was respected by millions of people.

“Not bad.” thought Qing Meng Xin with a sexy smile forming from the corner of her mouth. She looked a bit surprised.

Yun Fei Yang took out a bottle and drank some Hot Unit, how comfortable!

Xiao Ya, Han Man and Po Jun all looked proud of their friend. They were clenching their fists, they had never thought that Lin Feng would be able to make it that far.

Of course, many others were furious. Yue Qing Shan had mixed feelings, he could only sigh.

Yu Liu Shui, Teng Wu Yao, the people of the Yu Clan and of the Wan Shou Sect, Xue Sha, Ling Xiao, and several others were looking at that proud man and with regret. They were furious.

They had never thought that Lin Feng would come out on top.

The crowd was astonished but then calmed down. Nobody said anything. They were only looking at that proud looking young man with new eyes. Lin Feng had no idea of all those things happening around him, he raised his head and looked at Xue Wu Chang. Lin Feng was smiling resplendently and magnificently. He looked like a little sunshine. 

He had managed to finish the Great Competition of Xue Yu and had won! He was first!

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