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PMG Chapter 681: Five Terrifying Spheres of Influence

PMG Chapter 681: Five Terrifying Spheres of Influence

“You have travelled from so far away to Mi Cheng, you must be exhausted. However, it seems like you have nothing to do with Shen Gong.” said a loud voice in the distance. The crowd saw a group of strong cultivators in the distance. The leader of Shen Gong North had come personally and was pressuring all those Tian Qi layer cultivators.

When Xue Wu Chang saw the leader of Shen Gong North, he felt a bit relieved. Luckily, they had come. Alone, he wouldn’t have been able to deal with those people of the Tian Qi layer. They were all monstrously skilled and strong cultivators. If things went down, he wouldn’t have been able to save the situation.

He perfectly understood that if the enemies hadn’t attacked, it was because Shen Gong was a powerful sphere of influence. They had come from so far but didn’t dare act recklessly. 

“The Leader of Shen Gong North, Bei Ming is here.” the cultivators of the Tian Qi layer recognized who he was and immediately named him. They also knew that Shen Gong was divided into four different parts and that the Leader of Shen Gong North was Bei Ming.

“You are all extremely strong cultivators with your own territories, why come bother Shen Gong?” asked Bei Ming coldly, quickly glancing at the crowd. He was a bit upset, it seemed like so many strong cultivators had come to Mi Cheng to interrupt the end of the Great Competition of Xue Yu.

“We don’t need to use obscure messages to talk. We came here because our goal is the same as Bei Ming. There are many geniuses, Shen Gong wants to steal them and we don’t quite agree with it.”

At that moment, someone moved their hands and an imperial golden dragon robe appeared. In a flash, the Qi of the atmosphere drastically changed. It seemed frightening.

“The Purple-Golden Dragon King of the East Sea and three other empires. The others, you must clearly understand their social status. I, Bei Ming don’t need to tell you because you can easliy guess.” said Bei Ming when he saw that golden and purple dragon robe… The strong cultivators of the East Sea had arrived. Besides, the Dragon King had arrived too. The Dragon King in his golden and purple robe had come personally. 

The others didn’t try to hide themselves anymore, the clothes they were wearing and the golden hats they had on their heads were becoming obviously powerful. The Qi they were emitting was extremely strong. 

Those cultivators of the Tian Qi layer weren’t ordinary cultivators of the Tian Qi layer at all.

Apart from Shen Gong there were four other spheres of influence. Their power of influence had so many cultivators of the Tian Qi layer. They were terrifying and they had all come to Xue Yu, how terrifying… They could annihilate an entire empire.

Lin Feng was remained staring at those people. Apart from the Dragon King wearing the purple and golden clothes and his people, there were other people with terrifying ancient swords in their back. Their sword Qi was dashing to the skies. Those people were infinitely stronger than Ling Xiao and were all sword cultivators.

There was another group of people. Their leader had a warlord Qi, just like Duan Wu Dao. They were wearing warlord helmets and their Qi was much stronger than that of Duan Wu Dao.

The last sphere of influence was just as terrifying. Their Qi was similar to that of Lin Feng’s evil energies. They were terrifying, a single glance at them sufficed to scare away anybody else.

“The East Sea Dragon Palace, the Nine Cloud Swords Sect, the Jade Heaven Imperial Family, and the Necropolis Sect. Alright, very good. A tiny little region like Xue Yu attracted so many strong cultivators. I, Bei Ming should feel honored.” said Bei Ming, staring back at those people. He had been surprised when he saw the purple-golden Dragon King, and then he had seen the people of Nine Cloud Swords, and the people of the Jade Heaven Imperial Family and the people of the Necropolis Sect. Those four powers of influence were as strong as Shen Gong, and surprisingly had all gathered in Xue Yu.

It seemed like Shen Gong hadn’t expected such a turnout. 

“So many strong cultivators… They cannot belong to Shen Gong only. Since we are here, let them choose by themselves.” said the purple-golden Dragon King indifferently.

At that moment, people’s hearts were pounding. They had thought that the Great Competition of Xue Yu had come to an end and that things would get calm down once more. They had never thought that these incredible people would come. In front of them were so many terrifying cultivators.

They were all cultivators of the Tian Qi layer. There were even cultivators of the Tian Qi layer who had come just to assist to the show.

Cultivators of the Tian Qi layer could easily annihilate Xue Yu. They were the strongest cultivator and were extremely rare. But at that moment, there was more than a dozen of them. Including some people who had come just for fun, how astonishing! 

When they heard Bei Ming, they understood that the East Sea Dragon Palace, the Nine Cloud Swords Sect, the Jade Heaven Imperial Family and the Necropolis Sect were all extremely strong and powerful spheres of influence. They weren’t any weaker than Shen Gong. 

Shen Gong alone was enough to control and influence the entire region of Xue Yu. They were like the kings of Xue Yu. But now, at that moment, four other spheres of influence as strong as Shen Gong had appeared.

“What do you mean? What choice?” asked Bei Ming to the Dragon King in purple and golden clothes. The four other powers of influence gathered, it seemed difficult for Shen Gong not to share with them now…

“We, the five spheres of influence, can declare a few words and let them choose.” replied the Dragon King. Immediately after, he looked at the three others and asked, “What do you think?” 

“I agree.” said someone from the Nine Cloud Swords Sect. 

“I agree too.” said the Jade Heaven Imperial Family and the Necropolis Sect while nodding. 

“Who starts?” asked Ming Bei. 

“Shen Gong will. You should speak for Shen Gong, Ming Bei.” said the Dragon King.

Shen Gong looked glum but turned to the crowd and said slowly, “Shen Gong has organized the Great Competition of Xue Yu. We’ve been helping you improve your cultivation level and I think that you were all very satisfied with that… You are all geniuses from Xue Yu, Shen Gong of course wants you to join us, we always want more geniuses… Of course, if you don’t want to join Shen Gong, we won’t force you… I just hope that you can help Shen Gong with one thing. They have also come for that one thing so I hope that you will consider the question carefully.” said Ming Bei clearly. He didn’t sound menacing or aggressive at all. He hoped that even more geniuses would join Shen Gong.

“Bei Ming is done talking right? Let me say something then.” said the Dragon King while looking at Lin Feng. 

“Lin Feng, I am from the East Sea Dragon Palace, overlord of the East Sea Empire. We are an empire of average quality, the four empires of Xue Yu are of lower quality. You can imagine what kind of people and territories we have in our control.” said the Dragon King. Everybody clearly understood what he meant. Besides, the four empires of Xue Yu were of lower quality…

Empire of lower quality differed a lot from empires of average quality. The countries under the jurisdictions  of lower quality also differed a lot from the countries under the jurisdictions of empires of average quality. They differed a lot! 

“At the East Sea Dragon Palace, we have a dragon spirit and our skills and techniques also have to do with dragons. You Lin Feng, have a Nine Dragons Celestial Fangs spirit. If you join our palace you will become extremely strong, a warlord. And you will have access to incredible Tian level skills, you will be able to choose from any of them.” said the Dragon King as if he had prepared everything, including his speech, to tempt Lin Feng. Bei Ming looked upset, what he had said wasn’t enough to tempt the geniuses, including Lin Feng. 

“Simply put Lin Feng, you can join our Dragon Palace. We will welcome you warmly, the Dragon King and even the patriarch of palace will welcome you and teach you many things. They will help you consolidate your cultivation, imagine the incredible advantages? You should consider the question carefully.”

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