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PMG Chapter 69: Fury

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Nan Gong Ling felt happy but Mo Xie was not happy in the slightest. He had an evil look covering his face.

“That young man is too outstanding… He should have been killed at birth.” Mo Xie thought evilly. Lin Feng had humiliated him so even if he was a genius, he had to be killed and Mo Xie couldn’t afford to wait until Lin Feng grew up as he would become too strong.

In the middle of the crowd, Han Man felt at ease. He had a smile on the corner of his lips: “He really has become so strong already. He even managed to convince me that I might be stronger.”

When he saw that Lin Feng was stronger than him, he was really happy for his sworn brother.

Jing Yun, who was standing next to him, also had a brilliant smile on her face. She looked like a lotus flower in blossom. Her smile looked so pure and innocent, it could charm any man who saw.

Po Jun, who was standing next to them, had a sparkle in his eyes while looking at Lin Feng on the fighting stage. He thought: “No wonder he was able to react so quickly against me and with such a terrifying strength…. He was this powerful.”

Inside the Life and Death Arena, Yu Hao’s face was turning deathly pale. His face had become so pale and cold that he already looked like a corpse.

“Even with your sword spirit you don’t understand the basic principles of wielding a sword.”

Lin Feng had destroyed his honor and dignity. He had no choice but to agree with his statement and he was not the only one. Everybody in the crowd had agreed. Yu Hao didn’t understand basic sword principles. Compared with Lin Feng, he looked like a child holding a toy sword.

Who was it that said, only those who had a Sword Spirit could become amazing sword masters?

Every single trace of sword Qi emerging from Yu Hao’s body was vanishing as fast as it had appeared. It was crumbling and disintegrating each time he tried to release it. Controlling forces like he did, Lin Feng wasn’t consuming much energy and the sword force was growing extremely powerful.

“I give up. You can become an elite disciple.”

Yu Hao had been struggling with his pride but had finally said those words. He just had the feeling that he had been truly humiliated and that the entire crowd was laughing at him for thinking he was so powerful.

“Give up?”

Lin Feng was smiling coldly. Could he really be let off so easily?

When Yu Hao thought his victory was certain and he would easily overpower Lin Feng, he had wanted to cripple Lin Feng’s cultivation. He wanted to break his arms and leave him half dead. It was impossible for him to be crueler than that.

At the moment when Yu Hao found out that he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, he thought that one sentence was going to be enough to purify the hatred between them. Was that how things really worked?

Well Lin Feng didn’t agree.

“Do I need to accept?” said Lin Feng making fun of his actions. Lin Feng continued moving forwards and the sword force became even more powerful. It was oppressing Yu Hao’s body so much that he could no longer breathe.

“I said I give up! What do you want me to do?”

Yu Hao’s face changed. Lin Feng didn’t stop moving closer. How terrifying.

“What do I want? That is very simple. I want you to do to yourself what you had said you would do to me.” said Lin Feng with an ice cold smile on his face. Yu Hao was shaking from head to toe. Lin Feng wanted him to cripple his own cultivation and break his own arms. This was a death sentence; he wanted him to commit suicide.

“This is the Elite Disciple Exam of the Yun Hai Sect, how dare you?” shouted Yu Hao.

“You may not dare to kill me, but shall we see if I dare to kill you.”

Lin Feng was moving closer while replying to Yu Hao. His sword slightly shook. A terrifyingly strong sword Qi invaded the entire atmosphere and shot towards Yu Hao while piercing through the air.

A deadly sword which existed solely to take the life of others. In the blink of an eye, Yu Hao’s blood sprayed everywhere. His body collapsed lifelessly on the stage. His eyes were still wide open as if he was shocked at his own death. It looked like he couldn’t believe that Lin Feng had actually dared to kill him.

“Phewww……” It seemed like the atmosphere had become tense. The entire crowd was holding their breath in shock. The arena had become so quiet that they could almost hear each other’s heartbeat.

Lin Feng had set a new record in the entire history of the Yun Hai Sect: he had challenged and defeated two Elite Disciples at the same time. He had then ruthlessly killed one of them in front of the entire sect.

Lin Feng had violated the rules of the Yun Hai Sect in the presence of every disciple, every elder and even the Patriarch of the Sect Nan Gong Ling. He had killed his opponent during the Elite Disciple Exam.


An extremely loud shout spread throughout the area. It sounded like it was coming from above. The entire crowd was surprised and had the feeling they had been awoken from a dream as they could barely come to grips with what had just happened.

“In the presence of every member of the Yun Hai Sect. You really have no respect for the rules and no respect for the Patriarch either. You are guilty of crimes for which even death cannot atone.”

There was a loud shout. It sounded like that person really wanted to kill Lin Feng on the spot.

The disciples in the crowd raised their heads and saw Mo Xie. Some people didn’t understand what was going on but when they saw Mo Xie, it had become clear. Mo Xie and Lin Feng were enemies and Mo Xie wanted to take advantage of the fact that Lin Feng was still weak. He could not let that young disciple become someone important and grow stronger than himself, if he did then he would surely be killed. Therefore, he directly accused him of various crimes and then said that he had to die for his grave crimes.

Lin Feng raised his head and saw Mo Xie. He just glanced at him for a second and then ignored him.

He had joined the Elite Disciple Exam, stepped on the highest fighting stage and had amazed the entire crowd. He had challenged two elite disciples at the same time. He had use sword force and had killed Yu Hao on the spot.

He had done all of this for Mo Xie!

Lin Feng had willingly given Mo Xie an opportunity to find excuses to kill him. He had hoped that Mo Xie would use these excused to confront him. It was clear to Lin Feng that if he didn’t do it himself, Mo Xie would continue to plot against him. Lin Feng had just delivered himself to Mo Xie with a neat ribbon. This was all part of his plan.

When Mo Xie saw that Lin Feng was ignoring him, he became so furious that he was shaking from head to toe in anger. However in his heart he was smiling coldly. He shouted: “Everybody, arrest this traitor and if he tries to resist, kill him on the spot.”

When the crowd heard Mo Xie’s words they were disappointed. He was really beyond shameless. That elder’s behavior was really impudent and cruel. It was clear that he was using his power in the sect to settle personal grudges.

“Bastard!” cursed Han Man. Everybody had heard him. Yu Hao wanted to cripple Lin Feng’s cultivation then break his arms and leave Lin Feng half dead. Was anything that Lin Feng had done, unjustified?

Jing Yun’s face also turned livid. She was so scared for Lin Feng’s safety.

“Pfff, that Elder is really shameless, what a disgrace!” cursed Liu Fei. Mo Xie had already used this trick once yet was he going to give it another try?

A few silhouettes flashed through the air towards the fighting stage ready to catch Lin Feng.

“Wait! Wait!” shouted a voice which made the silhouettes, who were heading towards Lin Feng, immediately stop. The one who had stopped them was Nan Gong Ling.

Everybody turned around and looked at Nan Gong Ling. They were all curious to see how Nan Gong Ling was going to handle the situation. Was he going to punish Lin Feng?

“Patriarch, that young disciple is presumptuous and arrogant. You don’t exist in his eyes. You must punish him. It will be a warning for others as well.”

Mo Xie had come next to Nan Gong Ling and was slightly bowing, showing him respect with the intention to persuade him. He also quickly glanced at the people standing next to Nan Gong Ling.

“Elder Mo Xie is right. That ordinary disciple is too aggressive. He does not give the sect any respect. He will ruthlessly kill all his fellow disciples. We must kill him.”

“Patriarch, his punishment should be death, we should kill him.”

A few elders were supporting Mo Xie. Mo Cang Lan had served the Sect for a longer period than Nan Gong Ling. In the Yun Hai Sect, all these elders wanted to give him face so they would obviously jump at the chance to support his son, Mo Xie.

Nan Gong Ling raised his head. He looked at Mo Xie and all the elders who were getting involved. He then said indifferently: “Have you finished talking yet?”

All the elders were stupefied. They didn’t know what Nan Gong Ling meant by those words.

“Mo Xie, are you the Patriarch of this sect? Or is it me, Nan Gong Ling, who is the current Patriarch of this Sect?”

He said that while paying no heed to anyone else but Mo Xie.

Mo Xie was speechless. He then hastily replied: “You, of course. You are the Patriarch. I wouldn’t dare…”

He was then interrupted again.

“What about all of you, am I the Patriarch of this Sect or is Mo Xie the Patriarch?” asked Nan Gong Ling to the elders who were supporting Mo Xie.

“You, of course.” replied the elders feeling a slight chill run down their spines. Nan Gong Ling was a moderate person and never lost his temper. He had never talked to them in that way, but it was clear at this moment that he was angry.

“Oh…” said Nan Gong Ling while nodding: “Then I would like to ask you; who is in charge of the Elite Disciple Exam?”

“The Patriarch of course!” replied Mo Xie and the others elders in unison. Their backs were soaked with a cold sweat. They had really picked the wrong time to support Mo Xie.

“So you all know… Since you all know then I would like to ask you, Mo Xie, you say that in this young disciples eyes the sect is of no importance, then what about you? In my presence, in the presence of every member of the sect you are shouting loudly and trying to act like the Patriarch… and you even want to handle things of which I am responsible. How imposing! Elder Mo Xie, you tell me, do you even attach any importance to me or the Sect?”

Nan Gong Ling’s voice dropped in volume. It seemed like there was a cold breeze blowing in the air over the crowd. Mo Xie and the other elders felt that they were in a very bad position.

The elders who had been supporting Mo Xie a moment before didn’t say anything which was their only option at this point.

Mo Xie thought that because his father was Mo Cang Lan that he could usurp all powers of the sect for himself. Mo Xie’s behavior and words had finally made Nan Gong Ling furious.


A loud noise pierced the silent atmosphere of the arena. The chair on which Nan Gong Ling sat had shattered under the pressure.

“Speak! I want to ask all of you elders, do you still see me, Nan Gong Ling, as the Patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect and am I of any importance in your eyes?”

Nan Gong Ling stood up and shouted coldly at the elders. He had gone completely insane with anger. The elders felt their hearts drop and fear spread throughout their bodies. What role did they play in the Sect anyway?  Could they compare with the patriarch?

Everybody was looking at Nan Gong Ling who was furious. His eyes looked like he was calm which made it even more terrifying. His temperament was actually very good and he was never usually angry. What could have caused him to act in such a way? He had suddenly lost temper… and on top of that it was because of Mo Xie.

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