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PMG Chapter 682: Lin Feng’s choice

PMG Chapter 682: Lin Feng’s choice

The crowd was jealous when they heard the Dragon King. What incredible advantages… The East Sea Dragon Palace was an overlord in the East Sea Empire which was an empire of medium quality. They only wanted Lin Feng to join… They had Tian level skills and would allow Lin Feng to choose… Besides, those skills had to do with Lin Feng’s dragon spirit… If he accepted, he would become infinitely stronger.

Apart from that, he would have the chance at having the highest leaders of the palace as his teachers… With such arguments, who could refuse?

“Dragon King, didn’t you exceed the word limit we have agreed on? It was a bit too long!” said Bei Ming pulling a long face. They had agreed on a few words and he had delivered an entire speech. How detestable! 

“Wait.” said the Dragon Empire while smiling. Immediately, he looked at other people and said, “The others, if you want to join the East Sea Dragon Palace you are welcome. You will also be able to share a part of the fun with us. After that, if you even come back to this trivial and futile place, you will be regarded as incredible cultivators.” said the Dragon King. Now his speech was finished.

“Let me talk now.” said the leader of the Nine Cloud Swords Sect. He then looked at Lin Feng and said, “You have broken through to the very top of the eighth Xuan Qi layer, your sword intent is level five. I was personally dumbstruck by your incredible sword skills. I don’t need to tell you how many extremely strong sword cultivators we have. To make it short, we are as strong as the East Sea Dragon Palace but we are sword cultivators. If you want to join our sect, you will be able to quickly understand the next levels of sword intent and then even understand the abstruse significance. You would be able to easily destroy the Nine Cloud, can you imagine the benefits for you?” 

Then, he looked at Ling Xiao and said, “The same for you, we would definitely welcome you if you wanted to join our sect. You would become a monstrously strong sword cultivator because we are all sword cultivators.”

“There’s you as well, we would welcome you too so just think about it.” In the end, he looked at the young man with the sword. There were only three sword cultivators there and they really hoped that they would be able to get them. For sword cultivators, joining the Nine Cloud Swords Sect was an incredible opportunity. 

Then the leader of the Jade Heaven Imperial Family, with his imperial Qi, looked at Duan Wu Dao and Jun Mo Xi.

“Duan Wu Dao and Jun Mo Xi, you both have the blood of the monarchs. One is the warlord Qi and the other is the vital Qi of righteousness. For the Jade Heaven Imperial Family, people like you are incredible. We would immediately welcome you. Di Ling, since you don’t have a heavenly warlord Qi but a firmament blood, we would also allow you to become a warlord.” said an elegant-looking man with a helmet. He was releasing an imperial Qi. He was only interested certain people: Duan Wu Dao, Jun Mo Xi and Di Ling. 

In the end, there was only the Necropolis Sect which hadn’t spoken. The leader was releasing a terrifying evil energy. He looked at Lin Feng. 

“Lin Feng, you have a terrifying evil Qi and you have some terrifying evil skills. Therefore, all of them want you. If you want to develop your evil energies we can help you, everybody in the world would be scared to hear your name. Duan Wu Dao, Di Ling, Jun Mo Xi, Xue Sha, we would also welcome you.”

Apart from Shen Gong, there were four other spheres of influence and they all wanted Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had the Nine Dragons Celestial Fangs spirit, practiced sword cultivation, and also had the heruka skills. Therefore, three sects wanted to have him. Lin Feng drew everybody’s attention. They all hoped that Lin Feng would join them. Duan Wu Dao, Di Ling, Jun Mo Xi and some others also drew their attention. 

The rankings of the Great Competition of Xue Yu wasn’t random, it really proved how strong those geniuses were. Indeed, there was no doubt, natural abilities and strength were different things but were also obvious.

Then, all the people from the five spheres of influence were looking at the geniuses and waiting for them to choose.

Most people were looking at their teachers and parents, especially those who already had a teacher…and were already members of a sect. Choosing another sphere of influence would spell betrayal… 

“Don’t worry. Shen Gong will not make it difficult for your sects.” said Bei Ming as if he had understood what people were thinking.

“The East Sea Dragon Palace is not a sect anyway! We are just a sphere of influence. Joining the East Sea Dragon Palace doesn’t mean that you’re not a member of your initial sect anymore. You could, as before, say that you’re a member of your initial sect and an influential member of another sphere of influence.” said the Dragon King in purple and golden clothes. The East Sea Dragon Palace was an overlord in the East Sea Empire, there were many sects under their control!

“Ling Xiao, join the Nine Cloud Swords Sect, go ahead.” said a voice in the at that moment. It was Qi Qing Jian Ling Xiao’s teacher… 

“It is a sword sect, they practice sword cultivation. Extremely strong cultivators are numerous and they are much stronger than me. If you join the Nine Cloud Swords Sect you will still be able to say that you are my student but that you belong to the Nine Cloud Swords Sect. I will not blame you and never consider that you betrayed your sect.” said Ling Xiao’s teacher. Ling Xiao had lost an arm, he hoped that Ling Xiao wouldn’t give up and would continue to not lose his determination and willpower on the path of cultivation. Joining the Nine Cloud Swords Sect would enable him to reach the clouds. 

“Teacher…” said Ling Xiao. He looked touched and moved but he understood what his teacher meant. 

“Listen to me.”

“Roger, teacher.” said Ling Xiao nodding. He then looked at the strong cultivator of the Nine Cloud Swords Sect and said, “I, Ling Xiao, accept to join your sect.”

“Alright, very good. We welcome you.” said the leader nodding. Even though Ling Xiao had lost an arm, it didn’t mean that he had become a piece of trash. Besides, he had already reached such a high level, he had broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer and his sword intent was level three. Those things weren’t going to disappear.

“So do I.” said the other sword cultivator with the silver sword. A sword sect was extremely attractive, how could a sword cultivator refuse such an offer…? 

“The Nine Cloud Swords Sect welcomes you as well.” They then all turned to Lin Feng hoping that he would accept to join them. With his level five sword intent he would probably become the strongest cultivator of the Nine Cloud Swords Sect. Unfortunately, Lin Feng wasn’t saying anything and remained silent. 

“What are you offering us?” asked Duan Wu Dao indifferently. 

“I also want to know.” said Di Ling nodding. They wouldn’t join a sphere of influence that easily, they needed to know more.

“We will let you enter some mysterious cultivation dimensions which will make you become extremely strong cultivators, you will profit from a myriad of advantages. That is one of our goals in Xue Yu. I hope that you will join Shen Gong.” said Bei Ming. The crowd already knew a little bit more, it seemed like the geniuses would be able to join some mysterious and mystical cultivation dimensions if they joined Shen Gong.

“Bei Ming is right. If you join the East Sea Dragon Palace, it will be the same but much better. Of course, if you’re not interested in those mystical dimensions and mysteries, we will not force you but we will welcome you anyway” said the Dragon King in purple and golden clothes. The crowd just nodded.

“I need time to think about it.” said Duan Wu Dao. 

“So do I.” said Di Ling and the others and some others. They had the choice, they needed to consider everything carefully. That choice could change their lives.

“What about you Lin Feng?” asked the Dragon King. Lin Feng was the one everybody wanted the most. 

They all hoped that Lin Feng would join them. 

“I will not join any of you.” said Lin Feng, leaving everybody is disbelief. Lin Feng wasn’t interested in any of them and was refusing all their offers, no matter how amazing the offers sounded. 

“About the mysterious and mystical things you were talking about, I need to think for a while.” said Lin Feng to Bei Ming nodding. Bei Ming was stupefied but then smiled. 

Lin Feng was saying that he needed to think about whether he wanted to join the mystical and mysterious cultivation dimensions and areas. What that meant was that the only sphere of influence he was interested in joining was Shen Gong! 
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