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PMG Chapter 686: At Dusk

Edited: Odd Man Out
PMG Chapter 686: At Dusk 

At night in Shen Gong, there was a bright and clear moon illuminating the region. 

It was reflecting off the clouds making the atmosphere look somehow dreary and desolate. 

“Wow, the moon is bright and clear up here.” Above the clouds, there was a silhouette standing and looking at the moon. 

“What a mysterious world.” whispered Lin Feng. That place was clearly another world. The moon looked incredible.

“I wonder if the moon is different at home.” said a voice sighing. Was that celestial body the same as that seen from home? The word “home” just reminded them of a few vague and blurry souvenirs.

“The moon at home is probably more beautiful than here.” said Xiao Ya smiling. Lin Feng nodded, home in his head was already a blurry souvenir. Now, he was a cultivator of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. 

“Even though the moon is beautiful, some zither music is missing.” said another voice suddenly. Lin Feng turned his head and smiled at Tang You You, “are you also feeling nostalgic and emotional?”

“On the path of cultivation, you need to remain determined but if you are emotionless, it’s pointless.” said Tang You You smiling. “You also think that the moon looks less beautiful, right?”

Lin Feng smiled and rolled up his sleeves. He then sat down cross-legged, his eyes were twinkling as an ancient zither appeared on his knee. Tang You You was surprised.

Lin Feng could play the zither?! 

Xiao Ya was surprised and then giggled. She lied down next to Lin Feng and looked up at the moon. She was wondering how her grandfather was feeling. Her grandfather had given her to Lin Feng so he had probably gone to get his revenge! 

He had probably gone to avenge Xiao Ya’s brother! Her grandfather had never forgotten Xiao Ya’s brother. Because she was far away, her grandfather would be able to get his revenge. Meeting Lin Feng had been a nice opportunity, it had enabled her grandfather to find someone to take care of Xiao Ya.

“Danggg….” A sound spread in the atmosphere, it was that of a zither. A cloud of smoke was spreading in the air that made the atmosphere look desolate. It seemed like someone was drinking alone under the moon and crying over a beautiful woman or a friend. It seemed like someone was chatting alone to the Earth and sky. 

Tang You You was captivated by the music. Without realizing it, she sat down in a natural and relaxed way. She looked at the lonely silhouettes around her and listened to melancholic notes of the instrument. 

Tang You You’s eyes were twinkling, in front of her appeared some bottles of alcohol. She opened them and started drinking. Quickly her face became red and perfectly matched the moonlight. She looked particularly enchanting. 

The moon, the zither, some fine liquors, good friends, that was a picturesque scenery. Nothing was missing. Tang You You would have probably sighed with emotions if she had seen herself. However if she hadn’t been in the picture something would have been missing. 

Progressively, there were more and more high-pitch tones. The melody was going up and down like a rollercoaster, it was resonating in the darkness of the night. 

Xiao Ya closed her eyes, it seemed like she had fallen asleep. Tang You You was still drinking, she hadn’t emerged out of the picture.

In the distance, in two different places there were two silhouettes watching Lin Feng’s back. Qing Chan was smiling, she liked Lin Feng’s eyes. She admired Lin Feng for his cultivation but also for his zither skills. What a well-rounded young man!

Qing Meng Xin was also looking at Lin Feng from a table, she had a resplendent and seducing smile. That guy was perfect. With his determination and temperament, he had finished first at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. He was frivolous and still alive, he was filled with ardor and vitality.

“Maybe you aren’t as perfect as Jun Mo Xi in some ways but you are better at attracting women.” whispered Qing Meng Xin. Qing Meng Xin was looking at Qing Chan and Tang You You sitting. Women liked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng then put away his zither and looked at Xiao Ya who was closing her eyes, his face was filled with warmth and tenderness. 

Lin Feng turned his head to Tang You You who was still drinking alcohol. Her face was red and she still looked bewitching. 

Tang You You turned her head and looked at Lin Feng, her face turned even redder. Then she slightly lowered her head and put the bottles away. Suddenly she looked normal again. She smiled and said, “I wouldn’t have thought that you could play the zither so well.”

“An old man taught me.” said Lin Feng smiling. Back then, Yan Yu Ping Sheng had taught him some basics.

Tang You You smiled and remained silent.

“I’m going to have a rest.” said Tang You You, standing up and walking away. Now Qing Chan and Qing Meng Xin had already left. 

Lin Feng shook his head and carefully took Xiao Ya in his arms. Then, he walked away.


At dusk a pleasant and comfortable breeze brushed away in Shen Gong. Lin Feng and the others had arrived in front of the palace they had first arrived at the day before. 

Now they were going to listen to the Zun cultivator. Of course, they were all impatient. They were particularly excited. 

They were at the top of the Xuan Qi layer, their blood was becoming stronger and stronger. A strong cultivators’ advice would surely be useful.

Bei Ming arrived and saw that everybody was there already. He smiled  looking gratified. The geniuses who had made it to the end of the Great Competition of Xue Yu were full of willpower and determination. They were all eager to become extremely strong. 

“Everybody, follow me.” said Bei Ming. He then jumped in the distance. 

The crowd then followed him and crossed the atmosphere of Shen Gong. 

After a short time, the crowd arrived in a place where buildings weren’t so tall, just small and simple. There was a simple palace with a normal door. Through that small passage they could see an old man sitting cross-legged on a round chair. His eyes were firmly closed and it seemed like he was in a state of meditation.

Outside of the palace people were progressively moving forwards. Bei Ming was the same, he was walking there, step by step.

“Respectable cultivator.” said Bei Ming slightly bowing. 

“Come in.” His voice was made their souls shake. 

The Zun cultivator was sitting in a small courtyard. But was that a strong cultivator? 

The others slowly followed and entered into the small courtyard. There were many chairs inside but nobody sat down, they were all too eager.

Lin Feng arrived in front of a chair and looked at the old man, his heart was beating faster.

“It’s him…!” That silhouette was blurry in Lin Feng’s memories. In the special area where he had stayed for seven days, he had seen that silhouette. He hadn’t seen that person’s face, he had only seen his silhouette. But now the old man looked very familiar. Lin Feng knew him and it made sense that the old man was a Zun cultivator.

“Everybody, please be seated.” said the Zun cultivator whose eyes started shaking. His lips were twitching but his voice was particularly clear. It seemed like he was using magical powers to talk to them, their hearts were shaking.

Everybody sat down and look up at the old man respectfully. It seemed like they were worthless in front of that strong cultivator. He could destroy a mountain with his finger and make oceans dry out.
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